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Modbus RS485,TCP/IP BACnet® RS485,IP,Ethernet Web-enabled Network Centric

The EasyIO 30P Series Controllers are rugged, network centric, high performance multi-protocols Input/Output controllers to accommodate general and specific applications, featuring Modbus RS485, TCP/IP and BACnet® RS485, IP and Ethernet protocols plus a built-in Web server for easy configuration. EasyIO-30P can be configured to work as Bridge Controller without any compromise on its embedded I/O functionalities.


Web Browser Configuration Built-in Web server enables configuration with popular web browser over an Ethernet connection. I/O status can be monitored over the Internet connection.

Multi Protocols Support Modbus and BACnet®* are supported on the same controller which provides flexibility for implementation.

High-Speed Data Rates Multiple serial communication (RS485) speed selection from 9.6kbps to 115.2kbps. Supports Ethernet 10Base-T/ 100Base-T interface, half or full duplex.

As Bridge Controller The controller can be configured as Bridge Controller providing a network bridge for Ethernet and serial communication (RS485) via built-in protocol converter. This will reduce wiring cost, simplify network implementation and significant cost reduction.

Device ID Complementing existing standard protocols, EasyIO-30P can be uniquely identified over the network. This facilitating online network device search and simplify reconfiguration.

Network Security All configurations changes are protected via password setting, either through standard network protocol access (Modbus or BACnet®) or web browser.

Multiple Input/Output Type The controller has eight Digital Inputs, eight Analogue Input for current, voltage, resistance and temperature sensor, eight Digital Outputs (relay), four Analogue Output (current and voltage), and two isolated Open Collector outputs (with PWM control) for high speed switching.

High Accuracy Analogue Channels High speed 14-bits A/D converter with programmable gain amplifier yields a high resolution and accuracy reading on analogue input points. 12-bits D/A provides more accurate analogue output control.

Programmable/Standalone Functionality The controller can be configured to operate as standalone device. Over 40 types of programmable functions are available, typically thermostat, PID, scheduler, conversion, timer, utilities, totaliser and etc.

Online Help/Information All related information/helps are available through the controller web server. Information such as registers details, wiring diagram, device specification and etc are provided to assist the user.

Status Indicator Operational activity on each individual channel of DI, DO and Open Collector Outputs (PWM) are conveniently indicated by LED, so as the Power, Operation, Communication and Faults status.

Reset & Broadcast Switch A Reset Switch has been provided for system reset without power removal (Warm Start operation). The Broadcast Switch allows the controller to broadcast itself to the network during installation and implementation.

Online Firmware Upgrade/Configuration The controller firmware can be upgraded either through RS485 or Ethernet connection. Network communication and operation parameters can be changed via RS485/Ethernet with the built-in boot-loader and terminal program.

Robust System Operation The controller has a built-in High accuracy Real Time clock with backup battery. Software and hardware watchdog timer are provided for high reliability operation.

Ease of Installation All I/Os are connected via field removable terminal block connectors for easy maintenance. The controller casing fits standard DIN rail mounting.

30P Series Controller

30P Series Controller - bar-tech.com.au - [PDF Document] (2)

Device Specifications

Electrical Power Supply: 24VAC, 3.6VA max, or 20 ~ 34VDC Consumption: 150mA max @ 24VDC Operating Temperature: 32° to 150° F (0° to 65° C) Storage Temperature: -4° to 150° F (-20° to 65° C) Operating Humidity: 10% to 95% relative humidity non-condensing

Communication Physical Interface 1 (Port 1):

- EIA-485 (BUS A,B) Two-wire - Half Duplex - Baud Rate Speed: (9.6K, 19.2k, 38.4K, 115.2K bit/s) - Data Bit: (8 bits)- Parity: (None, Even, Odd) - Application Protocol: Modbus, Bacnet - Multi-drop Capability: Yes, Slave (hardware ID setting)

Physical Interface 2 (Port 2): - Ethernet 10/100 Base-T - Ethernet Support: IP,TCP,UDP,ICMP,IGMP,FTP,HTTP - Application Support: Modbus-TCP, BACnet IP/Ethernet

Input/Output Configuration Universal Input:

- 8 Channels - Voltage: 0 - 10V (+/-0.005V) , 0 - 5V (+/- 0.003V) - Current: 4 - 20mA (+/-0.01mA) , 0 - 20mA (+/-0.01mA) - Resistance: 0 - 30K (+/-10 Ohm), 0 - 10K (+/-5 Ohm),

0 - 1.5K (+/-1 Ohm) - Thermistor: 10K, 10K Shunt, 1K Balco, 1K Platinum : All

(+/-0.01°C) Digital Input:

- 8 Channels - Type: Voltage Free - Limit: +5V at 500Ohm Resistance maximum

Digital Output: - 8 Channels - Type: Relay Contacts, SPST NO, 48VA at 24VAC, Pilot

Duty Transistor Output:

- 2 Channels - Type: Open Collector Output, Isolation 3.75KV - Max Rating: 1A, 60V

Analogue Output - 4 Channels (12 bits resolution) - Type: Current: 0 - 20mA, 4 - 20mA (up to 800 Ohm load),

Voltage: 0 - 10V

Mechanical: - Dimension: 187mm x 110mm x 47mm - Material: UL94 ABS - Weight: 400g

Order Information: EasyIO30P Modbus – IO-30P-ME EasyIO30P Bacnet – IO-30P-BE

Function Blocks

Input/Output1) Digital Input 2) Digital Output 3) PWM Control (Open Collector Output) 4) Analogue Input 5) Analogue Output 6) Digital & Analogue Internal Register 7) Multi-state 8) Fan Control 9) Digital State Latch 10) Digital State Timer 11) Digital State Counter

Loop/Process 12) Thermostat 13) Loop Control (PID) 14) Drive 15) Selection 16) Flow Detect 17) Momentary Start/Stop 18) Totaliser 19) Analogue Limit 20) Set Point Adjust 21) Digital Alarm 22) Analogue Alarm

Conversion 23) Digital to Analogue 24) Analogue to Digital 25) Analogue to Percentage 26) Percentage to Analogue

Schedule 27) Holiday 28) Scheduler 29) Optimum Start/Stop

Timer/Sequencer 30) Sequencer 31) Timer Function

Utilities 32) Logic 33) Counter 34) Mathematic 35) Digital Gate 36) Analogue Gate 37) Sample & Hold 38) Mixed Air Volume

Others 39) Coil Output Register Binding 40) Holding Register Binding

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30P Series Controller

30P Series Controller - bar-tech.com.au - [PDF Document] (2024)


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