Download FL Studio 21 Full Free for PC (Windows & Mac) (2024)

About FL Studio

FL Studio is a MIDI sequencer and a reputable digital audio workstation program. It has the most features for advanced audio editing purposes. In the first stage, its Interface could cause some complications in figuring out the functions. Later, users will realize that it is intuitive and easy to use. This tool has numerous elements, options and configurations to let the user achieve the musical production he is looking for.

The program includes a wide range of tools that emulate filters, distortions, equalizers, consoles and amplifiers. With all of these elements and the addition of a wide gallery of realistic sounds, the user can assemble his compositions up to the smallest detail. Even though FL Studio can be complex for the average user, its power and quality make the effort required to handle it highly profitable.

Record Audio

It records high-quality audio and vocals. You can record through Live Mix. This can make the recording more interesting for the vocals.

Record, edit, mix, arrange and compose a suitable song. You can also record a charming song by mixing your voice with any music. With this software, you can surprise all kinds of audio files with a more attractive form.

Audio Mixing

FL Studio is an ideal audio mixing software for almost everyone interested in the creation of professional audio. It combines an audio file with music using virtual instruments, loop sequences, and live recordable devices.

It supports many multi-channel configurations such as 5.1 and 7.1 output formats.

Edit Audio

It does all the editing in a playlist. You can edit the audio file as you like. After editing you can hear the finished file. Its editing facility is different and preferable to others.

Multi-purpose Clip

Its multi-purpose Clip Tracks allow you to host Audio Clips, Pattern Clips and Automation Clips. You can use this anywhere you want.

This software allows you to use various types of plugins. Floating-point audio processing engine supports up to 192KHz sample rate.

Over 80 Instrument

FL Studio Producer Edition 2024 is very easy, but there are over 80 useful plugins for friends. This plugin includes automation, sample playback, compression, distortion, delay, bit-crushing, synthesis, flanging, phasing, chorus, equalization filtering, and more functions.

Free VST Plugins

It is very easy to edit audio because it supports VST and DirectX plug-ins. The plugin makes the program even more powerful. The built-in effects are tremendous and very customizable.

Automation Clip

It has powerful automation features as well as built-in plugins. This facility is sure to meet all the needs of a professional musician.

Automation clips are a natural way to automate parameters using spline-based graphs. It is also ideal for performing volume/pan fade-in/outs or automating any parameter over time.

Editing these Automation envelopes is consistent with the other envelopes and plugins. The tool offers a powerful selection of spline segment types and editing modes.


FL Studio’s full version is a high-quality ZPlane Elastique time-stretching technology. (Tonal, drums, slices and resample time-stretching are available).

Time-stretching allows you to preprocess samples to adjust them. Both the Sampler and Audio Clips support this time-stretching. Users of Fruityloops & FL Studio Express can enjoy these features as well.

Tempo Tapping

Builn-in tempo tapping to the tempo’s right-click menu. You can now tap the tempo in the software using the tempo tam window. Click the tap icon with the desired tempo in mind. You will see the tempo adjust to new levels.

Loop Recording

Added Loop recording/overdub ability. This option enables you to loop the recorded pattern until the stop button. If there is a time selection in the Piano Roll that selection will be looped instead. This feature allows you to “overdub” content on each loop.

  • Audio recording can now be undone.
  • Right-click arm a Mixer track for a quick default name.
  • Ability to leave tracks armed after recording.
  • Selecting an ASIO input ARM the track automatically.

Once the project is finished, it is possible to export and store it in different formats according to the user’s convenience. The software also includes a large number of options that influence the final quality of the file.

Low Price

This software will make your music more enjoyable. So immediately download the Fruity Loops Studio free for your PC. Create a piece of suitable music.

The software can be a demo version installed on your computer to try to use and enjoy the best features. Unlike other programs, you can get FL Studio for a cheap low price which has an amazing value for the things you can do. But Audacity is completely free for any user.

Now it is available for Windows and Mac editions. Anyone can download Fruity Loops free for PC.

Trial Features

  • Fully functional facility
  • Can be used unlimited time
  • Save FL Studio Projects
  • Export only WAV, MP3, FLAC, MIDI and Video

Full Version Features

  • An audio editor and recorder
  • Drag/drop items and audio clips to the playlist
  • powerful single band Compressor
  • Three-band stereo compressor
  • Built-in linear phase EQ and boosts
  • Advanced morphing graphic equalizer plugin
  • Ability to add reverberation, create special effects and apply an acoustic audio signature
  • Real-time vocoder effect
  • 10 classic effects designed by Guitarists
  • Video or flash files player
  • Built-in visualization effect with movie render capability
  • Easy Fruity Voltage Controller
  • Full inter-track audio routing and side-chaining
  • Supports different file formats .MP3, .WAV .AIFF, .MID, .DS, .DS, OGG, .DWP, .FLAC, .SF2, .Speech, .SYN, .XI, files


  • Specifically designed for professional audio editors.
  • Easy installation.
  • CPU-friendly audio editing software
  • Free lifetime updates.
  • Works at maximum speed to beat making.
  • Supports external instruments and plugins.
  • Large number of effects available
  • Multitrack assembly
  • Compatible with various MIDI controllers as well as VST plugins.
  • Import / Export MIDI Files
  • DirectWave content player
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS.


  • Its UI (user interface) seems a bit complicated to me.
  • Can be a little tricky for beginners.
  • The Eq parametric 2 has a few restrictions.
  • There are better third-party plugin functions attached to VST plugins. But you have to spend extra money to use them.
  • Its automation features are a little lazy than other competitors
  • Can be used as an Ableton Live alternative but some of its functions are less observed.
  • It may take a long time to scan each VST.
  • Uses a lot of system resources.

Direct Download

Get advice: Which should you download between 32-bit and 64-bit?

Download for Windows 64-bit Download for Windows 32-bit Download for Mac

It’s a free offline installer. All downloads are shared from the publisher’s official server.

How to install FL Studio?

  1. First, double-click on the installer
  2. License Agreement
  3. Select the type of install: Full, Program only. Program & plugin and Custom ()
  4. Choose install location and
  5. Finally, you are ready to install. So click
  6. Wait for the installation process to complete. While installing it recommend ASIO4ALL (A universal ASIO driver). You can install or cancel as you like.
  7. In the FL Studio click
  8. Click the Button.

System Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirement for Windows

  • Windows OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel and AMD CPU but ARM is not supported
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM but recommended 8 GB
  • Hard Disk: 4 GB of free space

Minimum Hardware Requirement for Mac

  • macOS: 10.13.6 (High Sierra) or later
  • Processor: Intel or Apple Silicon CPUs
  • Hard Disk: 4 GB of free space
  • Memory: 4GB of RAM




New (Basic 808 with limiter)To create a new project.
New from templateSelect new template.
Open…Open media files such as FL Studio song file (*.flp), Zipped song file (.zip), MIDI file (.mid;.midi),
FL Studio Mobile song file (“.flm), BeatCreator groove file (“.zgr),
and Supported song files (.flp;*.zip;*.mid;*.midi;*.flm;*.zgr).
SaveSave your project on your computer.
Save as…Save the project on your PC using a suitable name.
SaveSave your project by using a different name.
Save new versionEdit the old version of the project and save it to a new version.
Save to new project folder…Save the project in a new different folder.
Save as template…Create/edit/customize and save as a new project template. If using the trial version, you must buy the full version to open the project again. (Buy- Fruity Edition, Producer Edition, Signature Bundle Or All Plugins Edition).
ImportTo import MIDI file (.mid;.midi)
ExportTo export audio/ video or project date. Audio: Wave file, MP3 file, OGG file, FLAC file, MIDI file or M4A file. Recommended MP4 video files.
Recent projectsThe name of the project that has already been done will be displayed here. You can directly upload the desired project from here.
Revert to last backupUse this to revert to the last backup.
ExitTo close the program completely.


Undo knob tweaksRecover knob tweaks from history
CutCut specific content
CopyCopy the selected clip/content
PastePaste the copied content


ChannelMore plugins…
ControllerFruity Envelope Controller
Fruity Keyboard Controller
Fruit Kick
Fruity DrumSynth Live
Fruity Slicer
MiscAudio Clip Automation Clip
FL Keys
FL Studio Mobile
Fruity Voltage Controller
SoundFont Player
PatcherVFX Color Mapper
VFX Envelope
VFX Key Mapper
VFX Keyboard Splitter
VFX Level Scaler VFX Sequencer
Fruity Granulizer
Wave Traveller
Synth classic3x Osc
Fruity DX10
Toxic Biohazard
Transistor Bass
Synth specialAutogun
VisualFruity Dance
Fruity Video Player
View plugin picker
Browse plugin database
Browse all installed plugins
Browse presets
Refresh plugin list (fast scan)
Manage plugins
Automation for last tweaked parameter


Patterns 1Find first empty…
Find next empty…
Find next empty (no naming)
Select in playlist
Rename and color…
Random color
Open in project browser
Set time signature….
Insert one
Move up
Move down
Split by channel
Quick render as audio clip
Render as audio clip…
Render and replace…


Piano roll
Channel rack
Project picker
Plugin picker
Tempo tapper
Touch controller
Script output
Toolbars: Edit, Separators, Flat buttons, Hint bar and Hide
Plugin performance monitor
LayoutClose all windows
Close all plugin windows
Close all unfocused windows
Align all channel editors
Arrange windows
BrowserUndo history
Generators in use
Effects in use
Remote control
Plugin database


SystemMIDI settings
Audio settings
General settings
File settings
Theme settings
Manage plugins
ProjectProject general settings
Project info
InfoDebugging log
MIDIEnable MIDI remote control
Enable MIDI output
Enable MIDI master sync
SwitchesTyping keyboard to piano
Recording precount
Start on input
Blend recorded notes
Step edit
Loop record
Auto scrolling
Enable groups
Multilink to controllers
3rd party servicesManage accounts…


ToolsBrowser find…
One-click audio recording
Riff machine…
Control creator
FL CloudSounds
My account
ClipboardSave audio clipboard to browser
Save MIDI clipboard to browser
Score loggerDump score log to selected pattern
Clear log
Last tweaked parametersLast tweaked
Next to last tweaked


Related Software

  • FxSound Enhancer

  • ACID Pro 11

  • Adobe Audition CC

  • Cubase

  • Audacity

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Download FL Studio 21 Full Free for PC (Windows & Mac) (2024)


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