FL Studio [Official] | Overview (2024)


FLStudio comes in four sizes. Find the right one for you.

Explore our range of FLStudio Editions, crafted to inspire creativity at every level. Your perfect studio awaits, with options starting from just .

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Fruity Edition

Ideal for beginners, it offers everything you need to create your first tracks. Then upgrade when you’re ready to add audio recording and extra pro tools.


instruments and effects


Stem Separation


audio Recording


Audio Clips


Playlist features

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The Producer’s Choice

Producer Edition

Our most popular Edition. Designed for those who seek advanced music production capabilities, including Stem Separation and audio recording.

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Signature Bundle

Signature bundle adds iconic, creative, genre-defining tools like Gross Beat, plus more effects and instruments.


instruments, effects, and editors


Stem Separation


audio recording


Audio Clips


Playlist features

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All Plugins Edition

Our most complete Edition includes every single plugin and features, ideal for advanced, pro mixing and recording. Your gateway to greatness awaits!


instruments, effects, and editors


Stem Separation


Audio recording


Audio Clips


Playlist features

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A cutting-edge studio for modern producers

Discover just a few of the features that make FLStudio great.

Lifetime Free Updates

We’re famous for it and we’re proud of it. We believe you deserve to get the latest and greatest FLStudio, year after year. As a license owner you will get future versions of FLStudio for free, forever.

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FL Studio [Official] | Overview (3)


exclusive plugins

We make some of the most famous instruments and effects in the music industry – and they’re only available in FLStudio. You can’t find acclaimed plugins like Gross Beat, FLEX, and LuxeVERB anywhere else.

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FL Studio [Official] | Overview (5)

For Windows and macOS

FLStudio offers an identical music production experience, complete with all features and plugins, on both Windows and macOS.

Hardware integration

FLStudio supports many brands and models of keyboards, synths, MIDI controllers and more. Just plug in your hardware and start creating.

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User Themes

Everybody likes to feel at home in the studio, so you can take full creative control over FLStudio’s color Themes. You can even share them – we have thousands of community-created Themes available from our Forum.

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Don’t wait, modulate

FLStudio has a uniquely versatile modulation system for connecting almost anything in any section or plugin to anything else in the program. From simple sidechain to mind-bending frequency mods, FLStudio has you covered.

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Hablo FLStudio?

We have users in over 240 countries and territories and we want everybody to feel welcome. So far, FLStudio’s interface is available in Spanish, English, German, French, and Chinese.

Colored Waveforms

Analyze your audio at a glance – precisely colored waveforms let you easily spot low, mid, and high frequencies in any waveforms.

Scale Snapping

No music theory training? No problem. Snap notes to any chosen scale in FLStudio 21 to play advanced riffs and basslines, no matter your level.

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Built differently

Since 1998, FLStudio has been engineered by music makers, for music makers. Your creative freedom, inspiration, and empowerment guide every single decision we make.

FL Studio [Official] | Overview (11)

Audio editing

FLStudio comes with up to three powerful, industry-acclaimed audio editors. From creative sound design and classic sampling to advanced audio repair, FLStudio puts you in charge of your audio.

FL Studio [Official] | Overview (12)

Stem Separation

Remix like a pro. Extract bass, synth, drums, and vocal layers from any audio file, directly within FLStudio, using AI-powered Stem Separation. A valuable tool for both DJs and producers.


Create with all-time classics like Gross Beat and Patcher

FLStudio is known for its iconic and genre-defining plugins, available exclusively in FLStudio. Choose from up to 115 instruments, effects, and editors, all engineered to work perfectly in your favorite DAW.

Discover all plugins

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Power users

Made with FLStudio

FLStudio has been the birthplace of countless hits, trusted by artists globally to bring their visions to life. It’s a powerhouse for creativity, that has fueled chart-topping singles and groundbreaking albums.

Discover Power Users

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Martin Garrix

Martijn Garritsen, also known as Martin Garrix, is a famous Dutch DJ and producer who chose FLStudio because it was easy to use and helped him quickly develop his music ideas.

He finds FLStudio’s wide range of plugins crucial for making his unique sounds that have made him internationally famous. Martin has been the #1 DJ listed in DJ Magazine in the years 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2022.

FL Studio [Official] | Overview (15)

Murda Beatz

Shane Lindstrom, known as Murda, rapidly rose in the music industry by first producing hits like “Pipe It Up” for Migos and later collaborating with stars like Gucci Mane and French Montana.

Beginning his music production career at 17, he delved into FLStudio and dedicated himself to mastering beat-making mostly independently. Murda Beatz has seen 39 of his productions chart on the Billboard Hot 100, achieving five top 10 hits and securing a No. 1 spot with “Nice for What” for eight weeks in 2018.

FL Studio [Official] | Overview (16)


WondaGurl’s journey into music production began with a simple Casio keyboard in her younger years. Today she’s one of the youngest women to add production to a platinum-selling hip hop album.

After trying several programs and finding them lacking, she discovered FLStudio around the age of 12 and instantly connected with it. FLStudio became the cornerstone of her production, being the one program that continuously engaged her creativity without becoming tedious. Today she produces for French Montana, Travis Scott and Jay Z.

FL Studio [Official] | Overview (17)

Ovy On The Drums

“When I went to my cousin’s house one of the guys who was there showed me FLStudio. My life changed, it was like entering another galaxy and since then FLStudio has been like my temple, my place where I disconnect and create my sound, my music, my art.”

The Colombian producer, and singer Ovy On The Drums has been the mastermind behind hits from artists like Nicki Minaj, KAROL G, Becky G, Paulo Londra, Bad Bunny, and 6ix9ine, and has even collaborated with Ed Sheeran. FLStudio remains his indispensable companion, enabling him to produce chart-topping music wherever he goes.

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Hit-Boy always lives up to his name, starting with a 2011 global smash for Jay-Z and Kanye West. With hits for Eminem, Justin Bieber, Drake, Selena Gomez, and more, he has been a Grammy winner or nominee for 10 of the last 11 years.

His encounter with FLStudio marked a turning point in his career: It provides him with the complexity needed for professional production, but also an intuitive interface that supported his creativity.

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Since making his breakthrough with the multi-platinum-selling single ‘Take Over Control’, the Dutch-born musician has lent his skills with FLStudio to tracks that bend genres and lay the foundation for major hits for artists such as Beyoncé, Pitbull, Will.i.am, and more.

FL Studio [Official] | Overview (2024)


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