The REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (2024)

Monday, April 25, 2011

The REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza)

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FRESCHETTA® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
I think the scouts have some oath or something... as a matter of fact they have a bunch of stuff they've memorized - one of which talks about the purposes of scouting...
Be Prepared - Be Helpful... y'know... but they left one out...
My favorite one. "When camping have a tin-foil dinner that will the rest of the troop will talk about for weeks!"
Have you ever made a tin-foil dinner? The ingredients usually consist of some sort of meat, some version of potatoes (these usually burn), some vegetables (it doesn't matter what kind - they burn too) - so in the end you're left with... meat... This was a problem for our friendly neighborhood Vegetarian Scouter...
so what to do?
I had a GREAT plan to be all domestic and home-makery... mix up my own fancy crust and chop all the toppings... milk a cow and process some cheese and all that.
and then...
well, life got busy...
and I happened to be at the store picking up a microwave pizza - coupon provided by FRESCHETTA® By the Slice so I could tell you all about it...
Mmmmm... yummmm... I will admit I didn't expect much from a microwave pizza slice... I picked the Chicken Barbecue because only one member of our family is afflicted with vegetarianism (I did note however that TWO of their four flavors -Vegetable Medley and 6 Cheese Medley) are Veggie Teen friendly... this made me smile!) Also available: Chicken, Spinach & Mushroom... which was tempting enough that I almost flipped a coin to choose... but that old guy buying frozen peas looked at me funny when I asked to borrow a quarter.
It was actually yummy... with a good crisp non-cardboardy crust... I give it two thumbs up - albeit those thumbs were covered in a little sauce at the time... hey, eating pizza isn't a neat and tidy affair! I was pleasantly surprised to find a good fresh taste and the onions on my pizza still had a little crunch to them - how they managed this in a frozen pizza is beyond my capabilities - but I tip my hat to them for their brilliance.
BUT... as I was saying - the Scout Dinner Pizza... well - apparently the scout trailer isn't equipped with a microwave - so I did the next best thing - I picked up one of the Freschetta self-rising crust version pizzas and...
1: sprayed the tinfoil with a little Canola oil
2: unboxed and folded the pizza in half
3: slapped it on that there chunk of tinfoil
4: wrapped it up in tinfoil, then in newspaper, then in tinfoil again...
5: sent the kid off to camp.
6: looked forward to Sunday - when I was praised and honored (okay... "talked to") at church by the Scout Leader who had drooled over my kid's Calzone while munching on his burnt potatoes and veggies...

The REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (1)
the "before" for obvious reasons...

So - there you have it - the best way to make your kid the most popular Scout around the campfire - AND to reward you for slogging through my entire pizza post - I'll even do you one better!
Your witty retort today will enter you into a giveaway - I have in my hot little hands one additional pizza coupon - which I will send to a randomly selected commenter... I also have a small set of containers provided by Freschetta that are the perfect size for bringing some side dishes to complement your pizza lunch... these will also be given away!
For extra entries: 1- pop over to facebook and check out Freschetta's facebook page
2-follow them on Twitter @freschettapizza
(just let me know what you did all in one comment though... I'll figure it out from there!)
If my coupon winner is in the US - I'll send them the coupon and containers... If they're international I'll send them just the coupon and choose a separate U.S. winner for the containers...
(Contest Ends when the month ends... make sure to leave contact info if I can't reach you through your blog profile!)
So - comment, be witty, make me laugh... and unless you think I already know - pop your country of origin into your comments somewhere :)
The REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (2)

Posted byTisforTonyaat8:09 AMThe REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (3)The REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (4)



You will go down in history of moms to remember in the scouting world!!

I can hear the oath now, "I promise to be chaste, true, obedient, and to never forget that lame foil dinners are a thing of the past thanks to Toyna the queen of foil dinners!!

4/25/11, 9:05 AMThe REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (5)

Wait, so scouts are vegetarians now? Isn't there something against that in the handbook?

When I was a scout, my mom packed me dried beef jerky and cheese curds in my tin foil dinner. And then, I ate the tin foil. And I liked it!

4/25/11, 4:39 PMThe REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (6)
cold cocoasaid...

All those sound yummy!
Way to be innovative T.

4/25/11, 5:04 PMThe REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (7)
Sherie Christensensaid...

I live in the country with the rain:) I totally wish someone would make me one of those tin foil dinners right this moment. I'm hungry but I feel like cooking about the same amount as usual -- which means I don't. I can't believe you're up for another contest. Impressive.

4/25/11, 5:16 PMThe REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (8)

When I was a scout it was all about doughnuts and candy on campouts. Who needed 'real food' with good stuff like chips and jerky?

Yeah, that's what I thought...

4/25/11, 6:57 PMThe REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (9)

I guess I'm odd, but I like the original, classic tin foil dinners. However, I do think I make a pretty mean tin foil dinner that USUALLY doesn't burn. But, pizza is always good, and I have heard about your boys and their "tin foil dinners".

Oh yeah... And, I checked out freschetta's facebook page. You know... I've never had Freschetta. Maybe I'll get to try it, soon.

4/26/11, 4:14 PMThe REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (10)
just the five of ussaid...

T...all I have to say is once again you go down in history as one of the most creative mom's ever!!

How did Veggie boy really like it? Did the crust burn in the fire? What is the purpose of wrapping a tinfoil dinner in newspaper? (just wondering..) because truthfully I strongly dislike tinfoil dinners! Last year we went camping with some friends and they wrap the meat, potatoes, ect with cabbage...Another BIG EWW!! So the next time we went camping I had to buy a big yucky cabbage head. Cabbage is just not as cute as those cabbage patch dolls that I still own.
Hey does Veggie boy eat fish?? C's friend is a vegan and she will eat fish because Jesus did. (:

Anyways...I really like your idea of pizza camping and think we will try it this year! I will let you know. (:

4/26/11, 4:16 PMThe REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (11)

The REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (12)


Good thinking!!
Who wants potatoes and broccoli when you can have pizza--okay me--unless it's that chicken spinach mushroom one. YUM!
Our menu is totally set for the next beach camping trip thanks to Freschetta:)

4/26/11, 8:46 PMThe REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (13)
Jen Tsaid...

Have to admit I am so not a fan of scouting. When my little man was born he was only a few hours old and I turned stricken to my husband and said, "Now we have to do scouts! Ugh!" But speaking of tin foil dinner, the most recent Family Fun magazine has an awesome article about making all different kinds--yum!

4/26/11, 9:04 PMThe REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (14)

Janet - the newspaper actually insulates it a little and things never burn (also works for the potatoes and carrots btw) When you unwrap it the newspaper layer will be nicely crisp but the crust isn't burned :) The boys love these, but we've learned through trial and error that some brands don't fare so well - and that the step of spraying with Pam is VITAL!!!

4/26/11, 9:39 PMThe REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (15)
Heather Bsaid...

Holy heck! Why have I never thought of this/heard of this/tried this? I'm on my third Boy Scout, and this hint is a definite keeper. In fact, there's a father/son campout coming up, and I may have to try this idea.

Thanks, and keep these hints coming! I bow to your awesomeness...

4/27/11, 12:47 AMThe REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (16)

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The REAL point of Scouting... (hint, it has to do with yummy pizza) (2024)


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