Caroline's Cannabis- Uxbridge Customer Reviews from Leafly - Page 2 (2024)

February 20, 2020


very dingy, can't find any menu updates on leafly for the past year. Their own website does not have accurate information. The only way you can see what they got is if you make it through the front door, then you will see a chalk board that's supposed to be a menu but looks like a 3 yr old wrote all the information. clearly about the cash, no consideration to how their customers get updates on products or ACTIVE MENUS!!

February 14, 2020


Everyone here has a collective opinion: Caroline needs to read Leafly and understand that the reason the had to probably pay snoop thousands to visit is because they can’t maintain quality, service, or atmosphere.Here’s my takeaway, friends (obviously I’m going to recommend anywhere else)...I’d rather smoke resin.

August 24, 2019


Lines move quick, if at all...amazing service, extremely helpful...

May 29, 2020


Since Caroline's opened, the location has been a mess with menus and staff. I don't think there has been a time where the staff was conversational in the least. Numerous times staff is too busy conversing amongst themselves rather than paying attention to the customers. The menu online is not up to date daily and you will only know what they have once you arrive. I've had it happen numerous times of rushing customers in and out when you haven't even seen what they have to offer.The new Covid pickup service is not up to par by any means. Online it makes it seem it's a quick pick up, but that is deceiving. Once your order is placed and you have a pick up time, you have to check in, park in the parking lot and wait even longer for another pick up number to be called. Waiting for over an hour after waiting is not worth anyone's time. If there's a pickup time that's when the order should be READY, not the time to show up and wait again. Prices are the highest around as well. Being local to town I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

May 10, 2019


love this place

March 28, 2019


Nice little spot, easy access to the highway. There was a 20 minute wait on a Friday morning, but staffing was cool. Pricing is consistent with everyone else, which is a little higher than black market.

August 3, 2019


Love it.. great location, great people, amazing products! Very happy with all my medicinal choices.

April 26, 2019


The first time I visited on a Thursday morning. The second time it was a Wednesday. There wasn't too long a wait either day; I was in and out in an hour or less. Parking is next to the shop; no shuttles involved (at least not on a weekday). Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. I went there looking for tinctures, which, as another reviewer mentioned, are hard to find at places that do both medical and recreational. I completely understand that places need to reserve tinctures for their medical patients, and I certainly wouldn't want to take a pain reliever that a cancer patient needs, but there are those who either can't take conventional prescriptions or who aren't being helped by conventional prescriptions who need to find out if MMJ would help before they go through the expense of trying to get a medical card.I don't know if my chronic pain would qualify me for a medical card, and I'm not willing to shell out approximately $300 to get one (annual card registration fee, certification by doctor) until I'm sure that MMJ will address my problem. Having the ability to try out some of the THC remedies first is a godsend. (They also have THC/CBD mixtures.)The prices for flower and some edibles seem to be a little cheaper than Cultivate in Leicester. The edibles are about the same. Both of them now carry salves, which is the next format I want to try. As someone said, though, it would be better if they could update their inventory on their web page (or here) more often. I check it in the morning before I leave and as long as they're showing any tinctures, gummies, lozenges, or salves, I'll chance it and go in since it's a nice drive for me.Thank you, Caroline. I'm so happy to be able to find what I need without going for a medical card and I'm happy to support a small, woman-owned business away from city congestion.

June 20, 2019


If the quality of the flower stays constant I'm switching to carolines. My eighths were packed as well. Thank you!The security guard outside was very respectful and personable. (Hint to Leicester). My wife and I bought an eighth of lemon haze, Durban & jolly bean. All 3 fluff up real nice & taste great. A Locally owned small business we should support.

July 11, 2019


Definitely recommend

February 14, 2020


Holy jesus, guys. This is the literal worst, i'd rather buy from my weed buy and smoke reggie all week. Now, on with the review.I can see why you guys shelled out the $50,000+ just to have Snoop Dogg come stop by and light your best quality mids, that wouldn't touch GC's Blue Dream, or Cult's Trop Cookies.+The ONE positive I have is the dude that I had ring me out. Super friendly and interested in my conversation with him. Now to the nightmare.-To call Caroline's a sardine tin would be a disservice to the tins that keep sardines perfectly fine. The lines are long, and I thought I was claustrophobic from Curaleaf Oxford until I came here. This is smaller than a vestibule on an RV. -The chalkboard. The chalkboard that is often smudged of incorrect on %. Knowing how THCA/etc vary by batch, I don't typically mind. But I bought what was "23%" it was about 17? Thanks for that.-Selection is the smallest I have seen, and I've used the online delivering And the only good products you carry already come from Cultivate and Nature's Remedy; places miles ahead of whatever is going on.*Please, streamline this somehow. I understand Massachusetts compliance as well, but this is spitting in the face of the same people who fund this mall kiosk.*

July 30, 2023


I have been a long standing customer of Carolines. Service is seriously on the decline. Staff are grumpy and expect tips. Carolines, try being kind to your customers! I will never give you another hard earned dollar of mine.

November 4, 2022


Verified Shopper

Been going here about a year now and I an always happy! Great service, friendly & knowledgeable staff! I will continue to buy weed from women!!!! 😁

March 5, 2021


Majority of the staff is nice but they have a couple bad apples with poor attitudes. Im paying 60 for an eigth so the least you can do is treat people with respect. If you don't like working with the public, than get a new job. Random BS strains that you shouldnt waste your money on. Unless they have something special, save your money and go to your weedman or elsewhere.

January 5, 2023


The folks working at Caroline’s are some of the nicest people around. Fantastic selection of products at amazingly great prices. Highly recommended!

July 26, 2019


every time me and my bf go here we leave laughing our butts off the people who work there are the most friendlies laid back people I have ever met

April 27, 2019


Lovely little dispensary with a wicked convenient location off of 146. Got there on a Saturday afternoon to a short line which moved pretty quickly. Really quality selection of strains, friendly staff, and a cozy atmosphere. You're supporting local small business when you shop there and what's not to love about that?

April 29, 2019


Wonderful locally owned shop! Caroline’s done a phenomenal job with the place.

May 26, 2020


Reopening was a total disaster. They apparently had zero ability to control the scheduling part of the online order so after showing up twice only to find out I was hours away from the time provided I cancelled the order. Obviously not a well thought out or executed idea.

April 17, 2019


Very convenient and have never had more than maybe ten minute wait to get in. This is a small local run store that offers high quality products. Located essentially behind a carpet store on highway 16. Prices are high but that is the current state of things in MA. Note: They choose not to include tax in their prices, so final price is basically the same as anywhere else nearby. Cool people product and experience. Lucky to have it nearby! one star off due to relatively limited selection and one star off due to it being basically a store counter with everyone waiting outside. nice hardwood anf friendly people though!

March 15, 2019



September 12, 2019


It all started with a smile and a welcome. Like going to a friends place. Everyone is happy the weed is def some of the best bud in Massachusetts. I’m just sayin,,,Mother of Grape 🍇 is really nice!Lemon 🍋 Ice compliments the balance in my day perfect!Keep up the great work!

May 4, 2019


They are open Tuesday through Sunday 11-7:00 pm

May 31, 2020


there always seems to be a problem their menus never correct

Caroline's Cannabis- Uxbridge Customer Reviews from Leafly - Page 2 (2024)


Who owns Caroline's cannabis? ›

Owner, Caroline Frankel, a Massachusetts native, commenced retail operations in March 2019 as the first independently owned and first woman owned adult-use recreational dispensary in the state of Massachusetts.

Can I trust leafly? ›

Leafly is the world's most trusted destination to discover cannabis products and order them from legal, licensed retailers.

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Located on 93 acres along the Rogue River in Oregon, Belush started Belushi's Farm Cannabis with 48 plants in 2015 during that state's medical marijuana program.

Who is the CEO of holistic cannabis? ›

“The way CEO Josh Genderson sees it, the company he founded eleven years ago, Washington, D.C.-based Holistic Industries, is on track to become the largest privately owned and operated cannabis multistate operator (MSO) in the country.”

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How does Leafly make money? ›

Business model

Leafly generates revenue by selling online display advertising and priority dispensary listing packages to companies in the cannabis industry. Display advertising campaigns are sold on a Cost Per Impression model.

Which app is better Leafly or Weedmaps? ›

We are breaking down each platform to help you decide which one is the best fit for you and your business. Looking from the top down, Weedmaps is primarily focused on finding nearby dispensaries whereas Leafly has a more comprehensive database of products and strains alongside dispensary information.

Who owns Pleasantrees cannabis Company? ›

Randy Buchman, the founder and CEO of Pleasantrees, said he grew up near the site of the former Gibraltar Trade Center and called turning the building into a cannabis facility his "Mt. Everest summit."

Who is the CEO of BZAM cannabis? ›

Mr. Matt Milich is Chief Executive Officer of BZAM Ltd. (formerly known as The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.) since November 4, 2022.

Who is the CEO of inspired cannabis? ›

"It's been a very tough road to get here, and we're incredibly proud to see our flagship store and concept come to life," said Serge Biln, co-founder and CEO of Inspired Cannabis.

Who is the CEO of sanctuary cannabis? ›

Jason Sidman is the CEO of Sanctuary Medicinals.


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