S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,',. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦ ·  · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (2024)

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,',. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (1)

B REJX~tfisptii:es inspector1 s findings

Tulip Festival bloom1n1 in Albany

OSee Page3 0 Family entertainment section

Et~£-tS~Et AN HYM~XQ •• llAJl llll1ll!Jl'l.:!.Q "t ~ t

• EtOj•• AHYHSI'l jl'lSlld M3HX'IHlXS S~Z dO~ ZO"t0-60 ~tOE t S{) Z J .... .WH:l.J--¥-·¥".Y. >~--¥-"1-·:f.·Jt.·¥ ¥ •.., it' • >~- .,..."'",. ¥ :t~o .Y. ¥-¥-¥

1 the Towns of Bethlehem & New Scotland


IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project


By JOSEPH A. PHILLIPS ,, ___ "0~-

Bethlehem's Industrial Development Agency (IDA) approved tax incentives for Selkirk Ventures LLC and Daisytek International, prospective tenant for a warehouse in Selkirk.

The deal followed a public

of six new regional distribution hubs Daisytek will open in the next year and a half, according to recruiting manager Robert Buck. It will install $7 million in new equipment and open for business by August.

That urgency, Buck said, reflects a sudden change in the company's business model. hearing last

Thursday and a weekend of negotiations with

• Galesi Group, Selkirk Ventures' corporate parent.

This shows that we can provide attractive incentives to-developers, yet still not give away the store.

Until now, Daisytek relied upon a single shipping hub in Memphis utilizing Federal Express, dependent upon shipping by air.

The payment in lieu of taxe·s (PILOT)

, agreement approved Monday clears the way for Selkirk Ventures to close this week on the purchase-from a Japanese investor group of the 34-acre parcel at

~ 158 West Yard Road. Galesi, one of the largest local

developers of industrial property, will ~ renovate a 350,000 square foot

warehouse there into a regional distribution center for Daisytek, which

• will sign a 10-year lease, with five-year renewal options.

The Texas-based firm, with $1.2 • billion in sales last year, is a wholesaler

of office, computer, copier and fax products and services.

The warehouse, once occupied by James River Paper Company, will be one

Michael Tucker "Sept. 11 prompted Daisytek to change our business

philosophy," he said, adopting a more regionalized, ground-based model.

Buck projected Daisytek will hire 300 new management and warehouse employees at the Selkirk facility within five years, most to be recruited locally -jobs, he stressed, that will pay starting salaries of $9.50 to $12 an hour and up, with "all the benefits a major publicly­traded company would offer."

Daisytek will receive "a very aggressive incentive package put together by New York state as well as the. Albany County Partnership," said Galesi general manager David Buicko: $500,000 in job-development assistance through the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), and a $50,000 grant through the Partnership, a joint economic-development venture of the county and the Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce. ·

Luring Daisytek upstate, said ESDC's Ray Gillen,"was a very competitive fight because it's a high-tech, growing company."

The IDA granted Daisytek exemption

D IDA/page 15

Chance encounter

Jessica Carmel takes a chance at a game at Glenmont's Grand Union Customer Appreciation Day last Saturday. Jim Franco

By.Ronald.E5Carnpbell Friendship Singers celebrate 20th

•.. · . -- >?.""~

They're guar­anteed to raise a smile

~~~· -~~~~"*-'"''""•'

By Katherine McCarthy :««->.'>0>.%,XO~·X0-'.'-"''-'-~ "''"'"*

Twenty years ago, a· group of women dropped their preschoolers off at Slingerlands Community Methodi~t Church, so they could get a little free time while babysitters minded the kids.

''We ended up staying in the parking lot," Jane Conklin, one of those women, said. As they chatted, they realized that

Marie Liddle, Linda Drew and Muriel Welch of the Friendship Singers.Katherine McCarthy

they all shared a passion for music. Soon, Rhonda Ballou, then the organist

and choir director of Slingerlands

Community United Methodist Church, invited the 14 women into the church for an informal singing session.

The Friendship Singers were born, and this Saturday, May 11, at 7:30 p.m~ at Delmar Reformed Church, the group will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a program of song and dance that ranges from show tunes to spirituals to a little bit of doo-wop.

Over the years, 42 women have been members of the Friendship Singers, which usually numbers between 15 and 20 at any one time. The ·group currently



S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,',. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (2)

-PAGE 2- May 8, 2002 ~- .... - --Police make DWI arrest

A Greene County man faces a the driver, Francis John Casey, 39, felony charge of driving while of 1019 Schoharie Turnpike, intoxicated (DWI) following his Athens, attempted to back out of arrest by Bethlehem police on the driveway. Saturday, April27. After undergoing field sobriety

According to police, at about tests and a preliminary screening, 7:30p.m., officer Francis Muller Casey was arrested for DWI, investigated a report by an off- elevated to a felony after a licens.e duty officer of an erratically- check disclosed a previous driven vehicle on Route 9W near· drinking-driver conviction. Feura Bush Road. The vehicle Casey was also issued a was located in a driveway on summonsforfailuretokeepright. Magee Drive and stopped when He is due in Town Court on May


Decision Making Day slated at library New York State Bar Asso- the presenter.

ciation's eighth annual Decision She will provide a general Making Day is set for Thursday, overview of legal documents and May 9, at 10 a.m. at Bethlehem review power of attorney, health Public Library, 451 Delaware care proxy, wills, organ donation Ave., Delmar. . and maintenance and retention of

_ Local attorney Margaret Reed, documents. who focuses on elder law, will be To register, call439--9314.


··-"PI11A HOUsB ..... m

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comfortable practice focuses on providing the best care and service possible.

1240 New Scotland Road, Suite 203, Slingerlands 12159 Call439-2460 ore-mail doctot:[emailprotected]

for an appoinrment. A .

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INS investigates- illegal alien case ·-:=~··--·-~'~

By JOSEPH A. PHILLIPS :«««««<'N»>.'>."«X~""''''..,., ~'""''*"''""'

illegals, according to Hale. Contacted Friday, Beach

A Glenmont/ Albany fast-food confirmed the pending rest-aurant operator could face · investigation and said he more than $180,000 in fines for expected to face questioning having illegal aliens on the sometime this week by payroll, pending the outcome of immigration officials. But he an investigation launched last declined to discuss the matter. week by the regional office of the The seven Brazilians were Immigration and Naturalization among 10 individuals Service. apprehended by INS officers,

Seven individuals face acting on an anonymous tip, at an deportation proceedings in the apartment on Tremont Street in case after they were apprehended Albany. on Friday, April26. The seven were cited for

In a separate incident, a violating the terms of temporary Bulgarian national apprehended visas by accepting employment at by Bethlehem police and turned Beach's restaurants. over to INS officials on Tuesday, They were released on $5,000 April 30, also faces possible cash bond each. Hale declined to deportation. disclose their names, pending

Seven Brazilian nationals, deportation proceedings. several allegedly in violation of "They've been served with temporary visas for nearly two notice of appearance before an decades, were taken into custody immigration judge," Hale said. by immigration officials, ''They will be scheduled even­according to Gary Hale, officer in tually, and the hearings will be charge of the INS regional office over in Buffalo." based in Latham. · Such deportation or removal

''They were all charged with proceedings, he said, are not being in the United States in criminal in nature, more akin to a violation of their immigration traffic citation but punishable by status," said Hale. "Some had immediate deportation. apparently accepted employment. Most of the defendants have in violation" of temporary apparently been illegal residents admission visas dating as far back since 1980 or 1981; several "were as 1980. actually invited to (Beach's)

Their employer, Richard wedding and didn't go home as Beach, owner of two local they said (on their visa McDonald's franchises including applications)," Hale said. ''That the restaurant on Feura Bush started the connection. They all Road near Route 9W in Glenmont, entered on temporary visas." is now under investigation to determine if he knowingly hired Questioned by INS agents, all

"indicated they knew (Beach) and

. Capitall/l)t! Compost THE ORGANIC ADVANTAGE!

Top Soil • Great For Grass


they knew his wife," herself a Brazilian native, Hale said. How~ long they have been employed by · Beach has yet to be determined, Hale said, but they are believed to have worked at both' restaurants: "I would suspect he put them where he wanted."

Beach has not yet been,_. charged with any violation of immigration law but will face investigation.

"I .do know that will be planned," Hale said. "Normally we serve an individual with notice, that he should appear with his employment records and dOcumentation." <

Beach could face citations and a possible fine of $25,000 for each individual "if it is determined he knowingly hired illegals," Hale' said. He could also be fined $1,000 apiece if he has not maintained the necessary paperwork • employers are required since 1986 to keep on file, verifying the eligibility of their workers for, employment.

·In the other case, a Chicago resident and Bulgarian native,. Borislav V. Kassabov, 38, was apprehended by Bethlehem · police at the Big Main truck stop on Route 9W in Glenmont shortly' before 2 a.m. on April 30. Police were summoned to the truck stop by a cashier after a verbal dispute' with Kassabov over an unsuccess­ful credit card transaction.

An INS record check disclosed " that Kassabov had been admitted to the country on a temporary non-immigrant visa in April of~ 1998 .

Bethlehem police took him . into custody, but as he had no ., criminal record, they turned him over to INS officials. ·

'We are processing that person for possible deportation," Hale .. said, adding that the circum­stances of his apprehension were unusual: "We thought it was a •· little odd that someone in the company of an illegal alien would have gotten into an argument like · this.,. ·

Hale said he was grateful for the actions of the Bethlehem police. "It's no secret we always appreciate and rely on the support of local law enforcement," he said.

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_________________ ___.

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (3)

~ THE SPOTLIGHT May 8, 2002 -PAGE 3





Windfall BREATH will try to air concerns with zoners

Heavy winds fractured a tree last Friday, damaging the roof on a house on Route 85 In Slingerlands. Dev Tobin

Bike Safety Rodeo set at park Many bicycles will be auctioned

By JOSEPH A. PHILLIPS match the description of any reported as stolen to police

The Bethlehem Police agencies - and the police Department, in collaboration with department lacks storage for so the town Parks & Recreation many bikes. Proceeds of the sale Department, will conduct its will go to the town general fund. annual Bike Safety Rodeo on The rodeo, ·which is set to Saturday, May 11, in conjunction begin at 10 a.m. at Elm Avenue with a roundup of another sort. Park, has been an annual event for

After the wrap-up ofthe rodeo decades, de-

among bicyclists but more important than ever with increasing traffic on suburban streets.

Proficiency awards are given at the event's conclusion, about 2 p.m. Police and volunteers will also be on hand to conduct equipment inspections, offer

safety tips and and the awards presentation that signed to follows it, professional auctioneer en c o u rage Jack Bailey of Clarksville will proper sig­bring down the gavel on a sale of nailing, safety more than 110 unclaimed bicycles equipment and rounded up by police over the o per at in g past three years. · skills. This

The bikes have been in the year is the fourth time

police property inventory for at that the event

There are some nice bikes there tor sale. Somebody's going to get some good bargains.

to register bi­cycles.

In a way, McMillen said, the bike auction underscores the value of registration· with the police_. Michael McMillan

least six months. has been held "They are all found around · at the park.

town, lying in the street or turned in by a resident," said Detective Michael McMillen, supervisor of the police Youth Bureau, who organized the rodeo.

Many of the bikes are believed to have been siolen, but do not

"We were a little concerned when we moved it to the park, because it used to be right here in town,'' said McMillen. But turnout has remained steady; between 100 and 200 citizens are expected to participate this year, mostly youngsters - weather permitting.

When some­one turns in an abandoned

bicycle, we check to see if it matches the registration of any bikes in our records, and too many of them are unregistered,'_' he said.


Bethlehem's planning board was scheduled to continue its discussion of a proposed regional operation center in Selkirk for Waste Management of Eastern New York at its regular meeting last night, May 7.

But the town zoning board of appeals could soon be called upon to take a position on the project as well.

In a memorandum to planning board counsel Keith Silliman dated April 29, town building inspector Kevin Shea responded to a March request by Silliman, for his analysis of whether the Waste Management proposal was a permitted usc for the 144 acre site on River Road, with his interpretation and decision that it is under the existing town zoning code.

But Marcus Poirier, a Selkirk resident who leads the citizens' group that opposes the project -Bethlehem Residents Environ­mentally Against Trash Hauling (BREATH) - and Marc Gerst­man, an attorney representing the group, both vowed to appeal Shea's decision to the zoning board. BREATH met Monday night to consider that appeal and to discuss other possible action to halt the Waste Management proposal in the meantime.

At issue is whether the pro­posed facility·- a two-story, 28,000-square foot administrative and truck service building, and a separate 5,000 square foot maintenance building for metal disposal containers to be stored on the site - is an accepted use in an area designated "Rural District-not zoned."

The zoning code lists some 32 uses for such a site that require site plan approval from the planning board - including administrative and professional offices, which, Shea ·wrote, applies to the larger of the two proposed buildings. But unlike other zoning designations, the rural district heading offers no list of accepted uses. The question put to Shea: did the lack of such a list mean any and all uses are permitted in a "not zoned" area­or only those 32 prospective uses requiring site plan approval?

In his memo, Shea said that single-family homes are not included in that list - but that many exist "of right" in the town's rural districts. He also pointed out the town's building inspectors' long history of permitting "of right" commercial and industrial uses in Selkirk's. rural zones, including the Teppco cargo terminal, a railroad contractor, the state Thruway Authority's vehicle maintenance facility and others, from septic services to garages.

''We had a larger turnout last year because we didn't do it the year before, because it was rained out,'' said McMillen.

Two separate skill courses will be laid out in the parking lot, essentially the same course but one scaled for younger children. The skill course is designed to test a rider's balance, turning and circling skills and traffic safety practices - including hand signals, fast becoming a lost art

Occasionally, a bike Y(ill be saved from the auction block at the last moment when an owner turns up with proper paperwork to identify it. "But it doesn't happen very often,"· said McMillen. "This section of the Zoning

Most of the orphaned bikes are Chapter, along with other in near-mint condition. . sedions, demonstrates a balance

"There are some nice bikes that the town board has tried to achieve over the years between

there for sale," said McMillen .. landowner freedoms and basic "Somebody's going to get some zoning protections for those ·good bargains." And they can landowners in the Rural District register their prize purchase on not zoned area," he wrote -the spot. pointing out that many residents

Tht' SjMii~ht {USPS ]96-630) is published eat:h Wednesd;1y by Spotlight !;LC. 12~ ~dams St., Delmar. N.Y. 12054. Periodicals posl:tge paid ;Jt Delmar, N.Y .• and at additiOnal mwtmg offices. Po.~tmmtrr: send 01ddress ch<lllflCS to The SpolliKhl. P.O. Box 100, Delmar, N.Y. 12054. Subscription rates: Albany County, one year $26, two years $50, elsewhere, one year $32. Sub~riptions are not refundable.

of the rural unzoned areas have been vocal opponents of zoning.

Citing several other sections of the code, including one specifying that "Nothing herein contained

shall affect the Rural Districts ... until such time as portions of the Rural Districts may be otherwise classified," Shea said that while the administrative building re­quired site plan approval;whiCh Waste Management has already sought, "no planning board approval or other board approval is necessary" for the smaller building.

But by labelling his memo an· "Interpretation/Decision," Shea hinted at a route for opponents to appeal· his conclusions. The zoning code empowers the zoning board to hear appeals of the building inspector's decisions.

BREATH's leaders vowed to pursue that course.

"Obviously, we do not agree with the building inspector's opinion," said Poirier last week. "We disagree w'ith his entire memo from beginning to end. Our next step is to go -~-? .. the zoning board of appeals."

"If it's not listed, it's ·not an approved use," he added;__ while calling Shea's observations that single-family homes as missing from any such list and comparing that to Waste Management's proposal "ludicrous. They're comparing apples and oranges. TI1ere is no zone in town where single family homes aren't appropriate."

"Certainly, we need to appeal this to the zoning board of appeals," said Gerstman. "It is, I think, a distortion of the zoning code. If the building department has interpreted the zoning code to the detriment ofthe community in the past, this is no reason to not stop them now," he added.

"Many of the grounds we put in (earlier) letters to the planning board are still applicable, and nothing the building inspector has said changes our position," he said.

' In a letter to Silliman on March 19, Gerstman wrote, "The words 'not zoned' in the title of the rural districts classification are not controlling. It would be anom­alous to prescribe uses for which an approval via site plan review is required and, somehow, auth­orize other more invasive and incompatible uses to proceed without such review. The uses set forth are the exclusive uses for the Rural District-not zoned."

No appeal of Shea's findings has yet been filed with the zoning board. The zoning code requires such an appeal within 30 days. But Poirier distributed copies of Shea's memo to BREATH members for discussion at Monday's meeting ...

He also said the group planned to discuss mounting a petition drive to halt the project "until we get a determination on this issue. I think maybe a moratorium of some kind would be a start. Our intent would be to prevent construction of the type Waste Management has described."

Waste Management topped last night's planning board agenda, with the board likely to discuss Shea's conclusions and possibly begin environmental

. review of the project. Poirier pledged that his group would be . out "in force" at the session to keep up the pressure on the board to deny the project.

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (4)

PAGE 4- May 8, 2002 THE SPOTLIGHT ,

Motherhood's a long and winding journey By KATHERINE McCARTHY

Periodically, a spotlight gets shone on motherhood, and all sorts of analysis ensues. Currently, that bright light has been turned on Karen Hughes, President Bush's director of communications, who cited home•ickness and the iieed for family time as her reasons for leaving one of our nation's most highly visible jobs.


ftt,om's tire

t()ord of Massachusetts, a position she's filled since her predecessor became ambassador to Canada.

Swift's position drew attention before she even took over as governor, as her attempts at having it all drew criticism when

babysitters and emergency flights home on the state chopper seemed to come at taxpayers' expense. When she became the first governor to give birth - to twins, no less - while in office, motherhood took center stage.

These two women have raised the question of whether women really can have it all. The bigger question, really, is what "all" is. Sometimes it seems like mother­hood is the smallest part of that "all."

Once, in the early months after my first son was born, a single friend was perplexed at my life. "Do you just sit around and read, and eat bon-bons all day?" she asked, her attempts at joking revealing the truth ofherthought. To tell the truth, I couldn't really tell her what I did all day, just knew that it took all day to do it

Twelve years later, the days still fly by, and when I tumble into bed at night, it feels like I was in constant motion all day, with nothing to show for it.

Closer to home, Jane Swift decided not to run for governor We all complain about being

stressed out, but, really, our society admires it. The mom who shows up at a soccer game in a business suit gets lots more admiration than the one who arrives in jeans and a sweatshirt, after being home all day. Sometimes, it feels like there's a belief that the woman who stays home is either married to a fabulously wealthy man and can afford to drive her SUV to the day spa after putting the kids on the bus, or she's self-indulgent.

My mother and grandmother always worked - more because they had to than wanted to, but out the door they went.

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children, husband, and her mother and sister who lived with ~ her, plus dinner ready to be popped into the oven; housework and laundry done in the thorough , manner she still maintains at age 86; then off to eight hours of factory work.

My mother is a nurse, and ,_ combined it with raising five children. As we grew older, we often suspected that work was a • haven for our mother, something she admitted when she watched me with a2-year-<lld and an infant ' "I loved to go to work," she said. "I was out of the house, I liked the women I worked with, and I got , to use my brain."

She has been a little suspicious of my choice of part-time writer , as a career. My lack of interest in housework confounds her, too, and I've caught her wiping down the front of the stove or ' refrigerator when she visits us.

A mother friend- who works a 20-hour work week around her ' children's school-day schedule­and I are having an ongoing discussion about what success is. , Is it money? Is it a big house? Is it having time to yourself? A big part of that discussion is how we feel about combining work and family.

I had actually thought that by the time my children were· in grade school, I'd work full-time. ' Sometimes I think I'd be more content if I worked full-time; I know for sure the rewards would " be more tangible. What I didn't count on, though, washowbigthe "mother bear" part of me would; be, the part that wants to be around to protect, enjoy and . nurture my kids ·for every. moment that I can. I am lucky that Chris' job lets me stay home, but I'm also proud of the fact that we live in small house, only have one small and nearly antiquated TV, don't drive SUVs and get by without enormous wardrobes.

Mothering is full of questions, about ourselves and our direction as much as it is about guiding our· children safely until they are ready to leave the nest. For mothers everywhere this Mother's Day, I wish the direction that will assure us we are doing the right thing for our families and ourselves.

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S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (5)


Klersy wants zoning extension to develop site Legion to serve Mother's Day meal



Same project, different devel­oper.

Bethlehem landowner Henry Klersy will go before the.

abandoned it last year. That" location of some utilities and prompted KlersylastJulyto seek, equipment, and some interior and obtain, from the town board modifications, but the number of an extension of the rezoning for proposed residence units remains up to two more years while he the same. soughtanotherdeveloperforthe Town Planner Jeff Lij:micky

project. acknowledged receiving the new Bethlehem town board tonight, May 8, I'll be calling some of

my neighbors. We'll be ready to roll again.

to renew a long-standing proposal to build a senior assistive-living facility on a 6. 7 acre lot in Delmar.

In opting to plans but had not as of Friday take the project afternoon :had an opportunity to on himself, review them and declined Klersy and his comment on their specifics. cons u !tan ts At last July's public hearing on have made sev- the rezoning extension, Cahill era! modif- declared that no modifications

Attorney John Cahill, of Cahill and Messina in Slingerlands, notified Supervisor Sheila Fuller in a letter May 2 that Klersy had formed a limited liability company, to be called 467 Delaware Avenue LLC, with himself as principal partner. The new entity will take ownership of the parcel at that address, rezoned in 1998 as Planned Commercial District No. 5 .

Preliminary plans for the revised version of the project, labelled Delmar Place Assisted Living and prepared by architect James Tobin of Slingerlands and ABD Engineers on Schenectady, were delivered to the town Planning Department on Friday.

Cahill also requested that the board at its meeting tonight consider amendments to a

Bob Kelley

ications to the would be sought in the building site plan approved in 1999 by the project approval granted to Epoch town and planning boards, while if the project were kept alive by retaining the basic intent and Klersy. footprint of the project. But in his letter last week,

Those modifications include Cahill requested amendments to such details as driveways, the the approval documents reflec-

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Delmar Carpet Care previousprojectapprova!granted QUALITY CARPET CLEANING

, for the site. The town board is likely to refer the matter to the • WALL TO WALL planningboardforitsreviewand • UPHOLSTERY 439-0409

~ recommendation on Klersy's ORIENT AND AR GS request, but any substantive c__• ___ A_L_s ___ E_A_R_U ___ _.:.::::...:c_.:.:.::..._ ____ ....J

change in the approval docu­' ments will ultimately require town

board approval. The lot, adjacent to property

of Bethlehem Public Library, was targeted several years ago by Massachusetts-based CMI Senior Healthcare Associates and later by the company's successor, Epoch Senior Living Associates, for construction of a 94-unit residence facility.

But after weathering considerable opposition - and two years of unsuccessful litigation .by a group of neighbors seeking to halt the project, dismissed by a state court in December 2000 - Epoch

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ting the change of ownership and the plan modifications, as well as a request for a change in the completion date - from July of next year to Dec. 31, 2004. Should the planning board find those changes substantial, the full site plan review process could resume all over again.

Neighbors, who sued to halt the project three years ago, have repeatedly vowed to continue to fight it. Informed last week that the project would be on the public agenda once again, one neighbor, Bob Kelley, said, "I'll be calling some of my neighbors. We'll be ready to roll again."

The Voorheesville American Legion will dish up an All You Can Eat Breakfast o.n Sunday, May 12 from 8 to 11:30 a.m. at the Post on Voorheesville Avenue.

Eggs, made to order, French toast, home fries, bacon, sausage, juice and coffee· will be served ..

The cost is $5 for adults, $3 for. children, and kids under age 5 eat forfree.

Program for babies Library Babies for toddlers 15

to 21 months and adults accompanying them is set for Friday, May 17, from 9:30 to 10:15 a.m. and 10:30 to 11:15 a.m .. Call the library at 439-9314 to register.

Pat Greene for Bethlehem School Board

As your School Board Member, Pat will: • Work to continually improve the quality of

education in our schools • Work to curb rising school taxes • Work with the Town Board to improve the commercial tax base

• Work to make the Board more responsive to individual needs and concerns

• Work to save Halloween ' '"' ..•.

Background • Bethlehem resident for thirteen years • Lives in Slingerlands with wife, Ellen Sax,

and their two boys, Mati (age 8) and Kyle (age 5)

• Actively involved in Little League, Soccer and Cub Scouts

• Helped create a wrestling program for Bethlehem youth

• Albany Attorney with Crane, Greene & Parente

• Received undergraduate degree from Syracuse University; attended on an athletic scholarship (wrestling)

• Received law degree from Fordham University

• Served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala

• Served bn Guilderland YMCA Board of Directors

• Served as counsel to former County Executive Mike Hoblock ·

• Served a primary role in drafting the Albany County Charter

• Credited by the Times Union with saving the Albany County Ice Rink and the Albany County Economic Development (AL Tech) fund. ·

Paid for by the Pat Greene for Bethlehem School Board

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (6)


,;_LIA~ · + ,.,..., · · · · · · · · · ~Q~~£-lxR-P'ifilitlM!ii1Lf'c~,fumbl'9\wb(tiii!ls(¥il.:lial&&&T-J10ftWW.tLA \ataft¥1, ?, . · "t 7: #l&P&.

aaJ&&Jf•7'!Jil ;. ,ill\1@'\a&T&Ti)f?\&f&l&J&'l&ft;Ml''Y;UWJi·,p}&T;&T;l&ft?fj!iWWW\i,<j""ii!Jibiftt

Pamper your mother Mother's presence· is best present Don't forget mom this Sunday. It's Mother's Day, her

official day, a day when she deseiVes to be pampered. Flowers and candy are always appreciated, but recog­

nizing her specialness is probably a gift she'll treasure for a long time after the flowers wilt and the candy is gone.

Moms, both working and stay:at-homes, give 100 per­cent all year long, making sure that the family always co~es_firstAndoften. the Editorials famliy)usttakes her efforts . for granted.

Think about what most mothers do in today's world. Shop, do most of the errands, chauffeur the kids to a host of activities and appointments, cook, clean, do laundry. And for many mothers, all of this is accomplished in addition to a full or part-time job.

So, give mom a treat on Sunday - breakfast in bed, Jurich or dinner at her favorite restaurant or even just keeping.the house tidy for her. Whatever the day brings, make sure she knows how much she is appreciated.

Hope for the best Daisytek International and the town IDA have ham­

mered out a PILOT (Payment in Ueu ofT axes) agreement in record time for the company that will operate a large warehouse facility in Selkirk.

The town and the IDA are hoping that this agreement will seiVe as a catalyst to help dispel the notion that Bethlehem is not very business-friendly. The town, in fact, has been trying without much success to bring in new business for at least the past several years.

In essence, what the IDA hopes is that other prospec­tive businesses will look at Daisytek and say 'Gee, maybe it's no tall thattough to get a business going in Bethlehem.'

We sincerely hope the IDA is correct, since the tax base without solid business taxpayers shifts the burden to residential taxpayers and makes Bethlehem off limits to people with lower incomes.

What's troublesome about the Daisytek agreement is that the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk school district will take a hit of sorts with this PILOT, since the property involved is already on the tax rolls. RCS voters twice defeated the school budget last year and will!ikdy be suspect of what the:.: may perceive as unnecessary increases this year.

In the meantime, let's hope the town and the IDA are right and more prospective business owners find Bethlehem to their liking.


The writer is a freelance author living in Delmar.

This year, I bought my mother a mop for Valentine's Day. Not just any mop, but an "As Seen· on 1V" mop with a removable end that's machine washable ·(and refillable). I even threw in an extra refill.

So now that Mother's Day is coming up, I'm thinking, how can I top the mop?

Not with a set of colorful seashell-shaped soaps and .a loofah. The last set I gave her 10 years ago remains unopened, collecting dust in my old bedroom at my parents' house. I guess my mother feels either ''those little soaps are too pretty to use" or "how can a person wash with a piece of soap the size of a quarter?"

The great thing about the mop. is that I knew she wanted one. I'm not saying she got choked up over the mop, but it was an unexpected present and she wasn't likely to get around to buying one since she already owned a functioning mop. And really, the mop was just an "I heard you mention this, so I picked one up for you" gift. !just happened to give it to her on Feb. 14.

Still, I have to admit that I have no clue as to what kind of gift would really wow my mother. This is one of the many ways in which we are alike. We are both impossible to buy for and somewhat reluctantto splurge on items that aren't "practical."

Fun gifts are things you want, but don't necessarily need. It's also neat (and usually rare) when someone knows exactly what you desire without being told or when you are surprised with a gift you love but would never have thought to ask for.

Four years ago, I very much wanted a necklace with a "birthstone kid" charm, to proudly display my status as the mom of a daughter born in July.

Publisher- Stewart Hanco*ck

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OFFICE HOURS: 8:30a.m.· S p.m. Mon.-Fri.


Muriel Shrager with her daughter Robin.

Point of View Any time I saw a woman

wearing such a necklace, which was quite often, I would point and exclaim (hint, hint) "Oh, look at that necklace, isn't that cute?" or 'That's really neat, they come girl­shaped and boy-shaped."

My husband would reply, "Huh? Oh, yeah. Right Cute."

On Mother's Day that year, my husband presented me with a 20-by-24 poster of our beautiful daughter, made from a photograph I had taken a few months prior. Rachel is beaming in the photograph. It shows her at 20-months, a red barrette holding her sparse hair straight off the top of her head, twinkling eyes and a bubbly grin spilling from the full lips she inherited from me.

"Wow! It's, urn, larger than life," I said, realizing that there was no second small box with the costume-jewelry birthstone charm.

Don't get me wrong. I love the print. It's still hanging in our family room, shocking visitors to this day. And I most certainly was surprised. Best of all, the poster provides a lasting presence of a very precious moment in our daughter's toddlerhood. (I fmally got the charm two years later).

I don't know if my mother still gives my father hints about gift ideas, but I've never heard any from her. As a result, I tend to go the homemade, heart-felt route.

A few years ago on her 'birthday, I sent her a long list of my favorite "memories, expressions and pieces of adviCe." They were in no particular order, but most of the items were from my childhood years: Compiling a list of hom*onyms together (I kept the paper near my bed, and we'd add new words each night, like "there, their, they're")Dunking Social Tea cookies in her coffee (I often didn't dunk fast enough, and the cookie would end up as mush in the cup). The way .she carved my initial in a newly­opened jar. of Skippy peanut butter. The way she dissolved orange baby aspirin on a teaspoon

for me, mixing with her pinky, The time a· goat chewed on her coat belt at the petting zoo in Colonie Center.

The list also included items which represent the ways we are alike: We both like to sleep curled. up in a ball, and we both start to snort when we laugh too hard.

I think about the traditions am continuing and the list my daughter might one day make for me. She could take items rli'r ·prlclvl from the list I made for mother. Being called my "•"oPe•tiP.

pie-patootie," enjoying a snack peanut butter on toast (cut quarters) and playing Eights. (Rachel would also add new item: "I like when my 'gives me a back rub").

I am grateful to be ~h,-r;olhPrll by my own daughter, and I that the love my own mc•th<~~ showered on me growing up to this day) is the foundation my parenting skills.

There are nights when I trying not to nod off while reacling my wide-eyed daughter more story." On those oc<casion,sl I recall my mother sitting on edge of my childhood bed. She wearing a light-blue · and she is leaning on one resting her head in her hand, struggling to stay awake stalled and stretched out bedtime routine. Only now truly understand how tired felt. Only now do I appreciate all her efforts.

Of course, there are times m! mother irritates me (and vic! versa), and Rachel and! also ha~ our "you're bugging me moments. What clos relationship doesn't?

More often, I think about th times when, even as an adult wit a child of my own, I long to bern mother's baby. And really, as I te my daughter, we are always 01 mother's babies, even when we'1 grown. A long, tight, loving hu from your mom is wonderful any age ..

This Mother's Day, mayl Rachel and I will start our ov hom*onym list (first on the lio "presents·and presence"). I dm know if my mother is secret hoping for jewelry, but forme,~ presence of my mother will I present enough.

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (7)




Local alliance seeks items for garage sale Editor, The Spotlight:

I am writing to let you know about an opportunity for people in our community to support an organization that is working to alleviate poverty and strengthen democracy in Haiti.

Fonkoze is an alliance of peasant organizations, women's collectives and credit unions which serve the poor through education, microlending pro­grams_and business training, in the tradition of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

Fonkoze of Albany is a support group which works to provide informati.on about Haiti and to raise funds for the ongoing efforts

· of the people who are working there.

On Saturday, May 18, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Fonkoze of Albany will be holding a garage sale in the parking lot of Doane Stuart School as part of this effort.

We are inviting everyone to make contributions of saleable items and to attend the sale.

To make a donation or for information about the work that we do and opportunities to participate, please contact me at 439-1129.

Lucy Pulitzer Delmar

Driver thanks samaritans Editor, The Spotlight:

I would like to thank the two fine gentlemen - Pete and Paul -who stopped to help me when I was on the side of the road with

a flat tire on Tuesday, April23 Their concern and help was

truly appreciated. Betsy Millington


Sun~n~er nastics and Cheerleading Day Can1ps

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Feestelijk was great Editor, The Spotlight:

On Saturday, April 27. Bethlehem held its sixth annual Feestelijk celebration.

As the first year co-chair­person, I was amazed how much work the volunteers of the committee put into the planning stages and during the festival.

Thanks to their hard work and dedication, the event was as successful as ever. The com­munity enjoyed a night of entertainment in our beautiful town.

I would like to give sincere thanks to the members of the community for their hard work, to the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and to the volunteers

· that helped out during Feestelijk. Also thank you to the venues,

the sponsors and to more .than 2,000 members ofthe community who attended Feestelijk and made it such a success.

We look forward to your participation at Feestelijk 2003.

Shoham Fiorentino Feestelijk co-chairperson

Ma 8, 2002- PAGE 7

Selkirk Fire Co. says thanks Editor, The Spotlight:

Selkirk Fire Co. No. I would like to thank the commun_ity for coming out to support our spaghetti dinner on April 20.

The event was a wonderful success, thanks to the patronage of so many residents.

In addition, the fire company would like to thank the vendors that generously donated supplies for our dinner. These include: Deli Plus, Hannaford, Vers-

tand.ig's Florist and Mayone's Liquor.

Many thanks to all the fire­fighters and auxiliary members of who volunteered to prepare and serve the meals. It is their effort and dedication, coupled with unwavering support from our community that allows us to serve the residents of the Selkirk Fire District.

Douglas Ophardt Selkirk Fire Co. treasurer





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S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (8)




~~~~~~~.---The evolution of this year's school district budget Editor, The Spotlight:

On May 21, voters across the state will have the opportunity to vote on their school district's budget.

This is one of the major responsibilities· of your elected school board. There is no other group of elected representatives whose budget must be approved by voters. Developing a budget is a continuous process - as soon as one budget is completed, it is time to think about the next year with its. special challenges.

We thought you might like to take a closer look at how Bethlehem's school board developed this year's $52.8 million budget.

The philosophy that the Bethlehem board has followed since we have been on the board is to offer programs that will maximize students' academic

achievement and development, This is the beginning of the presentsrecommendationstothe while at the same time keeping annuallong-rangeplanningwork board of education for new the school tax increase at a done by our superintendent, Dr. courses it would like to offer. All reasonable leveL Bethlehem does Leslie Loomis. of these changes and additions not have a large commercial tax The current figures are bring with them budget implica­base and has seen an increase of compared with the projected tions. Cost calculations mu·st also almost 18 percent in the number ·figures we had used to determine be figured for meeting state of students educated in our our staffing, class configurations mandates. schools over the last decade. and .class sizes at each of our Next year, we will be required

The budget process begins in schools. The long-range planning to offer a parenting course to lOth late summer when the school projection numbers directly graders, a new state mandate that district sets its goals for the impact our facilities by giving us comes without any funding from coming academic year. These an idea of where we may need to the state to meet the. requirement. goals serve as the steering wheel add classrooms. State testing costs each district a for the district, with each depart- They are also an indicator of lot of money, as our teachers need men(, building and the central what our staffing needs may be to be out of the classrooms, and office administrator's work driven for the next year. The building substitutes hired, so that the test by them. principals begin to use these can be set up and graded.

Throughoutthe year, program numbers to decide how they will In January, the board is reviews may be requested by the set up their schools for the next presented with the preliminary school board so that we have the year. Subject supervisors decide ·fundamental operating budget information we need to determine what program initiatives they (FOB) increase. The FOB cost implications. Actual enroll- might like to develop for the next represents what it will cost in the ments are taken at each of our academic year. next year to continue offering the schools on a set datein early falL In December, the high school same programs, services and

staffing levels as in the current


Most of the increase in the FOB is due to non-discretionary increases such as contractual salaries, health insurance premiums and special education ·services. This becomes the starting point for our budget discussions.

-194 MAXWELL RD., LATHAM • 783-3131-

Visit Us Today and See Whats New! Our New and Expanded Display Area It is important to have input

from all those who educate our students, maintain our facilities and transport our children in this important process. At the direc­tion of the board, a list of priorities is developed along with the cost implications. We also ask for revenue projections as an important part of the puzzle that

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Beverwycl<: in Slingerlands " .. ;there's just no comparison."

Some people have described the lifestyle at Beverwyck as a never-ending vacation at a resort hotel ... with panoramic views, a putting green, beautiful gardens, a health spa, guest suites, even your own services coordinator.

Others have said Beverwyck is like living with your friends on board a private cruise ship ... with four-star dining, lounges, cafe, an attentive service staff, and a seemingly endless variety of entertainment and activities.

Nowadays, you may even hear references elsewhere to "Beverwyck-style" arJ}enities and services.

r-------------------, I ~Yes, I'd like to learn more about Beverwyck. I I I I Name(s) 1 .

1 Address I

I City/State/Zip I : Telephone Age :

1 Please mail to: Beverwyck 1 ·

1 40 Autumn Dri,ve, Slingerlands, NY 12159 I


But any one of our residents will tell you ... Nothing compares. That's because, .above all else, Beverwyck is home. The atmosphere is warm and genial, year-round. You can relax and set your own pace, indulge your whims, enjoy life on your own terms - independent, free from worries.

Backed by The Eddy- this region's most trusted name in senior care and services - Beverwyck sets an unrivaled standard as the first choice in retirement living. And every day, we live up to that reputation.

Ask anyone. - Come and see us.

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@ = www.NortheastHealth.com/Beverwyck

and tax revenues. The budget season officially

begins in February with the presentation of the FOB and the list of priorities to the board and the public.

We are a responsive board, as we should be since we represent the community, and it is import­ant for us to hear from those we represent.

As we are unable to fund all of the requests, we must decide what will become ·par't of the budget and what will not make this year's cut. We know from the outset that we will not please everyone.

How will we ever decide what to fund and what programs will have the greatest impact on our students? During budget season, we hold weekly board meetings. Each Friday, we receive a packet of information that requires many hours to read.

The budget meetings are divided into designated topics, with presentations made to the board and the public. Tentative decisions will be made, or more information may be requested and consideration of that request will be postponed.

We are required to adopt a budget at least 24 days before the state mandated budget vote on M'ay 21. There is no leeway in meeting this deadline.

As we work through the topics,




we are updated with more current figures_. We are mindful a:t all < -<

times of what the budget-to­budget increase is and what the increase to the taxpayer will be.

We vote with our conscience and try to weigh all of the options presented to us. We know we can't have it all and work very hard to balance all needs. The process does work well, and we were able to adopt this year's budget of $52.8 million (approximately 4.4 percent tax increase) by March 20.

Some of what we added includes additional teacher staffing at all levels, support staff in some areas, increased substitute pay, partial funding of hockey and freshman football, equipment for programs, and computers for student technology courses and staff needs.

Most imPortant, exercise your right to vote on May 21 at the middle school from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Warren Stoker, BC board president and.

Robin Storey, vice president

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S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (9)

1-800-252-0022 Visit one of our showrooms today!

.Albany· 898 Troy Schenectady Rd.

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Ma 8, 2002- PAGE 9

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S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (10)

THE SPOTLIGHT PAGE 10- May 8, 2002

1Blir14'·{ .t s1~&1iiJ,Eiii~&li::&mafiZi!lsf:mw;rQ•fiin;hu~•'-iii>mliia•"*"cm•;;="''"'"•'"-'"'"'"Wiil"•-··.i·wmB plcancsla2s0stohfr1e 9u8n2•·on .-.-.------ ,,,-,, .•...• · .-c-ow_ _ .·:·:·: •.• , vo-o-_ -- ,.;:o00o,_,:,:::::~:~:, .... ';;;:~;;.m~-;;;_i'·:·:-::O::CIPI'>:>;;;:;~;.:;.::;o.:oX::!~;~~g::::':- %;~::::::~ . '

The Bethlehem Central High School Class of 1982 is planning its 20th reunion, and an organizing committee is gathering addresses of class members.

Feestelijk coordinator says thanks for help

Festival was a bargain with great_performers

tiona! music at Delmar Reformed Church, we drove past the crowds enjoying many kinds of musical groups and settled in comfortable chairs at Hudson River Bank & Trust for still another pleasant, relaxing program with talented Lucy McCaffrey, harpist.

If you can help, contact Karen Bruni at 438-1319 or e-mail her at [emailprotected]. Editor, The Spotlight:

I would like to extend thanks to all those who volunteered their time at the Children's Arts & Crafts portion of Feestelijk Bethlehem 2002.

Their support was extremely valuable in making the event fun for all who participated.

Thanks also to Grand Union for providing helium for the balloons and shopping bags for the children to take their crafts home in ...

Finally, I would like to thank the Children'sArts & Crafts team - Christine Edwards, Geralyn Haggerty, Bill Morrison and Chris Porter - for their time creative ideas and enthusiasm fo; making this event a success. . Volunteers included leaders,

Editor, The Spotlight: Our thanks to the Feestelijk

Committee and the long list of sponsors for another evening of fun.

parent helpers and Scouts from Brownie Troop 576 (Laurie Nickford, Joan Rosenblum, Sandra Ryther, Karen Haley Powers, Jessica Rosenblum, Rachel Ryther, Amanda Sternklar We started with America in and Elaine Wilcox),JuniorTroop Song with mezzo-soprano Bar-850 (Donna Henchy, Elaine bara Eckhaus and her accom­Henion, Diane Tivan, Katie. panist, William Jones, and could Henchy, Samantha Henion, Kim not leave. They are consummate Newell, Stephanie Newell, Becky entertainers and managed to get Shumway, Allison Tivan and Kelly the audience involved during at Wentworth), Pack 258 (Kim least half of the numbers. Schoening, Mike Knight, Matt After a short stop for tradi-

Where else can you have such a wonderful evening for six bucks?

Floyd and Coleen Brewer Delmar

The reunion is planned for Saturday, Nov. 30, at Normanside Country Club.

Church to serve corned. beef dinner

Voorheesville Methodist Church will dish up a corned beef and ham supper on Saturday, May 11, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the church at 68 Maple Ave.

Lowry, Zack McDowell, Jim Roberts, Martin Sharlow and Chris Wilsey) and face painters Katie, Kelly, Melissa and Theresa Haggerty and Caitlin Ryther.

Girl finds humor in name The cost is $8 for adults, $7 for

senior citizens and $5.50 for children age 5 through 12.

Tickets are available at the church office.

Terry Powers Children's Arts & Crafts

coordinator Glenmont

Editor, The Spotlight: I came up with this joke all by

myself. This is a Feestelijkjoke. I wanted to know if you liked it.

Q: Why was the dog sad? .

A: Because he .didn't have a face-to-lick.

Lisette Pylant Delmar Age 10

Editor's note: We loved it!

The proceeds from the supper will benefit church mission projects.

For information, call 765-2895.


~ Fott Orange G~tc\en Club

0 Satu~L~tlli~~~m Annuals, Perennials, Herbs, Hanging Baskets,

Raffle, Gardener's Boutique Pruyn House Barn, ·

Old Niskayuna Road, Newtonville

Tool Rental & . ~

• SmaU Engine ,..r· • Passonno Paints Parts & Service "> • Makita Power Tools

• Equipment Rentals ' . + • Open 7 Days A Week

MONTESSORI: Preparing eager, self-directed

learners, who have a

sense of duty toward the global community. ·

Come see what we're about!

Accredited by American Montessori Society and

Middle States Association

Now accepting applications for this fall.

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (11)


Presbyterian church to serve dinner Dollars for Scholars to hold fund-raiser

New Scotland Presbyterian Church on Route 85 in Sling­erlands will serve its annual spring dinner on Saturday, May 11, from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

The menu will include roast pork, mashed potatoes, carrots, green bean salad, rolls and butter and homemade pies served family style. The cost is $8.50 for adults and $4 for children.

Kiwanis to sponsor blood pressure clinic

The Kiwanis Club of New Scotland will sponsor a blood pressure clinic on Tuesday, May 14, from 9 to 11 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m. at SuperValu Foods on Maple Avenue.

The screening is free and open to the public.

Springfest slated


Voorheesville BetsyG/ath 765-4415

photography, children's activities and crafts, educational displays, nature walks, traditional string music, a fly tying and casting demonstration, and bird banding demonstrations.

For information, contact the Nature Center at 872-0800.

Girl Scouts plan bake sale The Voorheesville neighbor­

hood Girl Scouts will hold a bake sale on Saturday, May 11, at SuperValu from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

at Thacher Park overlook Thacher Park will hold a day­

long Springfest with programs .• . and activities on Saturday, May

11, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

School board to meet May 13

The next regular school board meeting will be on Monday, May 13, at 7:30 p.m. at Clayton A. Bouton Junior-Senior High School.

Please join in a celebration of spring and discover some of the mysteries of the natural wetlands of "your own backyard."

There will be a live animal presentation, nature art and

Town Board to meet The New Scotland town board

will meet tonight, May 8, at 7 p.m. at town hall on Route 85 in Slingerlands.

If so, vou mav be to participate in a studv . where vou will receive FREE Assessment and

Non-Drug Treatment for vour svmptoms. For more information call:


----....:--- • COUPON---------,

( TENDERCARE CHILD CENTERS 1 569 Elm Ave., Bethlehem I I I I I I I 1 • Infants 6 Wks. To 5 Yrs.

• Hot lunches & Home Baked Snacks I • Indoor Gym/Huge Outdoor Playground I "When You • Open Mon - Fri 7:30 - 5:30 1 ca~~~."J~fJe. · . 478-0787 869-6032 I Deserves T endercare Bethlehem Guilderland


m .. exJtlorioe the

Iii' J6ible with


y ouoe Chilli reo" Sunday, May 19

10:00 am & 7:00 pm

A workshop for parents of young children. . Learn how to help your child use their Bible!!!

Child Care Provided with Reservation

Delmar Reformed Church 386 Delaware Avenue

(at four corners) ·Register at [emailprotected]

r call 439-9929

Food co-op orders due May 10

New Scotland Extra Helpings food co-op will be accepting food orders until1 p.m.on Friday, May 10.

Orders can be picked up on May 30, between 8 and 10:30 a.m. Forms and_meilus can be picked up at New Scotland town hall on Route 85 or at St. Matthew's Church on Mountaiilview Road.

Extra Helpings provides a preselected menu of groceries at wholesale prices. Each order costs $14, and you are under no obligation to purchase every month. Payment can be in cash or food stamps.

Anyone in the area is welcome to participate.

Defensive Driver Review class offered

A Defensive Driver Review class sponsored by AARP and the town of New Scotiand will be held at the Osterhout Community Center in New Salem.

Your choice of attending either Wednesday, May 15, and

Thursday, May 16, from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. or Thursday, May 16, and Friday, May 17, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Voorheesville Dollars for Scholars will host its fourth annual Ping Pong Ball Race on Saturday, May 25, following the village parade at Vly Creek in

To reserve your space in class, village park. call 439-4865. Bring with you to class a valid driver's license and a Participants will be able to check for $10 made out to AARP. purchase tickets that correspond

to the 400 balls that will be floated Helderview Garden Club in the creek. The balls are floated

slates meeting down the creek and will be Helderview Garden Club's retrieved at the finish line.

next regular meeting will be on Ticket holders with numbers Friday, May 10, in the Osterhout corresponding to the-first 25 balls Community Center in New to cross the line will win a pri.ze Salem. donated by a ·local merchant.

The meeting will be the Money raised from the event preparation time for the will benefit Dollars for Scholars, upcomingplantsale.Allmembers a local community-based are asked to bring at least 10 scholarship foundation. items for the sale.- These can be The group provides sch­seedhngs, plants, packages of . olarships to graduating seniors at seeds or bulbs. Voorheesville High School. This

Legion to serve year, it will give away $6,300, up Mother's Day breakfast from $4,500 awarded last year. American Legion Post 1493 on This month, SuperValu will

Voorheesville Avenue will serve also collect donated bottle a Mother's Day brunch on receipts for Dollars for Scholars. Sunday, May 12, from 8 a.m. to For information aboutthe race, noon. contact Linda Conway at 765-


The check's in the mail.

Albany County Central Avenue Colonie Plaza Delmar Guilderland latham-Johnson Rd. latham-Route 2 latham-Route 9 Loudon Plaza Madison Ave. New Scotland Newton Plaza Route 7 Route 155 & 20 State Street-Albany Stuyvesant Plaza Upper New Scotland Wolf Road

It's true: We don't charge to return your cancelled checks.

When you have a Trustco Checking Account, your cancelled checks are in the mail back to you every month-with no fee.


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Greene County Exit 8/Crescent Rd. 383-0039 Nisk<l}\lna-Woodlawn

355-4890 Tanners Main 943-2500 Halfmoon 371-0593 Rotterdam Tanners West Side 943-5090 Malta-4 Corners 899-10S6 Rotterdam Square 785·0761

785-7155 Montgomery County Malta Mall 899-1558 Sheridan Plaza 786-8816 Trustco Savings Bank OffiCe Mechanicville 664-IOS9 Union Street East 462-6668 Canajoharie 673-2012 Milton 885-0498 Uppef Union Street 489-4711 Rensselaer County Shopper's World 383-6850

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Queensbury 436-9043 Wyantskill 286-2674 Altamont Ave. 35&-1317 489-2616

Altamont Ave. West 355-1900 Washington County 438-6611 8randyMne 346-4295 Greenwich 458-7761 Freeman's Bridge ~d. . 344-7510 Hudson Falls

@ We reserve the right to alter or withdraw this product or certain leatures thereol without prior notiricat!on. l_TN1j~ Member FDIC

399-9121 377-3311 346-1267 377-2264 355-8330 377-2393 377-8517 382-7511 374-4056


798-8131 798·7226

692·2233 747-0886

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (12)

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S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (13)



Wa! [} c9Ek', Sweets & Treats

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Ma 8, 2002- PAGE 13


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S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (14)

PAGE 14- May 8, 2002

Call for book sale volunteers Volunteers are needed for all

aspects of the Friends' book sale this year, including baking and sign painting.

Voorheesville """""' Public Library ......, 1 ......

Call the library now to sign up. Energetic workers are needed to carry and unpack cartons of books and for sorting and working at the book sale tables.

If you are a high school senior at Clayton A Bouton Junior /Snior High School, this work will count

toward your community service requirement for graduation.

We need your help! Bring mom lor brunch at the

library on Saturday, May 11, at 10:30 a.m.

While mom enjoys her coffee, dad can help the kids make a Mother's Day gift.

Registration is necessary for food planning.

Call 765-2791 or e-mail [emailprotected].

This program is a "Families Read" grant presentation in collaboration with the Mohawk Valley, Southern Adirondack and

Upper Hudson library systems and supported by Federal Library Services· and Technology Act funds.

The Every Other Thursday Night Poets will meet on May 9 at 7 p.m. Newcomers are welcome.

Copies of Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl are available when you sign up for the June book discussion.

Reichl explores the con­nections between food, family and love with some interesting and eccentric characters. The May meeting is tonight, May 8, at 7 p.m.

GREEN*THUMB~~~ Call765-2791 or e,mail the

. .

. - library at [emailprotected] to signup and get details about

l AWN .· CARE any of our programs. ' Barbara Vink

Personal Service Try the Years Of Experience Club to serve Best Weed/Grub Control pancake breakfast

Green Thumb Granular Fertilizers Delmar Kiwanis Club will hold Free Evaluations D • :f£ ' its spring pancake brejlkfast on

1 erence. Q;~~~;-;:;re ~~~~d:r~~;;,;~ ~~~:~;;i;~ .------500/0 OFF g~l~~rh, 585 Delaware Ave.,

EARLY SPRING SERVICE All proceeds will benefit Kiwanis Projects for Youth. The

For new customers using our annual ser~ice. donation is $4.50 for adults, $2.50 for children.

Newton Plaza I & II invites you to join in our community partnership with. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

======~===::.J to help find a cure!


Plaza-wide activities and family-fun planned

throughout the day including • FACE



~~ L ?"$:; ..

• OUTSIDE AUCTION displaying many wonderful items donated by Newton Plaza Merchants.


be donated to JDRF to fund re­

search and educ;otion.

WTRY'S RIC MITCHELL will be appearing live at the Plaza from

· Noon-3 PM with give-aways and prizes while supplies last! ·

Event sponsored by - ..-~ WTRYandThs •.. 0 . . trs Spo!_light Newspapers ' Sp tfitJJifl'~

Just north of Siena College, Rt.9, Latham • Where the green and white awnings are!


Displays include variety ofstyles,approaches

"Garden Favorites," a selection of oil paintings by Raymond Decker, is on display in the northwest hall this month.

Retired and living in Sling-

dheckltOut Bethlehem Public Library

erlands, Decker has been painting for more than 20 years. Self-taught, he has won awards for his work.

"Quiet Moments of the Heart," a mixed-media exhibit by Lorraine Miskinis, is displayed in the southwest hall.

An active artist for almost 20 years, she left the corporate world in 1996 to make her art a full-time profession. Her style is impressionistic and her subject matter is varied. She draws on memory for much of her work, and says that her paintings reflect the expression of an emotional moment in time.

Volunteer opportunities for teens is the theme of a bulletin board display by Bethlehem Opportunities Unlimited. Brochures from various com­munity organizations and the 2002 Student Guide to Volunteer Opportunities will be available .

The Student Guide is pub­lished each spring by the Bethlehem Networks Project. Networks Director Mona



USGA Championship Course 3822 Rt 26, Greenville, NY 12083

518·966·5343 www.rainbowgolfclub.com

Prenoveau speaks of the benefits of teen volunteerism: "Volun­teering is a positive activity that teaches important life lessons. Volunteering is a way to gain personal satisfaction, meet new people, have fun, and grow."

Michael Farley displays "Folk Instruments of the World" in the display case near the circulation desk. Farley is the library's head of computer and media services.

Paul Peter's kites are temporarily earthbound in the case by the stairs.

Timmy Saxe shares his collection of cars and trains in the youth services area.

Budget vote Voting for the library budget

and a new trustee will be held on Tuesday, May 21, at Bethlehem Central Middle School. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Ronald Berger and Randy Fisher are candidates for the irustee seat, open on July 1 with the expiration of Susan Birk­head's second term. Birkhead served as board president for seven of her 10 years.

Web survey Thank you to all those patrons

who participated in our online survey last month. We received many excellent suggestions that will help us improve our Web site. A report will be posted within a few weeks. Visit us at www. bethlehempubliclibrary.org.

Louise Grieco

' GIN BLOSSOMS ................................................................................... MAY 22

' UTTLE FEAT ........................................................................................ JUNE 1

• COUNT BASlE ORCHESTRA .............................................................. .JUNE 8

• DAN FOGELBERG AND BAND ................................ : .............................. JUNE 12

'MARTIN SHORT ........................................................................ {IJ. JUNE 13

• TARGET ................................................................................ ; ............. JUNE 14

• UTTLE RIVER BAND ......................................................................... JUNE 15

TICim OIIWlNOW AT Ill nr• GVnmlJ



lllti>Miy llth ·Spa Pltbp • 110 per penon · Cllllllr....,.tlou31S.361-76Gl

Mother'• Day Bnmch • May Uth, llllm-3pm IN Till CONJDINCJ CIN'ID.

can t.m.m-s~~ow !orticUIJI


VERONA, NT 13478 I-800·77H711


S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (15)




D IDA (From Page 1)

from sales taxes on its new­equipment purchases. It also approved a 15-year PILOT agreement with Selkirk Ventures, including sales and mortgage­recording tax breaks and a schedule of payments amounting to an average 42 percent discount on its property tax bill. ·

Superintendent Robert Drake said. "We do support efforts to bring in industrial development, but at the same time, we want to stop you from being too generous."

And Delmar resident Bob Jasinski said, "I understand you've got to offer them something. I just caution you oh what you offer. Let's bring it down to a realistic dollar figure on

they've committed to, and these are good quality jobs," said Gillen - and the state grant, still under negotiation, will include "recapture" provisions ifDaisytek doesn't meet its job-creation projections over the next five years.

The IDA's PILOT agreement, commencing in July 2003 and running through 2018, includes a

similar proviso, and a

based on an estimated valuation slightly lower than the property's current $6.3 million assessment.

Overall, the total estimated property tax break over the life of the agreement amounts to less than $480,000 from the coffers of the town and school district, about $160,000 less than the company sought.

May 8, 2002- PAGE 15

Children's school to host open house

Bethlehem Children's School is hosting an open house on Wednesday, May 22, from 6. to 8:30 p.m. at the school on 12 Fisher Blvd. in Slingerlands.

The school's Ocean Exhibits will be on display at the open house.

In addition, there will be refreshments and an ocean­related craft for children. All are welcome.

The IDA board· unanimously approved both agreements, though town board member Dan Plummer abstained from Daisytek's sales-tax resolution, citing his law firm's dealings with GE Capital, which will finance the equipment purchases. He hailed the agreements as "fantastic" and Daisytek as "a real asset to this community."

what you can offer - and what you cari salvage if it goes bust."

Buicko em­phasized the property's deterioration under its

We do support efforts to bring in industrial de­velopment, but at the same time, we want to stop you from being too generous_

sliding-scale recapture of Selkirk Ven­tures' PILOT benefits should the deal fall through. The agreement

"Our goal was to let the state take the lead, and to get the school district as close to (the standard PILOT numbers) as we could," said Tucker. "Tbe board felt that it should not provide a benefit greater than was provided through the state's grant."

. Selkirk Ventures and Daisytek also agreed to seek Empire Zone designation for the site if it proves advantageous - and even committed to discouraging its estimated 20 truck deliveries a_ day from using Route 396 in Selkirk.

For information, call the school at 478-0224.

"I think this is an important project," said IDA Chairman Michael Tucker. "It's an important example of how, when a developer comes to us with a project and a potenti3! tenant and needs to move quickly, three months later we are able to put the pieces in place to get it done." He hoped the agreement will help dispel the town's image as a difficult place to do business.

"This shows that we can provide attractive incentives to ·developers, yet still not give away the store," he said.

The final PILOT agreement was more limited than what Selkirk Ventures sought at the public hearing - cumulative property-tax discounts of 54 percent over the life of the PILOT. IDA board members, representatives of the Ravena-

~ Coeymans-Selkirk school district, which will bear the brunt of tax revenue reductions, and several residents opposed that.

"For the school district, the question of tax breaks for Daisytek can't be taken in isolation" from its impact on the district's finances, RCS

present own-ership and the difficulty in attracting a tenant without incentives. "One, it is not a custom building. Two, people can't get through the maze of buying it," he said - negotiating with overseas owners now in receivership.

He stressed the job creation and spinoffbenefitsofthe project. The site could be expanded by another 100,000 square feet- an improvement not covered by the PILOT agreement- Qiid-Galesi, developer of complexes like Guilderland's Northeast Industrial Park, is already eying an adjacent 16-acre vacant site for development. "This is one community where as of now we don't have any operations," he said-but that will likely change, he said, after a successful Daisytek project.

County and state officials weighed in in favor of an aggressive PILOT.

'This is a quality company with a significant number of jobs

MOTHER'S DAY BRUNCH IN THE YELLOW ROCK CAFE Sunday, May 12th • 9:30 to 4:00

A Flower and a Poem for every Mom at the Table Reservations required

Horse-Drawn Wagon Rides Through the Apple Orchard Sunday, May 12th, 11:00 to 4:00 $2 per person • Moms ride Free

Check out our selection of_ Flowering Mother's Day Plants

Unique Gifts: Table Linens, Soaps, Scarves, Candles & More

~ You are cordially Invited to Join us for a c! ~ Mother Daughter Tea '\\/''~r/

""""Sunday, May 19, 2002 • 3:30 to 5:00 \-.;)I _ Reservation only

Tea sandwiches, homemade scones, tea cookies and dessert, assorted teas, coffees, lemonade and apple cider ... $7.25 per person ·There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated

to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. • - Henry James


342 Altamont Road Altamont, NY 12009 ( 518) 765-2956 www.indlanladderfarms.com

SITNB houcs, Wed. thru Sun., 11J.6. Caf6 Hours: 56rving Lunch WBd. thru Fri. 11-2. Serving brunch & lunch weekends 1 ().3. Smre & cafe dosed Mondays & Tuesdays.

Robert Drake also softens the blow to the RCS district with four years

of fixed payments roughly double what Galesi proposed to pay -and more than the IDA's standard PILOT.

Tucker urged Daisytek to adopt a good-neighbor relationship with the district similar to those other Selkirk industrial firms have established.

The special taxing jurisdictions . in which the project is located­the Selkirk Fire and Bethlehem Ambulance districts, and the Bethlehem Water District- will be unaffected by the deal, and Selkirk Partners agreed not to challenge its property tax assessment until at least 2007. The agreement's numbers are

Skirmishes 3 pm both days Committee of Safety MOj!ting Children's Activities i Musters & Drills Campfire Cooking - -Trading wHh Natives

Political Debates and Trial _ .. ,, _-_ Church Service Sun. Morning 9 am Surgery Demonstration _ · · Black Powder Rilles

Uberty Pole ""' --- Bam Dance Saturday Night Opens at 9 am both days. Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for kids (ages 5-17).

, The Mabee Fann is located 1080 Main Street (Route 55) Rotterdam i · miles west of Exit 1A {1-890) or Exit 26

I . i

Adults ages 55 or older._. this one's for YOU!

First Annual Albany County

Learn about:

Join us at Cross gates Mall Tuesday, May 14th, 2002

8:00am-2:00pm On the 2nd floor -Near the Food Court

• Putting YOUR life experiences to great use. • Refreshing YOUR business, professional & technical skills. • Employment opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities. Local semces for skills training that are available to you either fm _

FREE or at a low and reasonable cost • Albany County programs & semces. . • Expert advice from caring& discreet professionals._ • .

Capital District businesses and organizations that want to match therr employment and volunteer options with YOUR needs.

For more information please call the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce at 456-6611

GCC Guilderland

Chamber of Commerce

Sponsored by

Michael G. Breslin Albany County Executive

Ca(Jifaf '!Mricf

senior spotlight

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (16)

PAGE 16- May 8, 2002 THE SPOTLIGHT

Tower Ventures proposal postponed until May 28 By JOSEPHA.~~

Resumption of a public hearing on a proposal by Tower Ventures to erect a 170-foot tele­communications tower on Upper Font Grove Road has been postponed for a second time by New Scotland's zoning board of appeals.

The hearing, launched in February,· was scheduled to be reopened at the board's April 23 meeting. But the board postponed the matter until its next scheduled session, on May 28 at the Wyman. Osterhout Community Center in New Salem, at the request of representatives of Clifton Park­based Tower Ventures.

They sought the one-month

continuance prior to the April meeting in order to buy additional time to prepare documentation requested in March by the zoning board, including visual simu­lations of the tower based on the results of a balloon test conducted last month.

While the hearing was postponed, there was movement on the review of the tower project reported at the April meeting. Counsel Louis Neri reported to the board that the Albany County Planning Commission had responded to the board's declaration of its intent to serve jointly with the town planning board as lead agencies for environmental review of the project.

Neri said the county planning

Mother's Day Plants Hanging Baskets

Geraniums • Mixed fots Potted Plants B~dding Plants Seed Packets

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Large Selection

Kolber's Deerfield Farm Rt. 9W Glenmont 767-3046

body had no objection to the joint lead agency declaration, but requested that appropriate regulatory bodies in Guilderland and Bethlehem be notified of the Tower Ventures application, should they wish to intervene with respect to the environmental review. "

At the recommendation of chairman Ronald Von Ronne, the zoning board deferred until the May 28 meeting entering a letter received from attorney Marc Gerstman, on behalf of. the Northeast New Scotland Neighborhood Association, into the hearing record. Gerstman and co-counsel Kathleen Martens have raised a number of issues about Tower Ventures application on the association's behalf at the

zoning b_oard's February and March meetings, and the Jetter contained various citations of related case law.

. The board also conducted a hearing on an application ofDavid Wajda of 310 New Salem Road, seeking a variance to permit construction of a porch at his residence. With no public comment received at the hearing, the board granted the application.

The board also unanimously granted the request of Michael]. Marinello of300 Font Grove Road to rescind an earlier variance granted him last November, permitting construction of a third dwelling on his property - a project rendered moot by the death of a family member.

Building inspector Gerald

's 7a,.m Rt. 9W • Glenmont • 767-9738

Large, Large, Selection "The best quality at the best prices"

Cemetery Flo wen Annuals Perennials Roses

Hanging Baskets Veg. Plants Shrubs etc., etc., etc.

Gordinier also reported to the board that a variance, granted a year ago to Marty Flansburg to permit operation of a transmission repair garage and used car display on his property at 1196 Delaware Turnpike in Unionville, had expired. The variance was contingent upon his obtaining site-plan approval from the town planning board, and Gordinier said no application for that had been filed within the 1-year limit sit by the zoning board. He said he would order the immediate halt of business on the property.

Flansburg has since reapplied for the variance, and the planning board was scheduled to review the application on Tuesday, May 7 and prepru;e a recommendation to the zoning board.

Keeping lawns healthy

When properly maintained, a lawn can be vigorous and healthy either without or with very few chemical pesticides. .

Choosing a blend of resistant· varieties of grass can eliminate the possibility of many common lawn diseases and can also repel insects

~i~~~~~~~~====~~~~~~~~~~ that feed on grass. '-;:::;::;::;::;=:;:~::;::;::;::;::;::;::;::;::;::;::;::;::;::;::;::;;;i Carl & Peggy Barkman Fertilization is also important. r The first step is to get your soil's pH level tested at your county Cooperative Extension office. The pH should be in the range of 6.0

Open Daily 9-6, Sat. & Sun. 9-5

Facilities Available

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to 7.0, where plant nutrients in fertilizer will be most effective.

Lawns should be fertilized two or three times a year- if twice a year, in the spring and early fall; if three times a year, in the late spring, early fall and late fall.

Mowing at the proper height and frequency will also make your lawn more pest-resistant. Mowing too short can foster a shallow grass root. system that will make it easier for weeds to germinate and grow. Lawns should be mowed no lower than 2 inches, and never cut more than a third of the grass length. Lawnmower blades should be kept sharp, since dull blades leave wounds on the grass blade that can be an entry point for diseases.

Where allowed by local Jaw, lawns should be watered deeply (about 1 inch of water) when the first sign of wilt appears in the spring. Deep watering encour­ages deeper, healthier roots. In the summer, waterings should be light and frequent ·

The best time to water is in the early morning; evening watering does not allow time for the grass to dry, which creates an environment conducive to disease development.

' Most weeds can be prevented by proper fertilizing, mowing and watering. A balanced fertilizer program and mowing at recommended heights will give lawn grasses a competitive advantage over weeds.


ll';_ •


S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (17)


.D ~Friendship (From Page 1)

"" joined the group in 1986, and by 1991 had convinced the group to 'try a few dance steps. .

• "When we started dancing, our costumes changed," said Stephanie Bollam, a charter

.. member who has been with the Friendship Singers all 20 years. "At our Christmas concert, we

~ had a mannequin display of our costumes."

Although Liddle and Drew • work together to make

preliminary selections of what songs the group should perform, everyone is in on the final

• decisions. "As director, I just conduct," Liddle said. "Everyone has a say in the music."


"The majority rules," Drew said.

• "We've always worked in a non-confrontational, non-catty way," Bollam said. 'The one time that

, we did have a problem, we had a meeting to work it out," Liddle said.

, "I think it works well because music 'affects you so positively," Welch said. Another positive

• effect of the group has been the supporting role they've played in each other's lives.

• "A lot of us have been .through our children's pre-school years and teen years together," Conklin

• said. "We're all in it together." "We've become very close friends," Welch said. Bollam pointed out that the Friend§hip

' Singers aren't just a group of bored housewives. 'The women in this group are very versatile

.. and active," she said. "Sometimes we're racing to get into our costumes."

One thing they definitely are is committed. The ·Friendship Singers rehearse every Tuesday

.• morning at the Slingerlands church where they got their start from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.

"Some of the women have arranged time off from their jobs so they can be at rehearsals,"

·Drew said.

In addition to their spring and winter concerts, the Friendship Singers perform at different venues throughout the year.

They continue to sing at nursing homes, where they first focused their concert efforts. They've performed at all of Bethlehem's grade schools, as well as at Feestelijk, the Tulip Festival, baseball games, and even at a recent WWF event in Albany. They regularly perform at jails and hospitals.

"We try to consider some populations that might be overlooked," said Conklin, who signs all the songs the group perform. "Sometimes we get more out of the performances than the audience does," Bollam said. "We often get very choked up." The group also performs at wedding anniversary celebra­tions, funerals and memorial celebrations.

Every year, the group gets. away for a weekend to Vermont's Queechee Lake, where, not too surprisingly, they often break into song. "One night, we heard applause from across the lake," Conklin said. In addition to singing, dancing and signing, the

Friendship Singers also play hand chimes and a flute. When he's available, Bill Reusswig plays drums for the group.

At Saturday's concert, donations will be accepted, with all proceeds going to the Bethlehem Festival Fund, which discreetly helps out community members in need.

The Friendship Singers welcome new members who must know how to sing, "and not be intimidated by movement," Bollam said. Those interested in

joining the group should call Uddle at 439-2360.

"When I go to: Friendship Singers, I never feel nervousness or intimidation," Bollam said. "It's a comfortable environment." "We know we can ask each other for help," Conklin said. Drew summed up the reason that, 20 years later, the Friendship Singers are still making beautiful music together.

'There's nothing better than singing," the group's pianist said, "unless it's playing."


Tatiana, 17 l'J-s. Klaus

Make this the year the most exciting, enriching YCC¥ ever for you and you1· family. Share your world with a young foreign visitor from abroad. Welcome a high school student, 1&-18 years old, from France, Spain, England, Germany, Sweden,· Thailand, Mexico, or Russia as part of your family for a school year and make an overseas friend for life.

For mare program informB.tion or to select your own exchange student from applications with photos, please call: David at (518) 383-0549

Marcy at 1-800-888-9040 www.world-heritage.org


RING PLANT SALE Saturday and Sunday

M'!}' 18 & 19, 2002 10-4

.u ... tluu. 6,000 t-., ~ .,.J ,..._ ••• t. .

--- ruit-oJ u.. .tJ; ... .U, .JJ okuo..

No admission fee On the arboretum grounds to benefit

lANDIS ARBORETUM Lape Road, Esperance, NY



Baseball & Softball Cantps . Our I Ot .. Year


*individual instruction *drills emphasizing throwing, base running, and fielding

*intra camp scrimmages and games *recreational swimming

*Bob Bellizz'i ~ Director of Camps

*Ken Hodge- Director of Baseball Camps

*Jeanna Bellizzi -Director of Softball Camps

Counselors are former & present college players

Session 1 7/111-7/115 _. _ Baseball Session 2 7/118·7112 _Baseball Session 3 7/15·7119 _Baseball Session4 7/THI26_Baseball Session 5 7129·8/112 _Baseball & Softball

$"1 90.00 Per Week ($370.00 2 Weeks • $540.00 3 Weeks. • $690.00 4 Weeks • $830.00 5 Weeks)

Multi-week discount for same camper only. Camp hours are now 9am-4pm. For information and a camp brochure, please call518-475-1 005 and leave a message with your name, address and phone.

May 8, 2002- PAGE 17

Five Rivers to host 'medicine man' A program on 18th century

medicine will be presented at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center on Thursday, May 23, at 6:30p.m. at the center on 56 Game Farm Road in Delmar.

medicines and implements used in the 18th century.

Walk b~ck in time as Stuart Lehman, education coordinator for the state Capitol, portrays a Colonial period physician and explains how local plants were historically used for medicinal purposes.

He will also discuss the uses of herbs in Colonial medicine by physicians, midwives, house- · wives and Native Americans and how many of the herbs found at Five Rivers today were familiar to healers of the 18th century.

Following the presentation, there will be a short walk outdoors.

For information about the free program, call475-0291. Dressed in historic garb,

Lehman will bring a hands-on living history exhibit of the herbs,

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Wheel Balance and Tire Rotation


I I I I I I I I I • Remove four wheels from v.ehicle: balance and rotate · 1

I • Speci~l wheels, specialty vehicles slightly higher I

L----_------ _Df!!!.E~~1~2.J r----------------, 1 AC-Frini-Ciean 1 I ::1. I 1 Serv1ce 1

! $41 '!!!.,~. ! Install BG FRIGI-CLEAN to remove foul odors, bacteria, mold spores, I fungi, road grime, nicotine, oils and debris that accumulate in your J

I car's a1r cond1t1onmg evaporator. J L---_------- -O~E=~/~2..1

SERVICE HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 7:30AM-6:00PM,

Sat. 8:00AM-12:00PM

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (18)

PAGE 18- May 8, 2002 THE SPOTLIGHT • l ~fid g,~e oTYIM'! ' JUkWffi.~Wffi.Wffi,Wffi,~JRL. RRRRRRRRLLLvd&WffiFI,,Wffi.RRRRm·LK$ RRRRLLLmm4t-Wffim' RR-Ww£2""-RR·!§l·· •··&+~'f§!·<4i!1!!2444RR§!!!'. -LLLJi,: I

Lady Eagles edge Saratoga in rematch

The Bethlehem girls lacrosse eighth grader, and Cecilia Cor­team solidified its hold on first rigan, who is a freshman and did placeintheSuburbanCouncilwith a great job on ground balls," a 9-8 victory over Saratoga last Bethlehem coach John Battag-Thursday. Iino said.

Kristin link scored four goals, Katie Wagoner contributed and the defense made several big two goals, while Brianna Bu­plays in the second half to lead the beck, Amy O'Donnell and Kate­LadyEagles(8-0league,12-0over- lyn Primomo added individual all), who were ranked fourth in tallies for the Lady Eagles. the latest state Class A poll. Bethlehem swept the two-game

"I thought they did a phenom- seasonserieswithSaratogatostay enaljob on defense- especially one game ahead of second place Trisha Primomo, who is an · Niskayuna.



July 1-5 ·Boy/Girl Day Camp July 8-12 Girls Day Camp July 14-19 Girls Overnight Camp July 15-19 Girls Day Camp July 21-26 Boys Overnight Camp

Day Camp Mon-Fri: 9-4


Classic champs

July 22-26 Boys Day Camp July 29-Aug. 2 Boys Day Camp

Overnight Camp $315. The Bethlehem Soccer Club's under-12 boys team won its division at the Rotterdam Classic tournament April

27 .'The team is, from left, front row- Tommy Caslin e. Alex Laurens, Alex Hammer, Matt McGann, Drew • H.S. and College Coaches on Staffi • Special Team and Group Discounts Ages 7· 17 Hammer, Ryan Mulhall, Jim Zeccolo and Jim Brady. Back row- Sam Clinton, Connor Munsil, Mike Agneta,

~ Jack Reese,coachJohn Stewart,Damell Brabham, Colin Gilman and Chris Stewart. Not pictured Is Nli:kJackson. • Players grouped by age and ability · • We instruct varsity level to beginners

Our 18th Year! Over 900 campers in our program last summer ~~~""i'"~~~~ 0 1 O If" h • f • T V

AirConditionedGym/lndoorPool-OurPriceandQualityCan'tBeBeat! e mar 0 IDS as openmgs or SWimmers Rl- .ILLA6E beauryb@ mail.strose.ectu The Delmar DolfinsSwim Club 1ndividualtryoutscan be sched-


~··. ~ £

''The Healing Place" How to get help from God,

His word and others Saturday May 18, 9am to 2:30pm

Bethlehem Community Church · 201 Elm Avenue, Delmar



Choose ~o Workshops -One Morning & One Afternoon

Morning Workshops: J _ Forgiveness - Darlene Clark. R.N., B.S.N.

2. Help for the He!per: Becoming a Healthy Support- Melinda Gambi:dunghe, M.D.

3. Ministering to Post-Abortive Women -Beverly Gustafson, Alpha Pregnancy Center

4. Handling Life Changes - Lynn Safarik, C.S. W.

Afternoon Workshops 5. Cooperating with God in the Emotional

Healing Process - Susan Austin, M.D. 6. Grief and Loss - Debbie Eberle, Grief Survivor

7. Getting and Giving Encouragement-Jeanne Callahan and Alice Parker, B.S. W.

RegistrationFee is $15.00 Please Register Early- Space is Limited

Registration is Easy - Phone: Marge 439-5775 or Darlene 475-7801

. o-r Dottie 767-9819 CHILD CARE BY REQUEST


~~~; r~--·-

has a few openings for children uled by calling Delmar Dolfins LITTLE LEA. 6

UE ages 12 and under interested in head coach Doug Gross at 664-competitive swimming. 0801.

)lob Bellizzi's Camps 4-0 Klersy Building Corp 4-0 Albany Vascular 3-1 Helluva Good Cheese 2-2 Farm Family Holdings 1-2 Homestead Funding 1-2 Tee Electric Service 1-3 Kingley Landscape 1-3 Andriano's Pizzeria 1-3 Price Grccnlcilf 1-3

Pnces Goorl Thtu 5/71/02 • Tuesday·Fnday 9-6, Saturday 8·5, Closed Sunday-Monday

~---------------------., Club schedules VIEWS ON 1 Mother's Day race

I The Hudson Mohawk Road

D Runners Club will hold its annual ENTAL ~~~her's Day Race Sunday at 10

H l} AT 'T"H The 3}}·mile race for women LnL .1. and girls starts at Hamagrael Ele-

mentary School in Delmar. Awards will be presented to the Dr. Thomas H. Abele, D.M.D. Dr. Geoffrey B. Edmunds, D.D.S.

Getting A Second Opinion If you have one or more teeth that It may be that the teeth in ques-

are so badly decayed and weakened tion are not only badly decayed but by gum disease that your dentist causing you pain. Ask your dentist recommends extraction, should you if anything can be done to save accept this recommendation or seek them. Perhaps they can be saved a ·second opinion? No one looks with root canal work to remove the forward to replacing natural teeth infection that's causing the decay with artificial substitutes. They are and pain. Perhaps periodontal treat­never the same as yournatural teeth, mentor gum therapy will be needed

1 you .won't have the same chewing to restore your dental health. Fees 1

I efficiency and they certainly won't might be much higher than a simple feel the same. Even more tlisturb- extraction, but the investment may I

I ing, once a natural tooth is gone, it's be worth. it· if you can save your I 1 gone forever. That's why every fea- teeth. There are no teeth like your 1 I stble effort should be made to keep own teeth. I I your natural teeth. I I Dr.ThomasH. Abele,D.M.D ·I I Dr.Geoffr eyB. Edmunds, D.D.S.- I I 344 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, N.Y. 12054 I

(518)4394228 . L-------------------~-~

top three finishers overall and to winners in each age group. The first three mother -daughter teams will also receive awards.

Children's races of200 meters, one-half mile and .one .. mile will take place at the school at 11 a.m.

Registration will be held until 9:45a.m. the day of the race at the school. The cost is $10 per per­son, and the first 100 registrants will receive a commemorative gift

For information, call 435-4500 orvisittheclub's Websiteatwww. hmrrc.com. -

In Glenmont, The Spotlight is sold at Cumberland Farms. CVS, Glenmont Beverage, Brookwood

Mobil, Exit 23 Mobil, Grand Union, Stewart's and Van A /len Farms.


S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (19)



Bethlehem highlights: jilson Ctdncin(l g<Jmc-winning t\vo­run single . .Jirn tV\orril! b.Jscs­lo:Jdcd Lriplc. LANSIN6BUR6H b, RCS 5 R<lVCill!-Cocv !lld n s-Sd kirk hig-hlights: (._l. BcJ;ghcl,l 3 si nglcs. VOORHEESVILLE 5, SCHALMONT 3 Voorheesville highlights: Steve Hensel pitched three-hitter, Adc1111 HL1tch and Pnt Selby doubled clnd singled. BOYS LACROSSE SHENENDEHOWA 15, BETHLEHEM b Scoring: Shcncndehowa- Eric DcSulvdtOIT 0-1, Shclnc Koppcns 4-4, Chris Lepkowski 2-0, C:1scy Lewis 3-3. Willie tv,unoz J-0. Cory Nellisscn 3-3, Cc1lcb Strt1lton 1-0, Anthony \tVaUL1CC .J -0. Bethlehem­Chris Abbott 1-3, Aclron Griffin 1-0, P.:1t HccnLlll 2-2. Ken Porter 1-0, Torn Trirnclrchi \-0. 5.:1\ics: ·shcncndchovv,l- Josh Nlcliltlc l 0. Bethlehem- John Thibdetlll 13. BOYS TENNIS Bcthlehcrl1 9, Burnt Hills­Ballston Li.lkc 0 Voorheesville 6, RCS I SOfTBAll COLUMBIA 5, BETHLEHEM 2

Bethlehem highlights: Andreu Stupp RBI single. RCS 8, VOORHEESVILLE 4 Highlights: Ravenn-Coeymans­Sclkirk- Katie Stott double, triple, RBI; Ashley Byerwalters double.


BOYS TRACK AND FIELD SCI-I ENECfAIJY INVITATIONAL Tecun scores: Schenectady 93, Shenendehowa 77, BethleheJn 66, Guilderi<ll1d 61, Shaker 58, S(lrtll·oga 46, LaSu!lc 27, Queensbury 21, Amstcrdcl*tI 18, Albanv 16, Colonic Ccntrl1l 14, CBA I '1, Johnstown 6, Fondi1-Fultonvillc 3, Cobleskill-Richmondville 2, Mohon.:Jscn I, Averi!l P,lfk I. Bethlehem individual winners·. Rafic] Umur (long jump and triple jump). 61RLS LACROSSE BETHLEHEM q, SARAT06A 8 Scoring: Bethlehein- Brianna Bubeck 1-0, Kristin Link 4-0, Amy O'Donnell 1-0, Katdyn Primorno 1-0, Katie Wagoner 2-0. S~1vcs: Bethlehem- Dunielle Blunch,lfd 9.


BASEBALL BETHLEHEM b, MOHONASEN o Bethlehem highlights: Mark Bulger pitched two-hit. shut­out, N\alt Drislcmc 2 doubles and 2 RBI, Parker Brown 2 singles, tv1att Young double. VOORHEESVILLE q, COHOES 7 Voorheesville highlights: Kevin t'v\,]SSilroni 3-run and 2-run home runs, Mark tv\urrdy 4 singles unci 3 runs scored. WATERVLIET n, RCS 3 R.:1veni1-Cocymt1 ns-SC! kirk highlights: C.J. Berghcla 3 stolen bl1ses tlnd 3 runs scored. BOYS LACROSSE SHAKER 8, BETHLEHEM 7 Scoring: Shtlkcr- Alex Barvoets 2-1, Cody Daigle 2-0, \Vil!i,lm Farrell 1-0, Carlo Fusco 1-0. Mike McDonald 0-1, Brian Svitak 2-2. Bethlehem -Chris Abbott ~-0, Pat

Henriksson. Doubles- Luke Yurck-EUjah F,1gan. SOfTBAll ACADEMY Of HOLY NAMES 5. VOORHEESVILLE 2

Voorheesville highligh_ts: Kim Kavt1n,1ugh double.


BASEBAll S<lrdlo_gd 6. Bethlehem 5 BOYS TRACK AND FIELD COLON/~ KELAYS Tc.:1m scores: Shcncndehowa II~. Bethlehem 82, Sh,1kcr 72, Schenect,1dy 56, Guilderl,1nd 40, Sar.Jtog<l 36, Colonic Ccntrd! 35, BUrnt Hills-B.Jlislori. L1ke 2 I, Albany Academy I I, Averill P,1rk I 0, RcJvcna­Coeymans-Selkirk 10, CBA 6, Albany 4. First-pl,lCe finishes: Bethlehem - long jump relay (Zach tv1askin, Stephen Strait c1nd R,1fiq Urnar), triple jump rcl,1y (Maskin, Urntlf and Jamie Putnum}, high jump relay {UJTI<lr, M(1skin l1nd Strtlit),

Voorheesville pitcher Steve Hensel delivers to the plate during last Wednesday's Colonial Council game 6,400-meter relay (Rob Kuhn, against Schalmont at Swift Road Town Park. Hense !tossed a three-hiller to lead the Blackbirds to a 5-3 victory p,,t Shi1ffer, Adam Hill ,1nd over the Sabres. Rob Jonas Doug DemMcoJ.

Hccn.:Jn 1-1, Erik Lowery 0-1, .Jon f'v1ucC<lrd!c 1-0, Jim Moehringcr 0-1, Torn Trimdrchi 2-1. Suves: Shaker- Kevin Hines 15. Bethlehem -John


ThibdetlU I 5 . BOYS TENNIS RCS 4, .SCHALMONT 3 Ra vcn.1-Coeym<1 n s-Sel kirk winners: Singles -J,lke Hafensteincr, Aric Mine, Jake

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S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (20)

PAGE 20- May 8, 2002 THE

.. ,sQ~~iw1:?W'•''lEiillfliwiuQii3<'11\\\ll!!i&N~~'s*11\\\ll!!iMBMii7 'll!ll\tii!imWtL::cmwnw•woo1!Wili& .:31liC:M:::w;r 'YWH!t: !01\!!%l&W&'%6i ,ntii±lJ•'%6!'!''+

Beverly Bastian Beverly P. Bastian, 55, of

Voorheesville died Thursday, May2, at Community Hospice of Albany County at St. Peter's Hospital.

Born in Albany, she was a former member of the Bethlehem Veterans of Foreign Wars auxiliary.

. She was a lifelong resident of the Capital. District.

Survivors include her husband, Thomas ]. Bastian; a son; Jeffrey Bess of Feura Bush; and two brothers, Elbert "AI" ]. Pangburn Jr. of Glenmont and Richard Pangburn of Guilderland. · Services were from the

Applebee Funeral Home in Delmar.

Burial was in Our Lady Help of Christians Cemetery in Glenmo.nt.

Contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society, 260 Osborne Road, Loudonville 12211.


Mary Chestney Mary V. Chestney, 95, of Pine

Plains, and formerly of Deim:rr, died Fdday, April 29, at Baptist Home in Brookmeade in Rhinebeck.

Born in Fort Edward, she was a graduate of Oneonta Normal School and the former State Teachers College in Albany.

Mrs. Chestney taught in Albany public schools for 30 years before she retired.

She was a member of the Milan Senior Citi~ens and Rowe United Methodist Church.

She was the widow of Gerald H. Chestney.

Survivors include a daughter, Mary E. "Betty" Doyle of Stanfordville; a son, Gerald· W. Chestney of Pine Plains; four grandchildren; and seven great­grandchildren.

Services were from Rowe United Methodist Church.

Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery in Pine Plains.

,,, ' ·;~ ~~ -=p~JN--w';N......-.. -.-A"?"i"C ........ LE?r \~J.I BEHAVIORAL HEALTH

• Psychiatric evaluations • Medication management • DWI Evaluations

• Adolescence & adult services • Individual, family & group counseling

• Womens Issues .......... ~---Consultant List:------.

Director: Laura A. Hunt, ACSW-R

Psychiatrist: Peter Andrus, MD • Michael Gregg, MD • SukhwinQer Singh, MD

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: Silvia Beaupre, NPP • Susan Decker, NPP • Edith Lundquist, NPP

Margaret Mutryn • MacGiffcrt, NPP • Barbara Waite, NPP Shelley Van Kempen, NPP

Social Workers: Bruce Camack, CSW • Rita Dabby, CSW ~Erika Klein, CSW Eleanor Pearlman, C,_~W • Fred Van Kempen, CSW, CASAC

Laura A. Hunt, ACSW-R Experienced medical & clinical staff

Pinnacle Place, Albany, NY 12203 689-0244 - Most insurance plans accepted

Water Use Restrictions All Water Customers served by Bethlehem Water District

Town of Bethlehem and Town of New Scotland Due to the severe drought conditions the following restrictions are in effect for 2002:

l) No watering of lawns from public water supply. 2) Hand held hoses may be used to hand water flowers and

ornamental shrubs only between the hours of6 a._m. to 8 a.m. on an odd and even basis. (Properties with odd numbered address may wate~ on odd numbered days and properties with even numbered addresses may water on even numbered days.)

3) No new lawns to be installed that require watering from public water supply.

4) No new swimming pools unless water to fill the pool is trucked in from a private source.

5) No refilling of pools for spring start-up, unless water is trucked in from a private water so':lrce.

6) No building permits will be issued for underground sprinkler systems.

The Town of Bethlehem prohibiis the use of the public water supply for non-essential uses, such as but limited to: No washing down of driveways or walk ways. (Use a broom or leaf blower); No washing of the exterior of buildings.

Visit our Web Site at www.townolbethlehem.org for additional information on conserving water.

Arrangements were by the Peck& Peck Funeral Home in Pine Plains.

Contributions may be made to the Pine Plains Rescue Squad, PO Box 100, Pine Plains 12567.

Helen Garrett Helen T. Wagoner Garrett, 94,

of Ravena died Tuesday, April30, at Guilderland Center Nursing Home.

Born in Selkirk, Mrs. Garrett was a homemaker.

She was a member of the Coeymans-Ravena Women's Club.

She attended Congregational . Christian Church in Ravena.

She was the widow of Alden T. Garrett.

Survivors include a brother, Sidney]. Waggoner Jr. of Selkirk.

Services were fro·m the Caswell Funeral Home in Ravena.

Burial was in Chestnut Lawn Cemetery.

Contributions may be made to Congregational Christia,n Church, PO Box 326, Ravena 12143.

Sophia Hewitt Sophia M. Hewitt, 81, of

Delmar died Sunday, April 28; at Community Hospice of Albany County at St. Peter's Hospital.

Born in Albany, she worked for the former New York Telephone Co.

Mrs. Hewitt later worked for the state Higher Education Services Corp. in Delmar.

She was an avid collector, flower gardener and floral arranger.

She enjoyed many trips to San Francisco to visit relatives.

She was the widow of Harold M. Hewitt.

Survivors include three sons, Timothy M. Hewitt of Delmar, ]. Randall Hewitt of Pacifica, Calif., and Lawrence J. Hewitt of East Calais, Vt.; two brothers, Henry Michalski and Felix Michalski; and three grandchildren.

Services were from the Applebee Funeral Home in Delmar.

Burial was private. Contributions may be made to

the American Cancer Society, 260 Osborne Road, Loudonville.

John Yamin John Peter Yamin, 83, of the

Beverwyck in North Bethlehem, and formerly of Troy, died

Ohav Sholom Senior Citizen Apartments

One Bedroom and Studio Apartments Available for Immediate Occupancy

115 New Krumkill Road Albany, New York 12208

• Rents starting at $372, Including heat/hot water/electric • Scenic park-like setting • City bus transportation at door • Beautician and store on premises • Weekly social activities • Private, on-site parking

E-Mail: [emailprotected] Web: www.OhavSholomApts.org

1S:J' Equal Housing Opportunity 489·5531

Your wife says you don't need to get her anything

for Mother's Day You don't actually believe her, do you?

Where you'll never be mailed by high jewelrY prices.

1585 Central Avenue, Colonie

456-6800 HOURS: Tues.,Wed., Fri. 10-5:30,

Thurs. 10-8, Sat. 10·5

Sunday, April 28, at Albany Memorial Hospital.

He was a graduate of LaSalle Institute and Siena College.

Mr. Yamin was an Army (._ veteran of World War II.

Mr. Yamin was affectionately known as "The Mayor" at the ,_ Beverwyck.

He was the husband of the late Margaret S. Shama Yamin.

·Survivors include a son, John Yamin; a daughter, Marney O'Hearn; a brother, George Yamin; and six grandchildren.

Services were from St. Ann's Marionite Church in Troy.

Arrangements were by the John H. Clinton Funeral Home in Troy.

Contributions may be made to St. Ann's Marionite Church.

Garden club to host plant sale May 18

The Bethlehem Garden Club will conduct its annual plant sale on Saturday, May 18, from 9 a.m. to noon in the parking lot of Delmar Dental, 344 Delaware Ave.


The sale will be· held rain or ' shine.

A wide variety of perennials , will be offered. Come early for best choice. For information, call Faith Fuller at 767-2986.

St. Stephen's slates tag sale, flea market .

St. Stephen's . Episcopal Church on Elsmere Avenue in Delmar will host its community tag sale and flea market on Saturday, May 18, from 8 a.m. to 4p.m.

The rain date is June 1. Items for sale include sporting

goods, children's clothing, toys<.· and accessories, books, crafts and homeowner tag sale items.

Vendor space is available by calling 477-5215.

Proceeds from the sale support local and international outreach programs and St. Stephen's Senior High Pilgrim­age.

For information, call the church at 439-3265.

Church to serve roast pork dinner

The New Scotland Pres­byterian Church.will serve a roast pork dinner on Saturday, May 11, from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the church at 2010 New Scotland Road-in Slingerlands.

The cost is $8.50 for adults and $4 for children. Kids under age 5 eat for free.

For information, call the church office at 439-6454.

Historical association plans barbecue

The Bethlehem Historical Association is hosting its annual meeting and barbecue on Thursday, May 16, beginning at 5 p.m. at Cedar Hill School House, 1003 River Road, Selkirk.

The barbecue will be catered by Manning's Menu and costs$17 per person. The public is wel­come.

For information, call Barbara Muhlfelder at 439-0342 by May 10.

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (21)

May 8, 2002- PAGE 21

~~wiut~u!ubilt~• Local student honored by SUNY· Buffalo · · · · · · · "'" Thomas Downes of Delmar Each outstanding senior.that



Albany Medical Center Boy, Peter Gallagher, to J enn­

ifer and J annes Gallagher of Del­mar, Feb. 3.

Girl, Anna Ablove, to Tova and RobertAblove of Delmar, Feb. 4.

Boy, Sannuel Boice, to Paula Genovesi-Boice of Slingerlands and Jonathan Boice of Staats­burg, Feb. 6.

Boy, Dylan Paty, to Dawn and Philip Paty of Slingerlands, Feb. 12.

Boy, John Pocorobba, to Vicki and John Pocoroboa of Delmar, Feb. 19.

Boy, Ryan Mcinerney, to Jennifer and Jeremy Mcinerney of Delmar, Feb. 22.

Boy, Christian Alston, to Jenn­ifer and George Alston of Glen­mont, Feb. 25.

Girl, Meghan Bauder, to Melissa and Justyn Bauder of Glenmont, Feb. 27.

has recently been honored for has been honored will receive a beingtheoutstandinggraduating medal to be·worn at the co­senior in the physics department mmencement ceremony on May at the University at Buffalo. · 12.

•y John Quirlc

A CHECK OF THE COOLING SYSTEM If you have ever been stranded by an Aprope~yfunctioning cooling system

overheated engine, you know the value is critical to the performance of your of thoroughly inspecting your vehicle's vehicle. May is National Good Car­cooling system to avoid failure. The Keeping Month. At BETHLEHEM AUTO radiator and cap should be pressure- SERVICE, we emphasize preventive checked for signs of leakage. Then, if maintenance and remind readers that necessary, the antifreeze should be they can save themselves a great deal of flushed and refilledwitha50/50antifreeze time and money by having their vehicles and water mixture. All hoses and belts inspected on a routine schedule. When should be checked for signs of wear you bring your vehicle to us, an A.S.E. (bulges or cracks) and replaced if they Certified Technician can evaluate the are more than three or four years old. condition ofthe vehicle's belts and hoses, Hose inspection includes the smaller check the antifreeze level, and make sure heater hoses and the two large hoses the thermostat is functioning properly. that lead from the engine to the radiator. Call 426-8414, or visit us at 62 Hannay The thermostat, which regulates the flow Lane in Glenmont off Rt. 9W behind

· 1 ofcoolantthroughouttheengine.should Stone Ends. Business hours are Mon.-

~==~ g~;~~~~~s~~ae~ry~eh~e~c~k~ed~a~nd~r~ep~l~ac~e~d~i~f~F~ri~.,~?-~6;. H;a~p;py~M~o~t~he~[';s~D~ay;'~;~ Michele Sullivan and Chrislopher Kenyon

Sullivan, Kenyon engaged Michele Sullivan, daughter of

Kathleen and Dr. Andrew Sullivan

Ryan Colasurdo of Delmar (ba­chelor's in information technol­ogy).

·' of Slingerlands, and Christopher Kenyon, son of Patricia and Norman Kenyon of Ashland, Ore., are engaged to be married.

of~:~::l~:~nology developer ~~@]@.rfj}$.~tsiu; for Intel in Hillsboro, Ore. -

The couple plans a August UNC Chapel Hill wedding. Trafton Drew of Delmar.

The bride-to-be is a graduate of .--------------------------., the Academy of Holy Names, '· : Princeton University and Sannuel ~OO ..f Caman"tan ; , Merritt College. ';;! • U J•

She is a physical therapist for Kaiser Permanente in Portland, Ore. ·

The future groom is a graduate ~ of Suffern High School, Princeton . ll-'0' n D err P'RO' no, cr AL

University· and California Institute if' .I. I '.I..J' Lo.J T o.J./:1.

-; .· Virtually everyone now knows that regular aerobic exercise

is one of the best prescriptions for a long and healthy life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, however, fewer than one ·quarter of American adults exercise enough to achieve \lealth benefits. The problem is that many people, especially older adults who frequently find their ability to exercise impaired by chronic medical problems, remain sedentary because they mistakenly believe that aerobic exercise requires vigorous activity. In reality, nearly everyone can benefit from a modest amount of aerobic activity. Furthermore, even ordinary daily activities (mowing the lawn, taking the stairs, etc.) can help preserve the function of the heart and lungs, maintain bones, and enhance psychological well-being.

The hardest part of exercise is beginning the habit of exercise. At Good Samaritan Lutheran Health Care Center, 125 Rockefeller Road, Delmar, we encourage those who live with us to find activities consistent with their capacities, because increased use leads to extended use. Call us at 439-8116 for more information. We're here to help.

INVITATIONS Paper Mill Delaware Plaza. 439-8123 Personalized invitations & announce­ments for weddings, showers, bar mitzvah, new baby, graduation.

JEWELRY Harold Finkle, "Your Jeweler'' 1585 Central Ave., Colonie. 456-6800. Dia­monds - Handcrafted Wedding Rings & Attendanfs Gifts.

PHOTOGRAPHY Personai,Professlonal Photographic Services.· 46~51.

'01Jl f1i]3 ffi:DDID [[trri!rf~ ..

We will DOUBLE Honda's Bonus Bucks on Any In-Stock Honda Street Bike with this ad. Offer ends 5/31/02.

Gel up 10 S300 in Bonus Bucks on select Honda streetbikes.

During Honda's Spring into Action, spring into the saddle of the best bikes on the street and you'll get even more than you expected-up to $300 in Bonus Bucks to spend on gear,

merchanc:fiSe and more. Spring Into Action now, beeause this bonus ends May 31.


(518) 731-8118 ACTION · 15 minutes south of Albany. daoNDA.

Bethlehem Youth Hockey to hold pre-registration

Bethlehem Youth Hockey will hold pre­registration for the 2002-03 season on. the following dates: Saturday, May 11 , and Sunday, May 19, at the BIG Arena, 900 Delaware Ave., Delmar.

Registration will talk place from7 to 9 p.m. for both house and travel teams. To register, bring a $75 check made out to Bethlehem Youth Hockey and a copy of your child's birth certifi­cate.



S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (22)



PAGE 22- May 8, 2002 THE SPOTLIGHT ,


The Dutch are coming! The_ Dutch are coming! Albany prepares for 54rh Annual Tulip Festival

~~.,.,···--·~~~~ By KATHE_RINE McCARTHY

M ore than 50 years after the first "Pinksterfest" celebrated Albany's

D11tch heritage, the weekend-long Tulip Festival in Albany's

Washington Park has become a fixture in the Capital District's spring scene.

This year, the Tulip Festival will begin on Friday, May 10, at noon on State Street.

Women from the Albany Historical Society will wear traditional Dutch costumes to the street-scrubbing, and 10 of them will scrub the top block of State Street near St. Peter's Episcopal Church atl.odge Street. To prove that the Tulip Festival celebrates all ·of Albany's heritage, the Albany Police Pipe and Drums will escort

. the scrubbers down the street.

After the street is clean, local dignitaries and the general public will attend the Tulip Queen Luncheon, where reigning queen. Amy Kaplan and the five finalists for this year's crown will be feted. The new Tulip Queen will be crowned on Saturday, May 11, at the amphitheater near the lake in Washington Park.

"The selection committee accepted names for the next Tulip Queen in February and March," Cleary said. "Anyone can nominate a candidate, and there is an _ interview process."

The Tulip Queen works on Albany Mayor Gerald Jennings' literacy campaign; and queens always choose their own focus.

"Amy set up a Pen Pal program between seventh graders at Philip livingston Middle School and sailors on· the nuclear submarine, the U.S.S. Albany," Cleary said. "Some of the crew have come to meet the students, and 12 of them are coming to be part of this year's coronation ceremony."

On Saturday and Sunday, May 11 and 12, the 170,000 tulips planted in Washington Park will host some 100,000 people.

"The park is 90 acres, and there are four different stages, so it never feels too crowded," Cleary said.

Two of the stages will be devoted to national and local music groups. The Main Stage

at the parad-e

The Tulip Festival has grown from the coronation of the queen and traditional Dutch dancing to the three-day event it is now.

grounds will feature Buster Poindexter and the Banshees in Blue on Saturday and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band on Sunday, while the amphitheatre stage

'This is the most traditional aspect of the Tulip Festival," Susan Cleary,- public relations coordinator forthe city of Albany's office of · special events and volunteer services, said. "In the Netherlands, the streets have always been scrubbed clean before a big 'fest."'

in front of the boathouse offers such local acts as urban pop band Sirsy, modern rock band The Wait and Latin big band Alex Torres and the Latin Kings.

In addition to a juried craft show, the MVP Health Care KidZone is offering activities. to keep families

entertained. There will be face painting, balloon sculptures, pony rides, a fire safety bus, and hands-on crafts from local institutions like the Albany Institute of History and Art and the Junior Museum. Mad Science of the Capital Region will offer special presentations at 1, 3 and 5 p.m. on Saturday,

and the Airbourne Jugglers will perform at 2 and 4 p.m. that day.

On Sunday at 1, 3, and 5 p.m., Ernie Williams will present an interactive show called "Blues in Schools." At 2 and 4 p.m., the Castle Bridge Players will perform their marionette show, "George and the Dragon." The MVP tent will be right near the playground in the park.

At the Hannaford

tent, you can with free T-shirts to the first 100 decorate a cake for Mother's Day, registered walkers.

and on the hill behind the amphitheater, you11 find an 18th Cleary said the office of special .-century encampment. The. events spends about 10 months encampment will provide a glimpse preparing for the Tulip Festival. Of into life for soldiers of the American great debate each year are the Revolution, as well as home life and tulips themselves. battlefield situations. Traveling "As much as possible," Cleary players will perform music, magic, said, "our gardeners plant and Punch and Judy ... .-,~~~1 bulbs that will last a:ll'spring. shows. The past few springs have

been very mild, but the -~1

Festival takes place rain or shine." I

The Tulip Festival has -,­grown from the coronation of the queen and traditional Dutch dancing to the I

three-day event it ·is ~

~~~~~;~1-::iii;il now. ~ "We've added a .

01 Sunday morning, mothers and families can step right into spring by participating in the "Mother's Day Meander," a stroll around Washington Park Lake. Registration starts at 9:30 a.m., and the walk starts at 10:30,

fine arts show this ., year with photography and oil paintings," ·• Cleary said. 'The dance stage will also -feature local

troupes throughout the weekend."

Not to be forgotten is the main ~ for the

festival, the tulips. This

year, the Tulip Festival will focus on them, and their blossoming brethren.

"We11 have local experts offering a lecture series about gardening throughout the weekend, at the Moses statue," Cleary said.

The artists pictured on this page are just SOME of the MANY exciting things you will find at this years Tulip Fest.

y ;;,. WR'!!!WIDON,T MISS IT!!!~- &8Wlliit&8t!ii8

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (23)


ST. PETERSBURG STRING '7/u.atit-• ------"'==="'-''-----

QUARTET -WAMC Pertorming Arts Sludio, 339 Central Ave., Albany, May 12, 2 p.m., $22.50. lnlormalion, 1-800-323-9262, ext. 4.

THE SMELL OF THE Kill ~- dark comedy by Michele lowe, Capital

Reperto~ Thealre, 111 N. Pearl Sl., Albany, through June 2, $28 lo $36. · Information, 445-7469.

THE MEMORY OF WATER Shelagh Stevenson comedy-drama, Curtain Call Thealre, 210 Old Loudon

• R.oad, Lalham,lhrough May 18,$15. lnlormalion, 811-1529.


Albany Civic Theater, 235 Second Ave., weekends. May 10 lo 26,$12.

,_ lnlormation, 462-1297.

DAMN YANKEES Schenectady Lighl Opera Co., 826 Slale

• SL, weekends lhrough May 12,$18.$9 for children_ under 13.1nlormation, 393-5132.

• PLAY BY PLAY Stage Works production, North Pointe Cultural Arts Center, Route 9,

, Kinderhook, lhrough May 12, $20 and $25.1nlormalion, 822-9661.

JAKE'S WOMEN • Neil Simon comedy, The Players

production, Maureen Stapleton Theatre, Hudson Valley Community College, Roule 4, Troy, weekends lhrough May

• 19, $12.1nlormalion, 590-0213.


CARMAN Christian singer, Palace Theatre, Clinton Avenue and North Pearl Slreel. Albany, May 9, 1:30 p.m., $24 and $28. lnlormalion, 463-4663.

JERRY JEFF WALKER Saratoga Music Hall, Saratoga Springs, May 9, 8 p.m. $40. lnlormalion. 581-1604.

BRYAN BLOWERS ' Old Songs Dulch Barn, Allamonl

Fairgrounds, Roule 146. May 10,8 p.m., $12. lnlormalion, 165-2815.

DEBBIE REYNOLDS ' Proctor's Thealre, 432 Slale SL, Schenectady, May 11,8 p.m., $341o

, $39. lnlormalion, 346-6204.

ALBANY ENSEMBLE Getting T agel her concert of duets, The

• Egg al Empire Slale Plaza, Albany, May 11. 8 p.m., $20. lnlormalion, 413-1845:

ACROSS 53 Director 1 Brandy Craven

bottle 54 Computer 6 Singer acronym

MacRae 55 Acts like a 12 Prone etallkln 15 Cratchil kid 57 Hiawatha's 18 Chattar transport

boxes? 58 Harvest 20 Melville or 59 Pickling

Munster herb 21 Corporate 60'-Comes

VIP Mary' 22 Tokyo, once ('66 song}

·23 Giza god 62 Frank book 24DST 13DST

Salman 'Spencer Rushdle Tracy flim, book? with 'The"?

2711Ch SI'Riso 28 Uttle hit and-!" 30 Manner 70 Barter 31 Jeweler's 71 Isolated

measure 72 Lew;s or 32 Self Long

starter? 73 Clean the · 33 Meddle aink

(with) 75 Jambalaya 3711 may be ingredient

grand nPalm all? 38 ST Gary ao Bird·to-be

u.s. Bonds 81 Yam hit? 82 Cairo creed

42 One of the 84 Oiminlsh Waughs 86Chlme

43 CofTlXlnent u Dwighfs 44Pop competition 45 Jaclyn 90 Busy as

Smith, for one 81 Israeli

41 Did nOthing airline 61 Deck ol 112 DST Count

destiny Basie 52 Moo juice song?

All·STAR CIRCUS Pepsi Arena, South Peaft Street, Albany, May 10 al11 a.m. and I p.m., May 11 al 3 and I p.m., $15 and $12.50, $61or children. lnlormalion, 416-1000.


performing "Surprise Party," Palace Theatre, Clinton Avenue and North Pearl Streel, Albany, May 10 all p.m .. May 11 al10:30 a.m. and 2 and 5:30p.m .. May 12 al1 and 4:30p.m .. $16.50to $25.50. lnlormalion. 463-4663.

BLUES CLUES LIVE pertorming "Blue's Birthday Party," Proctors Thealre, 432 Slale St, Schenectady, May 14 all p.m., May 15 al10:30 a.m. and 7 p.m .. $15to $21. lnlormalion, 346-6204.

Visual At-ts

NEW YORK STATE MUSEUM American Impressionists Abroad and af Home, through June 16; Focus on Nature VII, lhrough Sept 9, plus permanent collections, Empire State Plaza, Madison Avenue. Information, 414-5877.


Young America, Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum, through May 19, exhibits on Hudson River School painling, lhe Albany Army Bazaar of 1864, American sculpture, Egypl and lhe histo~ of Albany, 125 Washington Ave. Information, 463-4478.

ALBANY CENTER GALLERIES Hy Rosen retrospective, through May 24. 161 Washington Ave. Information, 462-4715.

LOCAL COLOR ART GALLERY 961 Troy-Schenectady Road. Lalham, "Spring Into Summer," lhrough July 31, Wednesday lo Sunday.tnlormalion, 186-6557.

OTTER HOOK GALLERY 121 Adams St. Delmar, Hudsoo Valley Landscapes, through May 21, Thursday lo Sunday. lnlormalion, 439-4339.

ae Underside 8'-99 Crooner Ballevet"

Rudy ~66 hit) 100 Notaa from 10 igl>t

Verdi? 11 R~ond 101 Wield 12 "~ reaky 102 - -tac-toe Heart" ('92 103 Desire tune)

delfoed 131.M. the 104 Word with architect

on or off 14 'The 107 DST Hobbir

Vogues author tune?- 15 - incognita

113 Unwrinkled 16 Periect 115 Author 17-Cario

LeShan 18 Cook fast 116-poUol ancl hot 117 "The Far 25 Subway unit

Side" 26 Monkey or cartoonist pony

118 Paraguayari 29 Nallhe~s title panner

118 Dress size 32 Jocular 120 Actor Johnson

Brynner 33 Ci~on the 121 Proal- Lore

reader's llst 34 Cu rty coil 122 Spoken for 35 TV's

•America's DOWN -Wanted"

1Brawt 38Sat 2 Metallic 37 Stroke ol

fabric luck 3 Mideastem 38 Plocadllly

guH ~nd 4 Tnins· 38 averse

i';ssion 40 sneezes · 5 no Olga and

6Wom.o0ut wheezes: 7 Barnyard 41 Aspen

bello -ratu· e Uterary 42. Singer preposition GuthO.


openings in the string, horn and percussion sections. Information. 439-1149.

COLONIE TOWN BAND several openings, rehearsals on Mondays all:30 p.m. allown hall, Roule 9, Newtonville. lnlorrnalion, 183-2160.


openings lor brass players, rehearsals on lirsl Thursday and lhird Tuesday ollhe monlh, all:15 p.m., lown hall, Roule 9, Newtonville. Information, 783-2760.


rehearsals Thursdays at 7:30p.m. for orchestra. Wednesdays at6 p.m. for choir, Siena College, Route 9, Loudonville.lnlormation, 783-2325.


openings in strings, especially cello and bass, and in French horn, rehearsals Tuesdays all p.m., Coburg Village, Rexford.lnlormation, 383-1718.

MALE SINGERS NEEDED lor Electric City Chorus, training provided, rehearsals at Faith United Methodist Church, Brandywine Avenue and Eastern Parkway, Schenectady, Tuesdays, 1:30 p.m. lnlorrnalion, 185-4801.


invitation lor new members to join in singing classical and popular songs, Third Reformed Church, 20 TenEyck Ave., Albany, Tuesdays, 1:30 p.m. lnlormalion, 411-4454.

CAPITAL COMMUNITY VOICES ' rehearsals at Columbia High School, Luther Road, East Greenbush, ?to 9 p.m., Tw!sdays.lnformation. 477-8308.


ol5 Church 79 Nest noise support? 12Adored

.a Deal With a one nose 13Gln

47 Glum drop? 48 Diacem

ftavoring as-

50AmbWon California 51 Hard to 17 So out irs

believe. In $2 Palomino's 88 Mottled

pride ae Woodwork· 56 Yalie ing tool S7 Harbor 92 Fishing

locale "~~le sa Lestars

creator t4~ry sa Say 11 ian't t5 Ro ert ao Wright

60 Out of musical range teAs&all

61 Cover t7Nitrous-62 Couturiere te Denison

Karan denizen 63 Artist 880amoneor

Velazquez Dana 64 Bikini, e.g. 102 Hard work 65 Factual 103 Best or 66 Chowder Ferber

ingredient 104 ·-, Mal No 87 Sound Uke · handsr

a Shorthorn 105 Raison d-UMon 1 a& Compare· 89 •Les tive word

Miserableo" 1 0& "Hulk" author Ferrigno

73 Word with 109 Card game bath or 110 Rlnk shovel legend

74 Summon 111 Pretoria's 75 Mary Kay toe.

112 Realtor's 76 Banister oWerlng T7 Off.Umi1s 114Actross 78 Ust entry Munaon

Class iS

ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENT CLASSES Iiddie, guitar. banjo, pennywhistle, hammered dulcimer and bodhran, six­week sessions on Tuesday evenings at lhe ROI Smilh Cenler, Roule 155, Guilderland, sponsored by Old Songs, $15.1nlormalion, 165-2815.

May 8, 2002- PAGE 23

DANCE CLASSES ongoing, all levels. ballet, jazz and modern, New School of Ballet. 1098 Parkwood Blvd., Schenectady, Mondays to Thursdays and Saturdays. Information, 346-1096.

ART CLASSES watercolor, oil and drawing."beginner and intermediate. Wednesdays and Thursdays. taught by Kristin Woodward. lnlorrnalion. 183-1828.

Advertise Your Business - m-


Give us a call at: 439-4949







J A (c 0 V E R I N G) L B E Z X





Find lbe listccl words ialbe diapam. They run 1D Ill dircclioos -forward, bockwud, up, down mt clia&onally.

Board Jack Manager Cleaner JOist Plan Covering Lamp Polisher Exercise Leader Sample

Sander· Walker Wax



• . I


S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (24)


PAGE 24 -·May 8, 2002 THE SPOTLIGHT ~~~~~----------------------------------------------------~---------~

To update or correct calendar fistings, call439-4949, ext. 28.

Ave .. 12:30 p.m. Information, 439-4955 at sunset, 109 Elsmere Ave. Information, 439-8280.

Road, 439-1766. Solid Rock Church, 1 Kenwood Ave., Glenmont, 439-4314. · South Bethlehem Umled Methodist Church, 65 Willowbrook Ave., 767-9953.


TAKE OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY Weekly meeting at Delmar Reformed Church, 386 Delaware Ave., Delmar, 1-2:30 p.m. Information, 465-8732.

YOUTH EMPLOYMENT SERVICES Parks and Recreation Ollice, Elm Avenue

Sat. 5/11


St. Michael's Shrine, Beacon Road at Route 9W, Glenmont, 462-2016.

YOUTH EMPLOYMENT SERVICES Parks and Recreation Office, Elm Avenue Park, 2-4:30 p.m. Also Mon.lnformalion, 439-0503.

Park, 4:30-7 p.m. Information, 439-0503. Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 85 Elm Ave, 7:30pm. lnlormalion, 489-5779.

St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Poplar Drive and Elsmere Avenue, Delmar, 439-3265; St Thomas The Apostle Church, 35 Adams Place, Delma<, 439-4951.

TOWN BOARD Bethlehem Town .Hall, 445 Delaware Ave., 7:30.p.m.lnformation, 439-4955.

BETHLEHEM TOASTMASTERS The Clubhouse, Adams Station Apts.,1 Juniper Drive. Delmar, 7:30p.m. lnlormation, 439-0871

BINGO Blanchard American Legion Post, 16 Poplar Drive. 7:30p.m. Information. 439-9819.

BOY SCOUT TROOP 58 Elsmere Elementary School, 247 Delaware ~ve., 7:30 to 9 p.m.

DELMAR FIRE COMMISSION lirehouse, Adams Place, 7:30p.m. lnlormation, 439-3851. -


New Scotland Town Hall. Route 85, 7 p.m. Information, 439c4889.

BOOK DISCUSSION AT LIBRARY "In Sunlight, In a Beautiful Garden." Vooheesville Public Library, School Road, Voorheesville, 7 p.m. lnlormation, 765-2791.

CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP Church of St. Thomas the Apostle, 35 Adams Place, 7 p.m. Information, 439-7387.


firehouse, Adams Place. 7:30p.m.

ELSMERE FIRE CO. AUXILIARY ·firehouse, Poplar Drive, 7:30p.m.

BETHLEHEM MEMORIAL VFW Post3185, 404 Delaware Ave., 8 p.m. Information, 439-9836.

AA MEETINGS Slingerlands Community Church, 1499 New Scotland Road, noon, and Delmar Reformed Church, 386 Delaware Ave .. 8:30p.m. Information. 489-67i9.


. • library Club for Kids. 3:30 p m.; Every Other Thursday night Poets, 7 p.m. Vooheesville Public Library, School Road, Voorheesville.lnlormation. 765-2791


Brunch and stories for children; Vooheesville Public Library, School Road. Voorheesville, 10:30 a.m Registriation necessary.lnlormation, 765-2791.

SPRING FEST AT THACHER .PARK Programs and activities include live animal presentation, nature art and photography, children's activities and crafts, educational displays on natural wetlands, natuire walks, traditional siring music. fly-tying and casting demonstra­tion, bird banding demonstration. John Boyd Thacher Stale Park, off Route 85, New Scotland, 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. Information, 872-0800.

Sun. 5/12


Bethlehem Community Church, 201 Elm Ave .. 439-3135. Bethlehem Congregation of Jehovah's Wtlnesses, Elm Avenue and Feura Bush Road, 439-0358. Bethlehem Lutheran. Church. 85 Elm Ave., 439-4328. Delmar Full Gospel Church, 292 Elsmere Ave., 439-4407.

Unity of Faith Christian Fellowship, 436 Krumkill Road. North Bethlehem, 438-7740.


Be/he/Baptist Church, meeting a! Auberge Suisse Reslaurant. Route 85. 475-9086. Clarksviffe Community Church, Route 443,768-2916. Family Worship_Center, 92 Lower Copeland H1ll Road. Feura Bush, 768-2021. Fa!lh Temple, New Salem, 765-2870. First United Methodist Church, 68 Maple Ave., Voorheesville, 755-2895. Jerusalem Reformed Church, Route 32; Feura Bush, 439-054B. Mountainview Evangelical Free Church, Route 155, Voorheesville, 765-3390. Onesquethaw Reformed Church, Tarrytown Road, Feura Bush, 768-2133. New Scol/and Presbyterian Church, Route 85, 439-6454. St. Matthew's Church, Mountain View Road, Voorheesville, 765-2805. Unionville Reformed Church, Delaware Turnpike, 439-5001. United Pentecostal Church, Route 85, New Salem, 765-4410.

Atcn. 5/1a

NEW SCOTLAND SENIORS Wyman Osterhout Community Center, New Salem, call for lime. lnformalion: 765-2109.


Takeout available, $8 dinners including mashed potatoes, vegetables, dessert, coffee and beverages. Willowbrook Cafe' at South Bethlehem United MethodiSt Church-, 65 Willowbrook Ave., Sol1th Bethlehem; 4-76:30 p.m. Information, 767-9953 or 767-2752.

Delmar Presbyterian Church, 585 ·Delaware Ave .. 439-9252.


Christian fellowship group for mothers of preschool children, Delmar Reformed Church, 386 Delaware Ave., nursery care provided, 9:30 to 11 a.m. Information, 439-9929. AA MEETING

First United Methodist Church ol Voorheesville, 68 Maple St., 8 p.m. Information, 489-6779.


Bethlehem Town Hall, 445 Delaware




(PURSUANT TO SECTION 203 OF THE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY LAW) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Certificate of. Formation of DELLAMAR EQUITIES GROUP, LLC (the "Company") was filed with the Secretary of State of the State of New York on April 16, 2002. The Company is being formed to engige in the ownershiP, leasing, purchasing, selling, development and mortgaging of property a,nd in any way dealing with all inter­ests and to engage in any other lawful. act or activity for which lim­ited liability companies may be organized under the LLCL. The office of the Company is to be located· in the County of Al­bany, State of New York. The Sec­retary of State has been desig­nated as the agent of the Com-· pany upon whom process against the Company may be served. The post office address to which the SecretarY of State shall mail a copy of any process against the Company served upon such Sec­

"retary of State is 7 Country Ridge, Schenectady, New York 12304. (May 8, 2002)

AA MEETING First Reformed Church of Bethlehem, Route 9W, 7:30p.m. Information, 489-5779.

CHABAD CENTER Friday services, discussion and kiddush


agent of the LLC upon whom pro­cess against the LLC may be served. The address to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC is 2 Tower Place, StuYvesant Plaza, Albany, New York 12203. (May 8, 2002) ·


Dodson Properties, LLC, filed Ar­ticles of Organization with the New York Secretary ot State on March 27, 2002. Its office is lo­cateD in Albany County. The Sec~ retary of State has been desig­nated as agent upon whom pro­cess may be served and shall mail a copy of any'process served on him or her to Dodson Properties, LLC, 286Waldermaier Rd., Feura Bush, NY 12067. Its business is to engage in any lawful activity for which limited liability companies may be organized under Section 203 of the New York Limited Li­ability Company Act. (May 8, 2002)


NOtice of Qualification of Duke Energy Merchants, LLC. Author-

Delmar Reformed Church, 386 Delaware Ave., 439-9929. First Church of Christ, Scienlisl, 555 Delaware Ave., 439-2512. FitS I Reformed Church of Bethlehem, Route 9W, Selkirk, 757-2243. First Unf!ed Methodist Church of Delmar, 428 Kenwood Ave., 439-9976. Glenmont Community Church, 1 Chapel Lane, Glenmont, 436-7710. Kings Chapel. 434 Route 9W, Glenmont, 426-9955. Mount Moriah Ministries, Route 9W, Glenmont. 426-4510. Normansville Community Church, Mill Road, Delmar, 439-5710. Slingerlands Community UMC, 1499 New Scotland


crude and·reflned products mar­keting. (May 8, 2002)



Under Section 203 of the limited Liability Company Law FIRST: The name of the limited liability company is: FOLIAGE CONSULTING LLC. SECOND: The county within the state in which the office of the lim­ited liability company is to be lo­cated is Afbany. THIRD: The latest~-which the limited liability com .~-- · iS to dis-solve is December- 052. FOURTH: The seer . of state is designated as agent of the lim­ited liability company upon whom process against it may be served.

DELMAR KIWANIS ·Quality Inn, Route 9W, 5:15p.m. Information, 439-2437 or 439-6952.

INDOOR PISTOL SHOOTING Albany County Pistol Club. Winne Place, 7 to 9 p.m. Also Tuesday. Information, 439-0057.


The post office address within or without this state to which the sec­retary of state shall mail a copy of any process against the limited li- _ ability company served upon him or her is: P.O. Box 103 Slingerlands, New York 12159 FIFTH: The effective date of the Articles of Organization shall be the date of filing with the Secre­tary of State. SIXTH: The limited liability com­pany is to be managed by 1 or more members. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this cer­tificate has been subscribed to this 1st day of March, 2002 by the undersigned who affirms that the statements made herein are true under the penalties of perjury.

S/Jesse Vandergrift, Attorney in Fact

(May 8, 2002)



::"~-\to benefit local hunger and homeless programs NEEDED: Clothing, Household, Toys, Furniture, etc.

Drop off: ity filed with Secy. of State of N.Y. c.

(SSNY) on 4/17/2002. Officfl '.' NOTICE OF FORMATION OF A cation: Albany County. '· 1 "~

DOMESTIC LIMITED.. formed in Delaware (DE) on~ , Delmar Presbyterian Church

585 Delaware Avenue - 1999. SSNY designated as a ht LIABiliTY COMPANY (LLC) of LLC upon whom process

The name of the LLC is DENISE against it may be served. SSNY DRIVE ASSOCIATES, LLC. The - shall mail copy of process to: c/o ·Articles of Organization of the LLC · CT Corporation System, 111 8th were 'filed with the NY Secretar·y Ave., NY;. NY 10011, registered f st A · 200 T agent upon whom process may

o ate on pnl 18, 2. he be served. Principal office of LLC: purpose of the LLC is to engage 5400 Westheimer Court, Hous­in any lawful act or activity. The ton, TX 77056. Arts. of Org. filed office of the LLC is to be located with DE Secy. of State, Townsend in Albany County. The Secretary Bldg., Dover, DE 19901. Purpose: of State is designated as the

\ '--UflllC< of Delaware and Cherry Avenue). Saturday, May II, 9AM - 12 Noon Saturday, May 18, I - 4 PM Saturday, June I, 9 AM- 12 Noon

or.cal/439-9281 or 439-6952 Receipts Provided

EXPLORER POST 157 For boys and girls 14-21, locusing on environmental conservation, 310 Kenwood Ave:, 7:30-9 p.m. Information, 439-4205.


rehearsal, Bethlehem Town Hall. 445 Delaware Ave., 7:30p.m. Information. 439-7749.

ROYAL ARCH MASONS Temple Chapter No.5; Masonic Temple, 421 Kenwood Ave.

AA MEETING Bethlehem Lutheran Church. 85 Elm Ave., 8:30p.m Information. 489-6779.


United Pentecostal Church, Route 85, New Salem, 7:15p.m. Information, 765-4410.


Howard Johnson's, Route 9W, 7:30a.m. Information, 767-2930.

TREASURE COVE THRIFT SHOP First United Methodist Church, 428 Kenwood Ave., 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Glenmont Community Church. Weiser Street, 6 p.m. weigh-in, 6:30p.m. ' meeting. Information, 449-2210.

ELSMERE FIRE COMMISSION firehouse, Poplar Drive, 7:15p.m lnlormalion. 439-9144. '

A.W. BECKER PTA Becker Elementary School, Route 9W, 7:30p.m. Information, 767-2511.

BINGO at the Bethlehem Elks Lodge, Route 144, 7:30p.m.


firehouse, 8 p.m. Information, 439~4734.



FundUSA, LLC 1. The name of the limited liability company is FundUSA, LLC. 2. The Articles of· Organization creating the limited liability com­pany were filed in the Office of the Secretary of State on AprilS, 2002 and became effective on said date. 3. Th~ principal office of the lim­ited liability company is in Albany County. 4. The Secretary of State is des­ignated as the agent of the lim-


Voorheesville Public Library, 51 School Road, 10 a.m. Information, 765-2791.

NIMBLEFINGERS/QUILTERS Voorheesville Public Library, 51 School Road, Ito 3 p m Information, 765-2791.


Quality Inn, Route 9W. Glenmont, 7 p.m lnlormalion. 439-4857

ALZHEIMER'S SUPPORT GROUP Northeast NY Alzheimer's Association meetings lor tamilie's. caregivers, and treinds; Delmar Presbyterian Church. 585 Delaware Ave .. 7 p.m.

ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS Bethlehem Town Hall, 445 Delaware Ave., Delmar. 7:30p.m. Information, 439-4955.

'NONFICTIONADOS' Book discussion group focusing on nofiction works; meeting third Wed. of each month through May. Bethlehem Public Library, 451 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, 7:30 p.m. Information, 439-9314.

BC SCHOOL BOARD district office, 90 Adams Place, 8 p.m. Information, 439-7098.

BETHLEHEM ELKS LODGE 2233 Route 144, Cedar Hill, 8 p.m. Information, 767-2886.

ORDER OF THE EASTERN STAR Onesquethaw Chapter, Masonic Temple: 421 Kenwood Ave., 8 p.m. Information. 439-2181.


Village Hall, 29 Voorheesville Ave., 7:30 p.m. Information, 755-2692.

Please recycle , this paper


ited liability company upon whom process against it may be served and the post office address to which the Secretary of State shall mail any copy of process against is it is: FundUSA, LLC, 25~ New Karner Road, Albany, New York 12205. . ' 5. The limited liability company is formed for the purpose of engag­ing in any business purposes per­mitted by taw. Dated: May 1, 2002 (May 8, 2002)


Chinese Restaurant BJpecializing in Dumplings, Lunches, _Dinners,

co*cktails, Mandarin, Szechuan, Hunan & Canwnese. Ear .in or Take Ouc Open 7 days a week

458-7044 '!r 458-8366 120 Evereu Road, Albany • (Near Shaker Road)


S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (25)


Appliance & Electric Service


Free Estimates • Fully Insured

Decks Additions Windows


i Additions • Space KeC01111gurauon1


May 8, 2002 -PAGE 25

a guide to services for your horne

MtWllleoJitt~.tetaesmii#IIll r· IE!MiroAiilfiJjsM liiill~t'Yii'Iilfl§-1!111\iil ( .• ~iftosli\lli>Jfl$i.;;;J ~ (518)767-0625 Ch"'k

WILKE CONSJRUCI10N Decks, Siding, Replacement Windows,

Renovation and Additions ''Na]ob T11o SmoUOr Bit"• Fully Insured



up to 73 united inches MAJESTIC WINDOWS

•'12 screen white •insulated glass


872-0902 • Fully Insured

• Fast and courteous seiVice • Manufacture Guarantee

on all windows

•.r:<i~~MtR••rl• lll'fll

ILICI'IICIL COiftiiCftiG -Over 20 Years Experience­

• Licensed & lnsured-"No Job Too Big or Too Small"

Call 446·4 769 (Pager) 439-0352 (Business) or 424· 7224 (cell phone)

for more details

• Residential •Insured • Commercial • Bonded • Licensed Electrician


Spotligh~pspapers The Capit.>l Di."ri~t"• Qu~lity Weeklies·


4ff~:~ Repairs include-broken backs, legs,

spindles, stretchers, seats & more. All work guaranteed.

For Your Free Estimate and Pick-Up

Ca/1518-943-5205 THE CHAIRMAN Serving the Capital District

71 Gage Road (County Route 262)

Off Knox-Gallopville Rd. County Route 252


APPLIANCES $25.00 each DUMP LOAD $110.00

Houses, Garages, Cellars, Attics, Emptied, Estates

'NO SHINGLES' 869-8088

. Stephen E. Colfels

BRICK WALLS & PATIOS • Black Retammg Walls •Landscape Walls •Standard Pavers ·Architectural Pav~rs •Stackable Blockwalls •Many Products to


439-7801 C. Macri Paving Inc. FREE Estimates Insured

BILL STANNARD CONTRACTORS • 768-2893 RD. 1 Delmar, N.Y. 12054

Masonry and Carpentry New and Repairs

Concrete- Block- Brick- Stone Roofing- Decks - Garages etc.

CONSTRUCTION • Masonry • Siding • Basem*nt • Sump Pump &

Waterproofing Drainage • Roofing • Kitchen & Baths • Gutters • Decks

20 Years Experience


Business Directory

A-dvert is in g Call 439·4940

Jell Vadney Construction Building & Remodeling

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i '~!J ~:f~ffo~ON · Water Gardens · Computer Image Design , · Maintenance · Construction l

' Our 25th Year t

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• Gutter Cleaning • Electrical

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MISTER FIX-ALL All Types of Repairs

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Secret Gardens

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L. Sedlmayer 756-8973

4 All Phases of Th Ill Landscape, Design,

Paraedis Construction, and e Maintenance

Landscape Fu1111nsured • Free Estimates

Company (5181966·8343


JBS LJ\ND SERVICES Residential Specialist

i.riil!lilf¥15'11.: Organic Compost,

Topsoil, Manure, Stone.& Fill, Excavating, Bobcat

Work, Ponds, Water Gardens, Brush Hogging, Lot Clearing

& Site Work. Drainage & Septic Systems Installed

& Repaired. Hydroseeding, la'Yn renovation

and installatiori.

F.'.'.'.· .•. '.··.···.·•.r•.·.f.· .. ··.··.j ... ·w ... :.:.· .. e.·· .. ·.aE.r:~..u·.· .. r .•. ' ... ·. Ilk· ,.., < ..... ,.. •••••••• )!$!!

Delmar Lawn Care

•Lawn Mowing • Spring Clean-Ups

• Bark Mulch • Shrub & Hedge Trimming

• New Plantings · Shrubs & Trees

• Removal of Overgrown or Unwanted Shrubs

• Swingsets Removed


• Spring Clean-Ups • Rototilling

• Pure Topsoil & Fertilizer Delivered

• Decorative Garden Rocks • Stone Wishing Well • Locust Flagpoles • Post Hole Digging

• Firewood



Troy Bilt Way Reasonable Rates

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tm:O#mt,'i''J Land Sculpturing

& Garden Maintenance

****************** *Garden Design *Rototi!ling *Perennial!Anntial *Fertilizing *Butterfly Gardens *Mulching *Shrubs/Vines *Soil Testing *Trimming *Soil Enhancing *Pruning *Wilt-Proofing *Edging *Clean-Ups *Weeding *I 00% Organic


Days- 767-3061 Eves- 756-9419



Exterior * Stores Aluminum Painting* Offices

*Fire & Water Repair Serving the "entire Capital Drmict

Dclm:u I 439-6814 384-0002

Fru £slimDf~s • Fully lnsurnl Owr }j .~rs t:.~p

VOGEL Painting Contractor


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Residential • Commercial • industrial 1{ you count on quality count on us

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3 Teachers (Retired)

Painting & Staining • DeckS •

Interior/Exterior Fullyln•urcd 373-8836 F,.....Es,irn.:ue<

I Decorafive Wall ~inishes f. Murals

Serving the Capital Region and surrounding counties.

731-9484 Elizabeth Rae Art Studios

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (26)

PAGE 26- May 8, 2002




Under Section 203 of the Limited Liability Company Law FIRST: The name of the limited liability company is 1 & 3 MARCUS BOULEVARD LLC. SECOND: The county within the state in which the office of the lim~ ited liability company is to be lo­cated is ALBANY. THIRD: The latest date on which the limited liability company is to dissolve is December 31, 2052. FOURTH: The secretary of state is designated as agent of the lim­ited liability company upon whom process against it may be served. The post office address within or without this state to which the sec· retary of state shall mail a copy of a.ny process against the limited li· ability company served upon him or her is: 1698 Central Avenue Albany, New York 12205 FIFTH: The effective date of the Articles of Organization shall be the date of filing with the Secre­tary of State. SIXTH: The limited liability com· pany is to be managed by 1 or more members. · . IN WITNESS WHEREOF, 1his cer­tificate has been subscribed to this 30th day of April, 2002 by the undersigned who affirms that the statements made herein are true under the penalties of perjury. S. Jesse Vandergrift, Attorney in

Fact (May 8, 2002)



FIRST: Th8 name of the Limited Liability Company is 1859 State Street, LLC (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). SECOND: The Articles of Orga­nization of the Company were filed with the Secretary of State on April 4, 2002. THIRD: The county within New York State in which the office of the Company is to be located is Albany. FOURTH: The Secretary of Slate has been designated as agent upon whom process against the Company may be served. The ·post office address to which the Secretary of State shall mail pro­cess is: 1859 State Street, LLC, 236 Westchester Drive South, Delmar, New York 12054. FIFTH: The latest date on which the Company is to dissolve is December 31, 2052, unless said period is further extended by

LEGAL NOTICE: __ _ amendment of this Agreement or sooner terminated in accordance with this Agreement. SIXTH: The purpose of the busi­ness of the Company is any law­ful activity pursuant to Section 203 of the New York Limited Liability Company Law. (May 8, 2002)


187 OLD NISKAYUNA ROAD, LLC Notice of Formation of Limited Li­ability Company Articles of Organization of 187 Old Niskayuna Road, LLC ("LLC") were filed with the Department of State of New York ("SSNY") on April18, 2002. Office location: AI· bany County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom pro­cess against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any process to the LLC, 803 Hawley Court, Slingerlands, New York 12·159. LLC does no have a spe­cific date of dissolution. Purpose: All legal purposes.

Filer: Law Office of Kara Conway Love

Address: 450 Karner Road, Suite 203

Albany, New York 12205-3898 (May 8, 2002)


2692 HAMBURG STREET, LLC Notice of Formation of Limited Li­ability Company Articles of Organization of 2692 Hamburg Street, LLC ("LLC") were filed with the Department of Stale of New York ("SSNY") on April 24, 2002. Office location" Albany County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom pro­cess against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any process to the LLC, 803 Hawley . Court, Slingerlands, New York 12159. LLC does not have a spe­cific date of dissolution. Purpose: All legal purposes.

Filer: Law Office of Kara Conway Love

Address: 450 New Karner Road, Sune 203

Albany, New York 12205-3898 (May 8, 2002)


7143 HCB, LLC 1. The name of the limited liability company is 7143 HCB, LLC. 2. The Articles of Organization creating the limited liability com­pany were filed in the Office of the Secretary of State on April1, 2002

LEGAL NOTICE: __ _ and became effective on said date. 3. The principal office of the lim· ited liability company is in Albany County. 4. The Secretary of State is des­ignated as the agent of the lim­ited liab~ity company upon whom process against it may be served and the post office address to which the Secretary of State shall mail any copy of process against it is: 7143 HCB, LLC, c/o James W. Harris, 1988 Central Avenue, Albany, New York 12205. 5. The limited liability company is formed tor the purpose of engag­ing in any business purposes per­mitted by law. Dated• April17, 2002

Cooper Erving & Savage, LLP Attorneys for 7143 HCB, LLC

39 North Pearl Street Albany, New York 12207

(518)449-3900 (May 8, 2002)


Notice of" Formation of 77 East 1251h St. Realty LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on 1123102. Office loca­tion• Albany Counly. SSNY des, ignated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be s·erved. SSNY shall mail copy of process to: c/o Greenblatt, 220 E. 65th St., NY, NY 10021. Purpose: any lawful activity. (May 8, 2002)


Notice of Qualification of AIR-serv Group, LLC. Authority filed with Secy. ol Stale of N.Y. (SSNY) on 41412002. Office localion: Albany County. LLC formed in Delaware (DE) on 6/25/1998. SSNY desig­nated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to: c/o Corporation Service Co. (CSC), 80 Stale St., Albany, NY 12207, registered agent upon whom process may be served. DE address of LLC: 2711 Centerville Rd., Ste. 400, Wilminglon, DE 19808. Cert. of Form. filed wtth DE Secy. of Stale, Div. of Corps., P.O. Box 898, Dover, DE 19903. Pur­pose: any lawful activity. (May 8, 2002)


LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN thai a copy of the Annual Financial Report for the year ending De· cember 31, 2001 for 1he Town of

LEGAL NOTICE: __ _ Bethlehem, is now on file in the office of the Town Clerk, 445 Dela· ware Avenue, Delmar, NY and is available for public inspection dur· ing regular business hours.



DATED: May 2, 2002 (May 8, 2002)


BCM Mfg., LLC 1 . The name of the limited liability company is BCM Mfg., LLC, 2. The Articles of Organization creating the limited liability com­pany were filed in the Office of the Secretary of State on April 11, 2002 an became effective on said date. 3. The principal office of the lim­ited liability company is in Albany County. 4. The Secretary of State is des­ignated as the agent of the lim· ited liability company upon whom process against it may be served and the post office address to which the Secretary of State shall mail any copy of process againsr is it is: BCM Mfg., LLC, 13Verdun Street, WaterVliet, New York 12189. 5. The limited liability company is· formed for the purpose of engag­ing in any business purposes per­mitted by law. Dated: May 1 , 2002 (May 8, 2002)


Notice of Qualification of CEN­TRAL CREDIT, LLC. Authority filed with Secy, of Stale of N.Y. (SSNY) on 41212002. Office loca­tion: Albany County. LLC formed in Delaware (DE) on 712211999. · SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to: c/o Corpora· tion Service Co., 80 State St., Al­bany, NY 12207, registered agent upon whom process may be served. Principal office of LLC: 3525 E. Post Rd., Suile 120, Las Vegas, NV 89120. Arts. of Org. filed with DE Secy. of State, Corp. Dept, Townsend Bldg., Dover, DE 19901.Purpose:anyla~ulactiv· ity. (May 8, 2002)


Notice of Formation of COMPAT­IBLE CONNECTIONS, LLC. Arts. of Org. filed wi1h Secy. of State of

LEGAL NOTICE: __ _ N.Y. (SSNY) on 3115102. Office location: Albany County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to: The LLC, P.O. Box 14372, Albany, NY 12212. Pur­pose: any lawful activity. (May 8, 2002)


Articles of Organization of Con­dor Fire Sprinkler Co., LLC ("LLC") filed with the Secretary of State of New York ("SSNY") on April 5, 2002, effective upon the date of filing. Office Location: Al­bany County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY may mail a copy of any process to the LLC, 3434 Carman Road, Schenectady, New York 12303. The purpose for which the LLC is formed is to engage in any lawful act or activity for which limited li­ability companies may be orga­nized under the LLCL. (May 8, 2002)


Notice of Formation of Conesus Power Boat LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on 419102. Office location• Albany County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom pro­cess against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to: Corporation Service Co., 80 State, Albany, NY 12207, regis­tered agent upon whom process may be served. Purpose: any law-ful activity. · (May 8, 2002)


Notice of filing of articles of orga­nization of a limited liability com· pany ("LLC") named Conroy Re­alty l, LLC. Articles filed with NY sec. ol state ("SOS") on 3/20/02. Office location: Albany County: SOS, designated as agent for ser­vice of process,'shall mail copy of process to The LLC, 1867 State Slreet, Schenectady, NY 12304. Purpose: any la~ul.business pur­pose. (May 8, 2002)


Notice of Qualification of Credit Management, LP. Authority ffled wi1h Secy.of Stale of N.Y. (SSNY) on 3128/02. Office location: Albany


LEGAL NOTICE: __ _ County. LP formed in Nevada (NV) on 12131/01. SSNY designated as ~ agent of LP upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to: c/o Corporation Service Co., 80 State ~ St., Albany, NY 12207, registered agent upon whom process may be served. Principal off of LP: 4200 International Parkway, Carrollton, TX 75007. Name/ad- c;

dress of each genl. ptr. available from SSNY. Cert. of LP filed with NV Secy. of State, Capitol Com­plex, Carson City, NV 89710. Pur- "­pose: any lawful activity. · (May 8. 2002)


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Board of Appeals of the Town of Bethlehem, Albany County, New York will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, May 15, 2002, at 8:00p.m., at the Town Offices, 445 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, New t·

York to take action on application of Cumberland Farms, Inc., 777 Dedham Street, Canton, MA. 02021 for Modification to a previ­ously granted Special Exception under Article VI, Permitted Uses of the Code of the Town of Bethlehem to replace three exist-ing gas tanks and make changes to the canopy, signage and handi­cap ramp at premises 430 Route 9W, Glenmont, New York.

I May 8, 2002)

Michael C. Hodom Chairman

Board of Appeals


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Board of Appeals of the Town of Bethlehem, Albany County, New York will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, May 15, 2002, at 7:45p.m., at the Town Offices, 445 c Delaware Avenue, Delmar,. New York to take action on application of Dean and Wilda Shealy, 17 Eastland Circle, Albany, New York 12203 for Area Variance under Article XVIII, Rear Yards, Section 128·82, Fences and Walls and Articles XVII, Side Yards, Section 129-76, Fences and Walls, of the """ Code of the Town of Bethlehem for construction of a portion of six foot solid fence which would ex· ceed the four foot allowable at pre­mises ~ 7 Eastland Circle, Albany, <­New York 12203.

Michael C. Hodom Chairman

Board of Appeals -.., (May 8, 2002) ·

ii1f4W1'W"'YWAML;;T j@j%))J!i ·,;,::::JJ%W1£Eii' ''TWI!C\ i!# .iiff(({(jll W1J!?Wl@MW%AMMAi!jf4txi1UeMlla siil'"''""'@%1 .. x~\:lw: I.'" ~ff~Zti'

t1-w~imrfll~~¥w¥~~1 BEST ~~~~~~

WAJ,T.S.COM Ceiling!W ails Masterworks

•Plastering •Resurfacing •Repairs •Decorative

Fine Painting Quick & Clean

489-0256 (evenings)

· 33. Years Experience






ADAM TABER 756-2252


<~kU;~~9pih$1ic!>:··.·. ~,WWi,§,J,ll ig ~I.!,~,!VS'i~ijm

Fine Quality Workmanship

llSll\EII • REI'ERE!I'I~ • I'Rt:E l«<lllm:S 381-6618 364-2007

Pat's Painting Interior/Exterior

Insured Experienced







767·9095 Heated • Air Conditioned

Your choice of food Rou1e 9W, Glenmont

Reservations required Eleanor Cornell

Roofing Needs 439-1515

Kevin Grady

Free Estimates Insured

a guide to services for your horne

Roofing Specialist" Owned & Operated·

482-5421 Hani


~ • All Types of Roofing •

Specializing In Slate and Tile

~ • Fully Insured •

Call: 469·6433 469·3811

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Land/Brush Clearing

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• Complete Tree Removal • Pruning • Cabling • Feeding • Land Clearing • Stump Removal • Storm Damage Repair

FREE Eslimales Jim Haslam Fully Insured Owner

Mike Cassella DBA Niskayuna Home

Maintenance Complete Professional Tree Care Since 1982

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (27)





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ESTATE CLEAN-OUT, 33 GROESBECK AVE, DELMAR. 51 10-11, 9am-5pm. Sofa, chairs, bookcase, hoosier cabinet, records, games, linens, trunks, kitchen items, tools, womens clothes, shelves. Hundreds of books, quantities of good useful

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GARAGE SALE: New light fix­tures, ceilings fans, paint, house­hold items. Sat. 5111 & 5/18: 9am-4pm. Wed. 5/15: 9am-1pm. 182 Jay St. Schenectady, NY. Ben­efits Schenectady Habitat for Hu­manity.

GLENMONT, ROUTE 9W. Near Beacon Rd. Sat. May 11th, 9am-3pm. Desks, big safe, furniture, Avon, w/d, misc.

OLDE DELMAR, SAT. MAY 11th, 8am-4pm. 45 Woodstream Drive. Cheap prices.

. VENDORS WANTED: Commu­nity Tag Sale and Flea Market. St. Stephen's Chur_ch, Delmar. Sat­urday, May 18th, Sam-4pm. $25.00 per 12x12" space. Grafters welcome. Call (518) 477-5215



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~ic Maze Answers

BEST BET HANDYMAN, Home Repairs & Maintenance, Electri­cal, Plumbing, etc., Senior Dis- I· counts, Call434-5612.


GUITAR LESSONS, guitarist available for private instruction in your home or mine. 20+ years experience. Call Rob, 372-5077.


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ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MAJOR: SEEKS SUMMER CHILDCAREPOSITION.Hascar, references. Julia 439-3960 [emailprotected]

NANNY/INFANT CARE: Highly experienced, excellent refer­ences, medical background. 248-1421 leave message.


MATH TUTOR Available for grades 5-9. -Call Josh 439-3799 (High School Student).

READING, TESTING, and Tutor­ing Consultation. 869-3164.


ABSOLUTE BEST prices !or old costume jewelry and real jewelry, antiques of all types and contents of esta1es. Call ROSE, 233-1195.

ANTIQUE & OLDER FURNI­TURE: Desks, bookcases, etc.

Office Hours Deadline 830AM-5PM Monday-Friday Deadline: Friday at noon for following week

READERSHIP: 8 Newspapers; 105,000 Readers

May 8, 2002- PAGE 27

Light fixtures, workbenches. Gar­den furniture and ornaments, cast iron', wrought iron and cement, urns, planters, benches, statues, etc. Tom Jardas 356-0292.

BUYING: All old costume and bet­ter jewelry. Call439-5129.

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Mail Address •In Person Spotlight Newspapers P.O. Box 100 Delmar, NY 12054

125 Adams St. Delmar, NY 12054

Phone • Fax (518) 439-4940 (518) 439-0609 Fax

Classified Ads Appear In All Eight Papers

In Albany County The Spotlight • Colonie Spotlight • Loudonville Spotlight • Guilderland Spotlight

In Schenectady County Niskayuna Spotlight • Scotia-Glenville Spotlight • Rotterdam Spotlight

In Saratoga County Clifton Park/Haffmoon Spotlight

Classified Rates Private Party Classifieds - Line Ads - Eight paper combo $10 for 12 words 50 cents for each additional word.

Commercial Classifieds -Line Ads -Eight paper combo - $14 for 12 words 50 cents for each additional word. Multiple insertion discounts available. Please call for information.

All line ads must be pre-paid in order for placement. Ads will appear in all eight newspapers, as well as on the

internet for the number of weeks requested.

Order Form r--------------------------, I I

Name: __________________________________________________ ~_


City: -----:---------State-------- Zip ___ _

Home Phone------,---~------------- Work Phone----------------­

Amount Enclosed---------------------- Number of Weeks --------­

MasterCard or Visa#-------------------------------------------­

Expiration date: Signature: ------------,----L-----------------------~--J

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (28)

Mobil On The Run in Menands . is s~eking FT /PT all shifts.

Flexible day hours for parents. Weekend only available. 8-40 hour work week Benefits and uniforms.

Starting pay after training $8/hour.

- Come join us!-

Call Bonnie at 382-1491, Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm

LPNs Can You Help A Family In Need?

LPNs in,terested in helping a family within the Albany County area by providing care for their loved ones in their home. LPN needed to help cover evenings/nights and weekends. Flexibility with scheduling available. You have the ability to work as little or as much as you like.

Please cal/270-1344 for more information.

~ Eddy Home Care

~ Northeast Health www. NEHealth.com


Production Department ,1t Spotlighl NcwSIXlpers.

We publish eight suburb,1n weekly ncwsp<~pers und

two monthly public<Jtions We ilrc looking (nr

someone vvith some ,sr.1phic dc.sigl1 Lr,linin,t; ,mel/or

experience (or ad production. p.1gc makeup .1nd

other production \Vork. C1ndidates mu">t hcwc _

experience wilh Puscm.:1ker <1nd dernonslriltc ,~-;ood

design skills. Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrob.:~t ;md

Q~1urkXPress experience ,1\so helpful. Must be uv,lil­

<lble (or some weekends on u rotuti.n,~-; schedule. For

informution or to schedule .:m interview please c,1ll

John .Brent at 439-4949, f.:~x cover \clter ,1m\ resume

Does .,. Contracts .,. Self-booking Bonus

15 AMBITIOUS PEOPLE WANTED: Make money while you scrapboOk FT/PT. No quotas, fan­tastic products. Marcy Mahar (518) 330-4881. www. scraptime.biz

ATTENTION COLLEGE STU­DENTS: Local company filling summer positions in Albany and surrounding area starting at $13.80 guaranteed base appoint­ment. Fun/easy customer service/ sales. Work with other students. No telemarketing. No door-to­door. Flex schedules and schol­arships offered, conditions apply. 782-2776 to apply. CAFETERIA HELP WANTED: Area food service provider seeks kitchen assistant, duties include food prep, cashiering, sandwich making, and dishwashing. Oppor­tunity for advancement, paid holi­days and benefits Monday-Fri­day, 7am-3pm, Fridays off in the

summer. Rt 9W Glenmont. 431.· sure. Send resume & salary re-5150 ask for Paula. 'quirements to Anthony M. Gar­CHEFS COOKS BARTEND- , don, C.P.A., 2 Oakwood Place, ERS, s'ervers (AM/PM shifts), Delmar, NY, 12054· dishwashers. Yanni's Too Res- EXTRA INCOME NEEDED? taurant. 756-7033 Phon·eworkfromhome. Yourown CUSTOMER SERVICE/RET AIL hours. Call Jeanine 446-6105. PART-TIME. Mailboxes Et~ - FORKUFT:-Feura Bush location. Delmar. After school hours and All shifts available, $10/hour. Saturdays. Year round. Call Ri- PleasecaiiAbleststaffingtormore chard or Garry 439-0211. information. 438-3010. EOE

DRIVERS: PT/FT, flexible hours, . High-Paying Postal Jobs! No Ex­easy work, no pressure, must perien"ce Required! DON'T PAY have own pick-up truck/van. Call for information about jobs with the John 1-877-657-2243. · Postal Service or Federal Gov-

ernment. Call the Federal Trade EARN INCOME FROM HOME: Commission toll-free, 1-(877)­Your own business! Mail-order/ lnternet..Full training & support. FTC-HELP, or visit www.ftc.gov Free Information. 1-888-253_ to learn more. A public service 4058. www. home2succeed.com message from the SPOTLIGHT

EXPERIENCED OFFICE MAN­AGER/SECRETARY for local C.P.A office. Statistical typing & computer knowledge necessary. 20-25 hours per week, flexible. Must be able to work under pres-

Newspapers and the . Federal Trade Commission.

HOUSEKEEPER: FULL-TIME. Loudonville area. Salary nego­tiable, benefits included. Call436-3903 for recorded message.


Luxury references, affordable. 465-5875. OWN A COMPUTER? Put it to Apartment work! $25.00-75.00 per/hour. PT/

Commun •. tt'es FT. www.awesomemktg.com. Free Info 1-800-457-9966.

Unique Opportunity, LIFEGUARD NEEDED RECEPTIONIST: Growing animal 'or Delmar and hospital seeks friendly, enthusi-

part-time days for 11 astic individual. FT/PT. Resumes N. Greenbush to: BVH, 444 Route 9W,

energetic, outgoing Flexible Hrs. Excellent ~!~n~ont, NY 12on Attn. individual with graphics Sa/ary,mUSt be Certified SUMMER EMPLOYMENT background to assist Starting Memorial Day TEACHER Assistants to work in '!h s 1 d d day care program, must be 18

WI a es an pro uc- through Labor Day and high school graduate. Salary: lion at Glenmont Sign $6 an hour, 8:30am-5:30pm.

Fax resume to: Kenwood 465-0404. · & Copy Center. 518·475·0800 'TECHNICIAN NEEDED DUE TO

$8.00/Hr. Starting Pay. or call INCREASE IN BUSINESS. Ford experience helpful, but not re-

433..,...0374 475•0100 quired. NY State Inspectors li-

;:::=======::~=========~ censerequired.AIIcompanyben-

Don't NEEB A Job ••• ---But Thought About Working?

WANT to Work ••• ... But need Summers and holidays offt

Are you a HARB WBRKER ••• --- But family MUST come first?

efits apply. We are an employee supportive dealership. Please apply in person. Cro~sroads Ford Mercury. 2466 Route 9W. Ravena, NY. 756-2105. TFJANSMISSION INSTALLERS & REBUILDERS: Excellent pay & benefits. 434-4763. WEEKLY HOUSE CLEANING NEEDED: Thorough dependable. Rotterdam area. 542-2468 or 356-7018. Drivers- .36/ mile- ALL MILES! NE Regional, Home weekly. Late model assigned equipment. Paid

benefits. Rider Program. COL Training available. Localtermimal in NY 1-800-347-4485 ""FEDERAL POSTAL JOBS"' ~ Job opportunities. Free call for application/ examination informa­tion. Government Hire/ Full ben­efits 1-800-842-1622 ext 170 GOVERNMENT POSTAL JOBS. Up to $47,578 or more. Now hir-ing. Full benefits, training,. and retirement. For application and f.-

info: (800)337-9730 Dept P-377 6am-10pm/7 days AMERICA'S AIR FORCE: Jobs available i'n over 150 specialties, plus: *Up to $18,000 enlistment bonus * Up to $10,000 st.udent loan repayment *High tech train­ing. *Tuition Assistance. High -t:.

school grads age 17-27 or prior service members from any branch, call 1-800-423-USAF or visit www.airforce.com. t..

AIRFORCE AVON Entrepreneur wanted. Must be willing to work whenever you want. Be your own boss and enjoy unlimited earnings. Let's talk (888)942-4053 DRIVERS -Jobs $No experience necessary. COL truck drivig ca­reers. Earn $35,000 per year. 100% financing available. lmme- · diate job placement. The COL school. Since 1963 1-800-423-5837 DRIVERS; NORTH American Van Lines has openings in household goods, specialized truckload and ( flatbed fleets. Minimum of 6 months o/tfr experience. Tractor purchase/lease available. Cali1-B00-34B-2147, Dept. NYS. Get a job or Go to college. How about both? Part time jobs avail­able with full time benefits! Tuition assistance -Cash bonuses and skill training. Have it all in the New York Army National Guard! Our phone number is the same as our web site: www.1-800-GO- *" GUARD NORTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA EDUCATION JOB FAIR. May 25th 9:00AM -1:00 PM, Rocky Mount, NC. 19 school systems. Register on-line at www.schoollink.net/nepanc or 252-459-5248 SPECIAL SHOPPERS checkup on store in your local area. Eve­nings available! No experience necessary. Great income,_ ben­efits part or full time. Call anytime toll- free 1-888-4 78-1342 exten­sion NY 518

Maybe we are a fit - small but busy consulting practice seeks to become consulting business. Need help in guerilla marketing, developing brand recognition, and business devel­opment. A command of English as a written language is very desirous as I am an engineer and have none- I have been the low bidder on iobs but couldn't get my talents across in reply to RFP. I am up to my ears in work but don't even have time to expand business since I have to be home for dinner. I don't even have decent business. cards, logo or letterhead. I am looking for executive assistant, office manager or whatever title you want. to give yourself. Part time work on your schedule. Must have brains, spirit, ideas and ambition. Talk me into hiring you.

/Environmental'--Service Systems, Inc.


CLEANERS (Evenings)

Send replies to: Hudson River Energy Group, One Steuben Place, Suite 508, Albany, NY 12207

uGimAT STARTING PAY.u IMMEDIATE PT. OPENINGS MONDAY TIIKOUGH FRIDAY. Bus Line Positions Available. Own Transportation needed for some locations. "Team Players" in a


friendly work site environment. Paid Weekly. For a personal interview, please call HR

at (518) 438-8059 or 1(800)805-6599 or stop by our office at 85 Watervliet Ave .. Albany. EOE

Our rapidly expanding, 135+ physician, multi-specialty group is seeking highly motivated individuals for our growing practices. Current opportunities include:

Medical Assistant or LPN Full Time (30+ hours) • Delmar Medical Office

Your Agency Give You: .,. Major Medical Contribution

.,. Vacation Bonus

.,. Direct Deposit "'401K

Medical Assistant or Licensed Practical Nurse needed to provide clinical

support for active practice in Delmar. Must be flexible. MA must have current

certification. LPN must be graduate from approved school of nursing with

NYS license. 2 years experience in a busy medical office preferred. RN's starl a1 $25.00/hr. • LPN's stan a1 $20.00/hr. • CNA"s s1an a1 $13.00/hr.

Call today or apply on-line at www.nursefinders.com/apply. Use our "Name Your Own Rate Program" and negotiate your salary.

Syracuse -1·800-721-8760 • Canandaigua -1-800-568-7734 Binghamton- 1-866-730-7213 • Albany -1-866-221-3763

If you are interested in the above positions, please send resume to: Community Care Physicians

Human Resources Department 711 Troy-Schenectady Road, Suite 201

Latham, NY 12110 Email: [emailprotected] ·

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (29)

THE SPOTLIGHT May 8, 2002- PAGE 29

··esBWDiih' "ZS:.t!.!!!.{ .... s:~~\t.f'!: .... :-G;~;,w~-- ~Jf1t~h%rl·:w:. ··Ez"IF·i5ii~:.J&~-·~--

---:c=-o=M"Mo:E:::R=-c=1A"L--=F=o::R.-.L.-.E"Ac-cs-=E- Paso Texas. Roads, surveyed, tial area, trash removal included, money back guarantee. 1-800- oil heat,no smoking, no pets, 843-7537 www. sunsetranches $700+sec. Available July 1st, 756-DELAWARE PLAZA- DELMAR­

Retail space available. For leas­ing information call Delaware P~aza Associates at 439-9030.


$0 DOWN HOMES Gov't & Bank Foreclosures!HUD, VA, FHA No credit OK. For listings Now! (800)501-1777 ext 1093


8 Log Homes -Immediate Liqui­dation!! Builder Default: brand new home packages. Easy pre-num­bered construction. Flexible floorplans. Outstanding workman­ship/ warranty. Details: Toll-free 1-866-859-2929 Factory Must Dis­pose!


2 ADIRONDACK ACRES, stocked ponds, streams, breathtaking views, minutes to Lake Champlain. $15,900 080. Call Bruce at (518) 873-6400.

DELMAR LOTS FOR SALE: Or­chard St. 1.5, 3.3, 8.8 AC. SNI. 459-4988.

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filing of the Articles of Organiza- The name of the LP is GREEN­lion with the N.Y. Secretary of WICH PARTNERS, Lf' The Cer­State is 3/21/2002. The office of tificate of Registration of the LP the LLC shall be in the County of was filed with the New York Sec­Albany in the State of New York. retary of State on March 6, 2002. The N.Y. Secretary of State has The purfXJse of the LP is to en­been designated as the agent of gage in any lawful act or activity. the LLC upon whom process The office of the LP is to be to­against it may be served. The post cated in Albany County. The Sec­office address to which the N.Y. retary of State is designated as Secretary of State shall mail a the agent of the LP upon whom copy of any such process served process against the LP may be is: c/o The LLC, 859 New Scot- served. The address to which the land Avenue, Albany, NY ~2208 .. Secretary of State shall mail a The purpose of the LLC is to copy of any process against the transact any lawful business. LP is 596 New Loudon Road, (May 8, 2002) Latham, New York 12110.

(May 8, 2002)





Notice of Qualification of IC Insur­ance Services LLC. Authority filed with Secy. of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on 2127!02. Fictitious name in NY State: IC Insurance Agency. Of­fice location: Albany County. LLC formed in New Hampshire (NH) on 3/13/01. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to: c/o CT Corporation System, 111 8th Ave., NY, NY 10011, registered agent upon whom process may be served. NH address of LLC: 22 Windmere Lane, Exeter, NH 03833. Arts. of Org. on file with NH Secy. of State, 25 Capitol St., Concord, NH 03301. Purpose: in-

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_439·4940 LEGAL NOTICE. __ _

surance services and related ac­tiVities. (May 8, 2002)


Notice .of Qualification of lnterpool Chassis Issuance, LLC. Authority filed with Secy. of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on 3/26/02. Office loca­tion: Albany County. LLC formed in Delaware (DE) on 3/21/02. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to: c/o Corpora­tion Service Co., 80 State St., Al­bany, NY 12207, registered agent upon whom process may be served. DE address of LLC: The Corporation Trust Co., 1209 Or-

LEGAL NOTICE-~-ange St., Wilmington, DE 19801. Arts. of Org. filed with DE Secy. of State, Federal & Duke a~ York St., Dover, DE 19901. Purpose: any lawful activity. (May 8, 2002)


Notice of Formation of JPR Con­sulting, LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on 4/30/02. Office location: Albany County. SSNY desigr.ated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to: Cor­poration Service Co., 80 State St., Albany, NY 12207. Purpose: any lawful activity. (May 8, 2002)




The 'lame of the LP is LANSINGBURGH PARTNERS II, L.P. The Certifcate of Registration of the LP was filed with the New York Secretar1 of State on March 6, 2002. The purpose o~ the LP is to engege in any lawful act or ac­tivity. The office of the LP is to be located in Albany County. The Secretary of State is designated as !he agent o~ the LP upon whom process against the LP may be served The address to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process against the LP is 596 New Loudon Road, Lathan"', New York 12110. (May a. 2002)


S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (30)

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Louis Byrne Physician, LLC was may be organized under Section any statute of New York other than 203 of the New York Limited Li- the Limited Liability Company Law

filed with the Secretary of State ability Company Act specifically requires some other New York on March 22, 2002. Of- (May 8, 20021 business entity or natural person fice: Albany County. SSNY desig· to be formed or used for such nated as agent of LLC whom pro- business. cess against may be served. The PUBLICATION NOTICE OF Da1ed: April 22, 2002 P.O. address which SSNY shall ORGANIZATION OF LIMITED (May 8, 2002) mail anY process cwainst the LLC LIABILITY COMPANY served upon him: he LLC, 3 As-pen Heights, Slingerlands, New FIRST: The name of the Limited LEGAL ~OTICE York 12159.The registered agent Liability Company is OUR COF-is: Louis Byrne Physician, LLC, 2 FEEHOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF Notice of Qualification of Parkway Tower Place, Executive Park THE STREET, LLC, (hereinafter Construction & Associates, L P. North, Albany, New York 12203. referred to as the "Company''). Authority filed with Secft" of State Purpose: any lawful purpose. SECOND: The Articles of Orga-- of N.Y. (SSNY) on 4/23 02. Office (May 8, 2002) nization of the Company were location: Albany County. LP

filed with the Secretary of State formed in Texas (TX) on 12/21/01.

NOTICE OF FORMATION on April10, 2002. SSNY designated as agent of LP THIRD: The county within New upon whom process against it

OFLLC York in which the office of the may be served. SSNY shall mail

NRG REAL ESTATE, LLC, filed Company is to be located is AI- copy of process to: c/o Corpora-bany. · tion Service Co., 80 State St., AI-

Articles of Organization with the FOURTH:The Secretary of State bany, NY 12207, registered agent New York Secretary of State on has been designated as agent upon whom process may be March 18, 2002. Its office is to- upon whom process against the served. TX address of LP: WOO cated in Albany County. The Sec- ·Company may be served. The Civic Circle, Lewisville, TX 75067. retary of State has been desig- post office address to which the Name/address of each genl. ptr. nated as agent upon whom pro- Secretary of State shall mail pro- available form SSNY. Cert. of LP cess may be served and shall mail cess is: 180 Fairlawn Avenue, AI- filed with TX Secy .. of State, BOO a copy of any process served on bany, New York 12203. Brazos, Ste. 750, One Comma-him or her to NAG Real Estate, FIFTH: The purpose of the busi- dare Plaza, Austin, TX 78701. LLC, P. 0. Box 98, Latham, New ness of the Company is to engage Purpose: any lawful activity. York 12110. Its business is to en- in any business permitted under (May 8, 2002) gage in any lawful activity for the Law, except to do business in

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cess against it may be ·served.

NOTICE OF FORMATION SSNY may mail a copy of any pro-cess to the PLLC, Joseph B. Carr,

OFLLC Esq., Couch White, LLP, 540

Qutility Pavers, LLC, filed Articles Broadway, Albany, New York 12207. Purpose: practice of medi-

of Organization with the New York cine for pecuniary profit. Secretary of State on April 22, (May 8, 2002) 2002.1ts office is located in Albany County. The Secretary of State has been designated as agent NOTICE OF FORMATION OF upon whom process may be LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY served and shall mail a copy of any process served on him or her Articles of Organization of TAN to Quality Pavers, LLC, 60 Miller Leasing, LLC ("LLC") filed with the

LEGAL NOTICE Secretary of State of New York ("SSNY") on April12, 2002, effec-tive upon the date of filing. Office location: Albany County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC. upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY. may mail a copy of any process to the LLC, 25 Mason Lane, Slingerlands, New York 12159. The purpose for which the LLC is formed is to engage in any lawful act or activity for which limited li-ability companies may be orga-nized under the LLCL. (May 8, 2002)


NAME: TOBIAS REALTY, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 03/20/02. Office location: Albany County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be .served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 400 South Pearl Street, AI~ bany, New York 12202. Purpose: For any lawful purpose (May 8, 2002)

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (31)



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S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦· · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (32)

PAGE 32- May 8, 2002

D Board (From Page 1)

Warren Stoker, current school board president, taught English and social studies for 30 years in the Bethlehem School District, retiring in 1997. Stoker also taught for three years on Long Island before moving to the Bethlehem District.

A native of Central New York, Stoker received his bachelor's and master's degrees from SUNY Cortland.

Stoker lives in Delmar with his wife and raised two children who were educated in the district. Daughter Christine is now a

teacher at Glenmont Elementary and son Howard works as a landscaper. He also has two grandchildren in the district schools."

"I know a great deal about the district and its workings, having served here for over 30 years." Stoker said. School board work is a labor of love for him, "very time consuming, but I hope our efforts will make a difference in young peopl'e' s lives. I have had a good life, and now I am getting a chance to give something back with my community service." He enjoys mission work at his church, particularly where the efforts of

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With flowers from our farm Hanging Baskets, Bedding Plants,

and Perennials Hours Mon.-Sat. 10-6, closed Sundays

• Remember Mother with a Lovely Plant from Our Farm • Grown in New Scotland, NY

Phone 4 78-0416 2 0 4·5 New Scot Ian d Road , S I i n g e rIa n d s

Special on l~ cHaNN1~

American Family Wednesday, 8:00 f?.m.

Lesley Garrett: Notes from the Heart Thursday, 8:00p.m.

Savage Planet Friday; 8:00 p.m.

As Time Goes By Saturday, 8:00p.m.

American Experience Sunday, 9:00p.m.

Frontier House Monday, 9:00p.m.

Scientific American Frontiers Tuesday, 8:00p.m.

Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation · supports public television

for a better community

Owens-Corning is Fiberglas

provide housing for a homeless family.

One of his big concerns is crowding in the elementary schools, which will soon be felt in the middle and high school facilities.

"I wantto be part of developing the solutions to the crowding issue. Problems are always cropping up, and our job is to solve them," said Stoker.

Storey served this year as vice president of the board. She is a native· of Summit, N.J., and graduated with a ba_chelor's degree from Bucknell University. She and her husband moved to Bethlehem in 1990.

'Storey's elder son Rob is a senior at Delaware University and her daughter Sarah is a Bethlehem senior. Her younger· son Brian is a student at the middle school.

Storey said volunteering in the wmmunity and school system

has a,lways been important to her. She-has served as a board member of Bethlehem Oppor­tunities Unlimited _and was a former co-presidentofHamagrael Elementary School PTA

As a board member, Storey "is concerned about financing in school districts. One troubling aspect is the unequal distribution of state aid. State aid may repre­sent less than 20 percent of a school district's budget on long Island but be close to 90 percent of a district budget in the north­ern part ofthestate," she said.

"I am concerned about crow­ding in our facilities caused by growth in the district and want to work on solutions to the issue," said Storey.

Bartow said he and his wife have three sons in the Bethlehem School District. Bartow is assistant dean of graduate studies at SUNY Albany.

"I received my bachelor's


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Tuesday, May 14"'

Wednesday, May 15"'




.. degree from SUNY Oswego, master's degree from Syracuse University School of Education and an MBA from SUNY Albany. We moved from Rensselaer County in 1984 to the Behtlehem ~ School District because we felt it was a better district for our children's education," he said. •

Bartow feels the current board has done an exceptional job.

"I have no big issues, but want w

to help the district continue its strong educational program" he said. "However, I see fiscal chal- • lenges ahead with uncertainty in state aid, un-funded state man­dates and upcoming contract ne­gotiations. On the revenue side, I ' am concerned about the tax base and want to be part of the district ongoing financial planning.

"There has been a lot of turnover in the district recently and am concerned about , administrative stability. I also am an advocate, to the extent possible, to conduct all business in the public eye. While I understand personnel matters and delicate negotiations need to occur in executive sessions, we ~

need to be mindful of this matter." Bartow was quick to add, "I am not aware of any violations in this • matter."

Greene, a corporate attorney, lives in the district with his wife, Ellen Sax, and two children -one in Clarksville Elementary and one who will be starting school in the near future.

Greene said, "I graduated Syracuse University, attending on an athletic scholarship and captained their wrestling team, then graduated from Fordham ' University Law School.

"My background includes serving in the Peace Corps in Guatemala, counsel to former • Albany County Executive Mike Hob lock, served in a primary role in drafting the Albany County , Charter and credited with engineering the transactions to rescue the Albany County Ice Rink and the AI Tech Trust Fund.

"My community activities have included Little League, soccer _ and Cub Scouts, helping create a wrestling program for Bethlehem youth and serving on the Guil­derland YMCA board of direc­tors," said Greene. Some discoloration may occur which could result in staining of

laundry. Customers are advised to check water before using. If discoloration occurs run cold water until it clears.

For additional information, or if discoloration persists, call765-2681 between the hours of 7:00am and 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.

I. "My wife and I feel'fortunate

to live in Bethlehem, which I maintains quality schools for our I children," Greene said . ... _______ _

Clip&Save ------·~-..1

Co·sponsored by




For children entering grades 5-8

Program will be held at Bethlehem Middle School

This year's topics will include:

• Engineering Technology

• The Secrets Behind Toys

• Water, Water Everywhere

• Forensic Fun for Kids

To receive a flier or for more information,

please call the Office of Community and

Professional Education at·


"It would be easier to run for the school board if I had a highly controversial issue or crisis to address. Fortunately, I do not ·believe we face such an issue or crisis. But that does not mean the district does not face challenges like state mandates and local tax pressures that make the admini­stration of a school district more difficult. Bethlehem is not immune from these pressures. If elected, I will devote all of my efforts to managing day-to-day issues the district will face in the current economic and educa­tional environment.

"Finally, I believe the single most important challenge facing the school board is ensuring the district remains responsive to the individual needs of the parents in the current environment, and I am committed to maintaining the excellence of our schools and listening to the concerns of our parents and taxpayers," Greene said.

S~Z dO~ ~tOE t Z .,&#039;,. .Y. 1 the Towns of Bethlehem New IDA clinches deal …€¦ ·  · 2014-04-19~ IDA clinches deal ~for Daisytek project ~···~~~-~~ By JOSEPH ,, A. ___ PHILLIPS - [PDF Document] (2024)


How long should you hold toe touches? ›

Hold for the count of 30. You should be able to feel the stretch at the back of the thigh. Swap legs and repeat for a count of 30.

What does it mean if I can touch my toes? ›

Touching your toes is a classic demonstration of flexibility in the muscles from your lower back down to your calves. In fact, the “sit and reach” is a common flexibility test for both athletic and general fitness populations when planning a stretching and exercise routine.

Why can't I keep my back straight when I touch my toes? ›

If you are struggling to touch your toes, it's likely you will be putting your back under strain when you bend forwards. Having lengthy hamstrings allows you to hip hinge (tilt your pelvis forward) which allows you to maintain a neutral curve (known as a lordosis) in your lower back.

Why can't you touch your toes against a wall? ›

If you have your toes and nose against a wall, however, it is impossible for you to lean forward without going through the wall. As a result, your centre of mass remains exactly where it would be if you were flat footed on the ground which means you can't go up onto your tippy toes.

Are toe touches good for you? ›

What are the health benefits of a seated toe touch? The seated toe touch works on stretching the hamstrings as well as the calves and can even help reduce back pain or injury. Stretching before and after a workout is essential, and the seated toe touch is a great way to target the backside of the body.

How to fix tight hip flexors? ›

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Put your hands on your right knee and keep your back straight. Keeping your left knee pressed to the floor, lean forward into your right hip while squeezing the muscles in your left buttock. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

What nerve in your back affects your toes? ›

The common peroneal nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve. It supplies movement and sensation to the lower leg, foot and toes. Common peroneal nerve dysfunction is a type of peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage outside the brain or spinal cord).

Can you touch your toes with spinal stenosis? ›

Exercises to avoid if you have lumbar stenosis

Back stretches: you should avoid stretching forward to try to touch your toes or the floor, because this flexion movement places a lot of pressure on the lumbar discs.

How to fix poor nerve mobility? ›

Stretching Increases Flexibility

Take a few minutes each day to stretch your arms, neck, legs and feet. It doesn't have to be long or rigorous. You can move your neck side to side and up and down or move your legs in a bicycle motion while sitting or lying down.

What percentage of people can't touch their toes? ›

A recent study polled 2,000 U.S. adults to see how they're staying active as their routines and lifestyles have undergone change during the pandemic. Only half of respondents (51%) can touch their toes without straining.

Why do doctors ask if you can touch your toes? ›

Toe touch performance should be used to assess general flexibility progress (year to year), and maintaining adequate flexibility as people age.

How many toe touches should I do a day? ›

Your head, shoulders, and upper back should come off the ground when performing a toe touch. 4. Lower yourself, and repeat steps 2 and 3. Aim for 8-12 reps and 3 sets.

How long to do toe touch? ›

1) Standing toe touch stretch: Flex/activate the front of your legs, keep them straight, and bend over at the waist juuuust past the point of discomfort; hold that position for 30 seconds. Repeat this process every other day and hold it for 30 seconds.

Is touching toes good for posture? ›

Toe touches can be harmful to your back if not done correctly or if you have certain pre-existing conditions. Exercises like toe touches can also result in pain or other issues if you do not have good flexibility in these muscles because you may compensate by rounding your lower back and straining other muscles.

How do you get good toe touches fast? ›

Seated Toe Touches

Feet should be slightly off the floor and your arms should be in a dagger position. Quickly extend your legs and arms into the toe touch position, then slowly return to your starting position. Repeat 10 times. Concentrate on keeping your back upright, your legs straight, and your toes pointed.


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